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List extensive product information of Chocolate Ingredients (include Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Cake, Cocoa Bean), provided by Chocolate Ingredient manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Cocoa Powder
Applications: cocoa butter is also a cocoa product out of cocoa beans. The cocoa liquor can be pressed to eliminate part of the cocoa butter, and the pressed product is cocoa cake. Cocoa powder is produced by crushing the cake and screening it into brown powder. It is grouped into high-fat, medium-fat and low-fat according to its fat content; and categorized as natural powder and basified power according to the processing method. Our cocoa powder has colors from light brown to dark red. It ...
Product Group: Cocoa Powder
Company: Longcom Enterprise Limited    China

Cocoa Powder (Natural And Alkaline)
Cocoa Powder contains relatively low microbiological counts. It is also lipase free, so that the consumers can use the cocoa powder without any fear of inception of rancidity in compound chocolates(made from lauric Cocoa Butter Substitute) arising out of microbial contamination.
Product Group: Cocoa Powder
Company: Qingdao Jiana Cocoa Product Co., Ltd.    China

Alkalised Cocoa Powder - Dark Reddish Brown
1) ph level - 7.9-8.4 ; 2) flavour - cocoa aroma free from foreign odours and taints ; 3) fat content - 10-12% ; 4) fineness - 99.5% min passing through mesh 200 I. E.75 micron ; 5) moisture - 5.0% max ; 6) shell content - 1.75% max ; 7) sediment test - over 6 minutes to settle 0.25 ml per litre ; 8) Total Plate Count - Less than 5,000 col/g ; 9) Mould & Yeast - Less than 50 col/g ; 10) E. Coli in 1 g - Negative ; 11) Salmonellae in 100 g - Negative ; 12) Enterobacteriaceae in 1 g - ...
Company: Qingdao Jiana Cocoa Product Co., Ltd.    China

Soft Ice Cream Machine
1) Hourly output: 36 liter ; 2) Tank capacity: 6.5 liter x 2 ; 3) Flavors: 2 + mixed ; 4) Electric power: 220V /50Hz ; 5) Installed power: 2.2kW ; 6) Condenser: air ; 7) Refrigerant: R22 ; 8) Dimensions: 555 x 735 x 1,320mm

We manufacture and export Kosher certified natural maltol, raspberry ketone, and MCP at competitive prices to the USA and EU in strict compliance with FCCIV. The minimum purity is 97%.

Alkalized & Natural Cocoa Powder
Fat content 10-12% max. Both the above products). moisture 5% max. Both the above products). total ash:12% max. Both the above products). plate count: < 10,000 col/g(forboth the above products). yeast: < 50 col/g(forboth the above products). e. Coli: Negative(forboth the above products). salmonella: Negative(forboth the above products). free from harmful(forboth the above products). molds < 50 col/g(forboth the above products). ph 5.6-5.9 max.6.8 - 7.2 max). fineness at 200 mesh 75 ...
Product Group: Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Powder (Chocolate Ingredient)
We have cocoa powder for sale, available in any quantity. Good quality brown/ white. 1) Natural and alkalized ; 2) Fat content: 10 - 12%.

Cocoa Butter
Offer to sell quality coca butter, deodorized and undeodorized, melting point 28.2, available in 25 KG packing from china.

Cocoa Powder
1) Moisture: 5% (max.) ; 2) Total ash: 12% (max.) ; 3) Total plate count: 5000cfu/g (max.) ; 4) Coliforms: 30MPN/100g (max.) ; 5) Yeast count: 50cfu/g (max.) ; 6) Mould count: 100cfu/g (max.) ; 7) Pathogenic bacteria: negative
Company: Qingdao Jiana Cocoa Product Co., Ltd.    China

Bakemans Bakers Fat
Made to International/British specifications and sold under the brand name of BAKE MANS Bakers Fat in 16 Kgs cartons & Buckets. Used for manufacturing of biscuits and other bakery products.

Natural Coca Powder And Butter
Prime quality coca butter with melting point 28.2, deodorized and undeodorized, as well as alkalized cocoa powder with 10-12 or 20-22 fat from natural, red to dark brown and less than 10% ash, widely applicable in food, health and cosmetics industries are available.

Cocoa Normal And Alkalized Powder
Our products line involves natural cocoa powders of high-fat, mid-fat and low-fat, alkalized cocoa powders, natural cocoa butter, chocolate block, etc, all of our technical indexes can reach the international requirements.

