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List extensive product information of Flour (include Wheat Flour, Rice Flour, Grain Flour, Tapioca Flour, Soya Flour, Bread Flour), provided by Flour manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Maize starch flour
Maize starch flour Specifications: 1) Protein: 99.5%; 9) Ash: <0.15%; 10) Fat: <0.15%; 11) Appearance: white powder.
Company: Qingdao Shengda Commercial & Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Rice Flour
Rice flour and glutinous rice flour made from the best rice and glutinous rice in Thailand. Products of Thailand, high nutrients, in very fine powder.

Wheat Flour
We are the represantative of a serious wheat, wheat flour and bran supplier established in adana and gaziantep. Our mills produce best wheat flour extraction 72%, protein 10-11%. We used the world fine wheat grains.
Company: Jinan Mintian Flour Co., Ltd.    China

White Flour, Soya Flour, Tapioca Flour
We are manufacture and exporter of (white) flour in different packing. Also Offering tapioca flour, Soya Flour, Toasted, Untoasted, Defatted from china. With the best price.
Company: Jinan Mintian Flour Co., Ltd.    China

Wheat Flour, Bread Flour
Wheat Flour For BREAD making: Protein:11-12 % ; Wet Gluten:27-28 % ; Ash:60-0,65 % ; Moisture:13,5-14 %. High Grade Bread Flour: 1) Ash: 0.6% (max.) ; 2) Protein: 15% (min.) ; 3) Moisture: 14.5% (max.) ; 4) Gluten: 33% (min.)
Company: Jinan Mintian Flour Co., Ltd.    China

Refined Flour, Wheat Starch
We can supply you Refined Flour, wheat starch with high quality. Refined Flour: 1) Ash: 0.65% (max.) ; 2) Protein: 15% (min.) ; 3) Moisture: 14% (max.) ; 4) Gluten: 31% (min.)

Crop Wheat Flour
With the most modern wheat cleaning and testing equipments for quality control, we manufacture and export our wheat flour to woldwide(especially for Korea, Hongkong, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and so on). Our wheat flour are suitable for making different kinds of food, such as breads, pastas, biscuits, noodles, and so on. We can also offer different grade of wheat flour according to customer's requirements.

Wheat Flour
Our mills produce best wheat flour extraction 72%, protein 10-11%. We used the world fine wheat grains.

Instant Flour
Here are 2 types of flours - pea flour and bean flour. They are manufactured in a relatively small mill, which is nevertheless characterised by a huge production capacity of several tonnes per day. The technology is relatively simple: At an earlier stage the seeds of pea or bean are forwarded to colossal glowers that turn them into a loose powder.

Quinoa Real Cereal Organic Flour
Quinoa real, because of its nutritive importance, is one of the main source of proteins with 12.5 a 15%, as average and can be compared with other food such as milk, meat, eggs and others. Quinoa real, characterizes itself, more than the quantity, for the quality of its proteins given by the essential aminoacids. Those who, because of some reasons that cannot have milk and dairy products can find in the quinoa the ideal substitute of calcium. It does not content cholesterol, it does now ...

Organic extra fine flour of soybean, with natural isoflavones of soybean. Sojita is delicious also beaten with fruits. Sojita can be added in the daily meals, providing more health. Efects of the alimentation with sojita: prevention against osteosporosis, assists in the hormonal replacement, intestinal regulator, controller the cholesterol, fortifies the bones

Rice Flour, Glutinous Rice Flour, Tapioca Flour, Tempura Flour
We would like to introduce our product ;rice flour, glutinous rice flour, tapioca flour and tempura flour, there are produced from the best qualities raw materials. The standard packging are following items: (packing size)1*25 kgs. (n. W. )25 kgs. (g. W. )25.15 kgs. (units/20'fcl)750 (n. W.20'fcl)18.75 M. Tons.

Wheat Flour And Soybean Meal
Wholewheat flour 25 kg-bags ; Organic wholewheat flour 25kg. -bags ; Whole grain rye flour 25 kg-bags ; Full fat soybean meal (820 mcr) ; Organic full fat soybean meal 25 kg-bags ; Non-full fat organic soybean meal 25 kg-bags ; Defatted walnut meal 500 g-bags.

Azodicarbonamide (Ada), Flour Improver
Ada is characterized by dual oxidations in the maturation of wheat flour. It not only bleaches flour by oxidizing carotene in fresh flour, But also improves flour strength by oxidizing cysteine. The increased strength improves the gas retention of dough and elasticity of bakery products. Ada enjoys the advantage of rapid reaction, which leads to shorter storage priod of flour and faster fermentation of dough. Potassium bromate has some kind of carcinogen, and many counties have forbidden its ...

Wheat Flour
We can supply the following: Wheat flour for making bread. Specification of wheat flour for bread: Protein contents (nx5.7 on dry basis):11% min. ; Moisture:14% max. ; Wet gluten:26 % min. ; Ash (on dry basis):0.60% max.

Jelly Premix Flour
Jelly Premix Flour. Just add in water and put in refrigenerator about 3 hours(for best eating) and ready to serve.

Yellow Corn Flour
This product is made whit corn. The product is in flackes(toasted flakes) is used to seasoned meal and barbecue, etc. Product with great nutritional. Product 100 % nature

Glutinous Rice Flour
Glutinous rice flour, wet milling in a high quality grade for food industry with less moisture, fine powder,99% passed 100 mesh, whiteness 90% min. Protein 6-9%. Products of Thailand, packing sizes 500g.1 KG,20 kgs,30 kgs,50kgs.

Corn Farofa
Flavor: Traditional ; Made with corn flour. Perfect to fill roasted chicken, to eat with pork, roasts, barbecue, feijoada and other dishes.

Wheat Flour (Atta Flour)
Wheat Flour No.2 (Atta Flour). Wet Gluten - MIN 25%. Protein - MIN 10%. Ash - MAX 1,2%. Moisture - MAX 14%.

Wheat Germ
1) Natural food ; 2) With abundant high quality protein and fat ; 3) 8 kinds of necessary amino acid to human bodies ; 4) 3 kinds of unsaturated fatty acid ; 5) Rich diet fiber: vitamin E, vitamin B, minerals and other micronutrient

Flour And Pasta
Our product range includes ; Spaghetti, Linguine, Fettuccine, Bucatini, Fusulli, Shells, Gnocchi, Rotelle, Pipe Rigate, Cresto di Gallo, Rigatoni, Conetti, Corti, Risoni, Filini etc. Our pasta products are from high protein drum wheat semolina and can be vitamin (B1, B2, Niasin and Iron) or vegetable (spinach, tomato) enriched if required by the customer.

Flour Products Made From Rice Rice Noodle Stick
The company provides many kinds of rice products, foodstuffs, and kitchen utensils to its customers. Those products include rice flour, rice stick, rice starch, rice vermicelli, rice paper, tapioca flour & starch, tapioca pearl, bean vermicelli, peeled & green mung beans, spices, seasoning, curry pastes, dried red chili, chili sauce, fish sauces, tamarind paste, tamarind candy, bamboo shoots, canned foods and fruits.

Selling tapioca starch
We are HX EXPORT CENTER as one of the big exporter of Agricultural in Vietnam and the products are made Agricuture. Having more than 10 years exporting. We have exported large quantity to USA and Asian countries, deal to high quality and reasonable price. We are ready to refer you our favourable price and relative samples. Specification Of Tapioca starch 1. Starch content : 85% min 2. Moisture : 13% max 3. Raw fibre : 0.5% max ...
Company: HX EXPORT CENTER    Việt Nam

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