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List extensive product information of Edible Fats & Oils (include Vegetable Oil, Olive Oil, Corn Oil, Peanut Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Sunflower Oil), provided by Edible Fat & Oil manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Refined cooking oil
Refined corn oil (or named maize oil) is quality oil distilled from corn germs. The fatty acid of the corn oil is regular arranged so its structure is stable. This product is based on refined corn oil through dephosphorylate, deacidify, degumming, decolor, deodorization and dewax. It contents abundant unsaturate fatty acid and Vitamin A/D/E, no cholesterol It is free from alatoxin and other harmful impurities and lite taste. At once, the corn oil also has such advantages as short warming-up ...
Product Group: Corn Oil
Company: Qingdao Shengda Commercial & Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Corn Oil For Fast Consume
Corn oil packed for fast consume: Edible, refined corn oil with good taste, nice smell and high quality. Monthly big capacity for serious buyers
Product Group: Corn Oil
Company: Grapeseed Oil-Cold-Pressed-Grapeseed Oil Australia    Australia

Peanut Oil
1) Abundant nutrition but no cholesterol and no aflatoxin ; 2) 8 kinds of amino acid, necessary fatty acid for life ; 3) Lowers cholesterol level in the blood serum.
Product Group: Peanut Oil
Company: Grapeseed Oil-Cold-Pressed-Grapeseed Oil Australia    Australia

Crude & Refined Sunflower, Soybean, Corn Oil
We can give best offer, crude&refined sunflower, soybean, corn oil. Origin: Argentina, south America, Europe, turkish.

Edible Fats & Oils
We manufacturers and exporters natural black ad green olives in barrels 150 KG net - 240 KG gross with brine ( water - salt - vinigar ). Also, we produce the best quality of extra virgin olive oil ( acidity less than 1 % ) in any packing you desire. We produce also a very high quality of sunflower oil.
Company: Grapeseed Oil-Cold-Pressed-Grapeseed Oil Australia    Australia

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Product: Extra virgin olive oil - free acidity not more than 0,8%. packing: Glass or plastic bottles, drums and other size tins are available. available amount: Upon request
Product Group: Olive Oil

Green And Black Olives Oil
Green and black olives of the highest quality. We offer: Whole, sliced, pitted and stuffed olives in a variety of quantities and packagings. Some of our specialities are: Green olives stuffed with almonds or red pepper and cocktail olives.
Product Group: Olives Oil

Sea Buckthorn Sarcocarp Oil
Sea buckthorn sarcocarp oil is a natural oil refined from sea buckthorn sarcocarp. It not only has normal oil properties, but also has specific properties that other oils do not have. Not only rich in vitamins, sea buckthorn oil also contains 80D, which resists aging, and such triterpenol chemicals as ursolaldhyde peltogynol and citroxanthinol. In has 60 - 80% unsaturated fatty acid content, which is mainly linolenic oil. Features: 1) Solubility: easily dissolves in ether and petroleum ...

Corn Oil
1) Volumes available: 5L, 2.5L, 1.8L ; 2) Production processes: centrifugal separation de-gumming, de-acidification, de-colorization, deodorization and de-waxing ; 3) Healthy vegetable oil ; 4) Cholesterol free ; 5) Contains sitosterol and phospholipid, which can prevent cholesterol in blood serum from sediment and restrain the absorption of harmful cholesterol ; 6) Reduces cholesterol in blood and strengthens the functions of muscle, heart and vein system ; 7) Continuously taking corn oil ...
Product Group: Corn Oil

Soybean Oil and Cottonseed Oil
Soybean oil is a light yellow liquid with abundant nutritional elements. Soybean oil can be used to fry, roast and otherwise cook food. Specifications: 1) Acid number (mgKOH/g): =<1.00 ; 2) Moisture and volatile (%): =<0.10 ; 3) Impurity: =<0.10
Product Group: Soybean Oil

Rapeseed Oil
Main specification for Rapeseed Oil: Free Fatty Acid:0.1% max ; Peroxide Value:3 Meq/KG max ; Colour:1.5R 15Y max ; Iodine Value:94 - 120 ; Moisture & Impurities:0.1% max
Product Group: Rapeseed Oil

Edible Vegetable Oils, Sunflower Oil
We have wide range of Veg. oils eg. Soya, sunflower, mixed, Palm olein. from China.