Natural Cocoa Powder
Fat: 10 - 12% ; Ph tolerance: 4.8 - 5.4 ; Fineness: Min 98% through 200 mesh ; Moisture content: Max 5% ; Ash content: Max 5.7% ; Shell content: Max 7.5% ; Total plate count: Max 20,000 col. Gram ; Colour: Brown, dark brown ; Coliforms: < 3 ; Yeast count: Max 50 col. Gram ; Mould count: Max 50 col. Gram ; Phatogenic bacteria: Negative
Product Group: Cocoa Powder

Raw Material For Bakeries And Confectionaries
Compound chocolates(different types; dark, milk, white, colored) used for coating/decoration on bisquits, pastries or direct use in confectionary factories for moulding figures, pancoating, enrobing etc. Packed in 10 or 25 KG bags or liquid deliveries with tankers. fondant products, different types with different consistency, used in bakery and confectionary industries and/or workshops as coating/decoration or as filling. Packed in 20 KG cartons. fruit jams, different types of fruit ...

Cocoa, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Liquor
High quality cocoa powder and cocoa liquor from china. Cocoa is one of the most important ingredient in producing chocolate which happens to be one of the uses of cocoa, and we offer ours in its raw form.

Cocoa Powder, Liquor (Mass) Butter
Nestle products: natural cocoa powder ; alkalized cocoa powder ; natural cocoa cake ; alkalized cocoa cake ; cocoa liquor (mass) ; cocoa butter

Desiccated Coconut
Colour: White, free from yellow specks or other discolourations. Total fat:45.0% (dc low fat),65.0% (dc full fat). Size: Medium and fine granules of coconut

Industrial Chocolates And Compounds
Can supply many different types of industrial chocolates and compound coatings. The products are typically used at bakery factories, confectionary producers, icecream producers as well in confectionary and bakery workshops. The products are to be melted and used for enrobing, moulding, pancoating, decoration works etc. We are also producing hazelnut, chocolate and white fatbased fillings/spreads with very nice taste and texture.

Jb Cocoa Powder
Color Natural Brown Reddish Brown Dark Red Dark Brown Flavor Pleasant cocoa Pleasant cocoa Full rounded cocoa Strong cocoa Strong cocoa Our products conform to all food regulations in the country of destination and they have not been sterilized by fumigation or irradiation.

Cocoa Powder & Cocoa Cake
Cocoa powder: 1) Natural and alkalized ; 2) Fat content: 10 - 12% ; Packing: plastic (inside) and cowhide paper bag (exterior). Cocoa cake: 1) Natural and alkalized ; 2) Fat content: 10 - 12%

Cocoa Beans
COCOA BEANS: Moisture ( % ) 8 % Max ; Bean Counts 100/100 g ; Moulds 5 % Max. ; Slaty 5 % Max. ; Plate Count < 5,000 col/g ; Yeast < 5,000 col/g ; Defect 1 % Max. ; E. Coli Negative ; Total Defects 6 % Max. ; Packing in Jute Bag 75 Kgs.

Natural Cocoa Powder
Natural Cocoa Powder: Moisture ( % ) 5 % Max ; Fat Content ( % ) 10 to 12 Max ; PH Content 5.6 to 5.9 Max ; Total Ash 12% Max ; Plate Count < 10,000 col/g ; Yeast < 50 col/g ; Molds < 50 col/g ; E. Coli Negative ; Fineness at 200 Mesh 75Micron 97 % Max
Product Group: Cocoa Powder

Alkalyzed Cocoa Powder
Alkalyzed Cocoa Powder: Moisture ( % ) 5 % Max ; Fat Content ( % ) 10 to 12 Max ; PH Content 6.8 to 7.2 Max ; Total Ash 12% Max ; Plate Count < 10,000 col/g ; Yeast < 50 col/g ; Molds < 50 col/g ; E. Coli Negative ; Fineness at 200 Mesh 75 ; Micron 99 % Max.

Product Type: Cocoa Ingredients Type: Cocoa Powder Form: Powder Certification: GMP, HACCP, ISO, KOSHER Color: Dark Brown Cocoa Content: 100% Shelf Life: 2 years Weight (kg): 25 Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland) Brand Name: Huadong Model Number: AS01-W color: reddish brown Max. Moisture (%): 5 Packaging: 25kg/bag Fineness (%): 99 We are exporter of quality cocoa powder. We are currently exporting Standard & Premium grade, Natural and Alkalized ...

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