Cooking Oil
Sell cooking oil,90% soybean-10% cotton. In bottles of: A.250 ml. B.500 ml. C.900 ml. D.2700 ml. E.4500 ml.
Product Group: Cooking Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil In Bulk
We sell extra virgin olive oil from syria. It is pure, green, fruity and full-bodied... And one of the best olive oils in the world.
Product Group: Olive Oil

RBD Palm Olein
RBD palm olein cooking oil in 500ml - 5000ml PET bottle,20/25liter jerry can,196kg drum and 20tons flexibag.

Peanut Oil
We are able toi supply Peanut Oil as bellow: Peanut Oil. Acid 1.30%. Humidity 0.30%. Color 35 Yellow - 4 Red. Packing Bulk ISO Containers of 20 MT.

Sunflower Oil
Sunflower oil: Color - clear light yellow ; Cholesterol free ; Peroxide value - max.3 02/KG ; Acidity - max.0.15 % ; Iodine number - max.3 ; Water - max 0.10% ; Density - 0.9165-0.9235 ; Calories - 820 kcal/100 ml ; Carbohydrate - 0 mg/100 ml ; Protein - 0 mg/100ml ; Unsaturated fats - 80-83 g/100 ml ; Vitamin e - 58 -63 g/100 ml
Product Group: Sunflower Oil

Camellia Oil
We offering good quality camellia oil from China in virgin camellia oil, refined food camellia oil, refined cosmetics camellia oil, good quality with competive price, little packing is available, this is for health & beauty edible oil, high grade, the function like the olive oil and Named as Eastern Olive oil.

Pure Virgin Coconut Oil
Our virgin coconut oil is all natural-unrefined -unbleached-non deodorized. Its 100% pure virgin coconut oil. And it's first cold pressed & absolutely no use of heat.
Product Group: Coconut Oil

High Quality Rbd Edible Oil
We are able to supply a minimum of 1000mt worth of RBD Olein Edible Oil made of Palm Oil as well as vegetable ghee. We can pack it into carton flexibags which each 20ft container can be maximize to 20mt without space wastage of the container.

Refined Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pine Nut Edible Oil
We are the direct manufacturer and exporter of Pine Nut products, at present, we are mainly selling Pine Nut Edible Oil, Pine Nut Corn Oil, Pine Nut Crude Oil, Pine Nut Flavor Oil.

Oil Seeds Of Rape
Oil seed from first press has the following distinctive feature: High quality - originated from the first press carefully selected seeds of rape Healthy and nutritional - rich in natural resource of the e vitamin and essential unsaturated fatty acids (eufa) universal in application - perfect for frying, baking and Salad applications.

Sea Buckthorn Oil
Sea buckthorn oil: promotes recovery of chronic nonhealing wounds, external and internal ulcers, combustions; has some antitumoral properties; deduces salts of heavy metals from organism ; raises an elasticity of blood vessels, has antisclerotic action; improves function of cardiovascular system; normalizes protein, cholesteric and lipid metabolism; positively influences on function of a thyroid gland; normalizes work of a liver, warns its obesity; raises a sexual potency. Inhalations Sea ...

Crude Palm Oil
A) ffa(as palmitic):5.0%max ; B) moisture& impurities:0.05%max ; C) iodine value(wij's):51%max ; D) mpa degree(need point):45-50 deg c. Max

Sunflower Oil And Sunflower Husk
Sunflower oil pressed: Moisture & impurities: Max.0,5% ; Ffa: Basis 2% max.3% ; Flash point: Min.225 deg. C ; Free from radioactivity, but max 600 bq/KG of cesium 134 and 137. Sunflower husk pelleted: Moisture: Max.10% ; Ash content: Max.3% ; Sulfur content: Max.0,03% ; Bulk density: Min.0,5 KG/m3
Product Group: Sunflower Oil

Refined vegetable oil, Sesame oil, Linseed oil
Sesame oil: As Compendium of Materia Medica records: sesame oil have a little sweet, tiny cold, non-toxic. Treatment: good for colorectal, not to fall in to cytoplasm, Health Mount swollen cubeba, make alopecia hair grow, get ride of the seborrheic dermatitis, keep from hair dull, kill five goldens, remove triple energizer poison, purge small and large intestines, cure ascaris and cardiodynia and so on. Sesame oil is not only the nutritious edible oil, it has been included in pharmacopoeia ...
Company: Deqing Sanfu food Co., Ltd.    P.R.China

Crude and Rbd Coconut oil for sell
Victoria Exporting Company is an International company involved in Coconut oil Export,Our Coconut oil is obtained expression from Copra and it's free from admixture with any other oil or substance,it's clear and free from suspended and other foreign matters,separated water as per these specifications,It have a sweet taste and characteristics of coconut oil and It free from rancidity.Minimum Order Quantity: 50 MT Delivery terms.
Product Group: Coconut Oil
Company: victoriaexportingcompany.Co., Ltd    Cameroon

Refined sunflower oil
COMMODITY REFINED Sunflower Oil Origin: UKRAINE Grade 1 grade Specification: The product has its smell and taste, free from rancidity or any strange taste or smell. The product is clear, free from foreign matter. The product is free from any foreign oil or animal fats. The product is fit for human consumption. Shelf life - 12 months Acidity mg KOH % gm oil max 0,3 Peroxide value mmol/kg oil max 0,7 Color value iodine, mg max 4 Moisture & Volatile % max 0,06 Phosphorus ...
Product Group: Sunflower Oil
Company: RTS TRADE S.A.    Ukraine

Crude sunflower oil
COMMODITY Crude Sunflower Oil Origin: UKRAINE Grade 1 grade Specification: The product has its smell and taste, free from rancidity or any strange taste or smell. The product is clear, free from foreign matter. The product is free from any foreign oil or animal fats. The product is fit for human consumption. Shelf life - 8 months Acidity mg KOH % gm oil max 1,6 Peroxide value mmol/kg oil max 7,5 Color value iodine, mg max 15 Moisture & Volatile % max 0,13 Phosphorus ...
Product Group: Sunflower Oil
Company: RTS TRADE S.A.    Ukraine

COMMODITY MARGARINE Origin: UKRAINE Grade 1 grade Specification: PARAMETERS Melting point 31-35 ° C Fat content not less than 82%; Mass fraction of solid triglycerides of 20° C 17-28%; Moisture content and volatile matter not more than 17% pH of the aqueous phase of milk 4,5 - 5,5. Conformity to the standard ISO Delivery terms: CIF FOB DAF Min order 24 MT per month Production capacity 2000 MT per month UNIT PRICE Might vary upon destination and volume ...
Product Group: Margarine
Company: RTS TRADE S.A.    Ukraine

Palm Oil
Dear sir We can supply you Agro Products, Like Palm Oil, Shea butter, Cocoa powder, Maize,Fish,Salt, Pineapple, Cassava, Banana, Plantain, Groundnut,Cashew Nuts,ginger,orange,Garlic,coconut,corn oil,sunflower oil,soybeans oil e.t.c Other Products include Timber, Sawn Timbers Logs. We can also supply you Fire wood,Hard wood Charcoal in bulk, Payment condition flexible CIF and FOB delivery waiting for your mail Emjays exim ltd www.exim.emjaysgroup.com +233 302 685290 ( ...
Company: Emjays exim ltd    Ghana

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