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List extensive product information of Flavors & Flavor Enhancers (include Cassia, Sodium Citrate, Tomato Ketchup, Soy Sauce), provided by Flavor & Flavor Enhancer manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Cinnamon Powder
We supply Cinnamon powder and Purple Sweet Potato Powder from china. Cinnamon powder: Specification:80-100mesh ; Moisture:7% ; Colour:palm ; Taste:good smell ; Packing:25kg/ctn. Purple sweet potato powder: 100 mesh ; Moisture:6% ; Colour:purple ; Taste:sweet.
Company: Xinghua Luhe Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Raw Soy Sauce
1) Produced by inheriting Chinese traditional brewing formulation, adapting high salt content diluted state brewing technics. 2) Imparts high-class color, scent and taste. 3) Fine gloss, natural deliciousness and pure mouth feel
Company: Sichuan Sunshine Corp Group Ltd    China

Lemon Sauce
We manufacture lemon sauce - lemos. It contains no water content and hence is long lasting. It comes in couple of flavors and can be used as - paste/spread/pickle/for making lemon drink/flavor. It is made by ayurvedic method.
Company: Sichuan Sunshine Corp Group Ltd    China

Flavors For Beverage Industry
We supply essential oils to the leading food and flavor industries worldwide and also provide technical guidance to develop exotic flavors using blend of our oils. We have developed innovative flavors for a cross section of products including beverage, foodstuff, snack, and juices etc. We have an excellent range of essential oils, which we manufacture. Some of our high quality products are as follows ajowan, basil, cajuput, cedarwood, cinnamon, eucalyptus, frankinscene, geranium, ginger, ...

Food Flavour
Food flavour (flavors) are extensively used as enhancements to the taste and aroma of food items. These flavors are specially formulated for various food items to make them more delightful. We can supply a wide range of flavors to suit the requirements of the food, confectionery, and soft drinks industry. The list of Flavouring essences offered by us includes the following types of essence: Almond Flavour ; Apple Flavour ; Apricot Flavour ; Banana Flavour ; Black Cherry Flavour ; Black Tea ...
Company: Sichuan Sunshine Corp Group Ltd    China

We can supply all kinds of spices & seasonings, such as cassia, garlic, ginger, onion, glove, aniseeds, carrot, cabbage, etc.

Economic Replacer For Egg Elbumen Powder
A functional milk protein 75%+ That aerates sponge cakes and sponge cake mixes. It gives improved batter stability and volume to the final cake ensuring that it does not collapse after baking. It also imparts excellent texture, colour and mouth-feel to the cake. It also improves softness and ensures that the cake / premixes remains soft for longer

Seeds, Laurel Leaves, Oregano, Thyme
We are the main supplier of following products from Turkey. 1- poppy seeds ( blue, white, yellow ) ; Purity 99,9%, packing in 25 KG paper bags. 2- cummin seeds, purity 99%, packing in 50 KG new jute bags. 3- anis seeds, purity 99 %, crop 2005. 4- fennel seeds, oregano, thyme ; Packing in accordinace of buyer wishes. 5- laurel leaves

Iodized Salt And Industrial Salt
We are one of the leading salt manifacturer in Saudi Arabia. We have more type of salt as belows. Iodized salt, industrial salt, table salt, brow salt, powder salt, etc..

Calcium Citrate
1) Odorless ; 2) Slightly deliquescent ; 3) Water soluble with difficulty (0.095g/100ml) ; 4) Almost insoluble in ethanol ; 5) When heated to 100oC, may shed water crystals ; 6) When heated to 120oC, crystals lose all water

Soy Sauce Flavor
1) Formulated with natural extracts as the base and other high quality flavoring materials. 2) Features rich, natural flavor, limpidity and without precipitate. 3) This product can be widely used in soy sauce, convenient foods, and puffed foods. 4) It can concoct the soy sauce scent, enhance the deliciousness and taste, and efficiently improve the soy sauce quality. 5) We have different packaging to meet customers' specific demands.

Sodium Citrate
1) Content: 99.0 - 101% ; 2) pH (5%): 7.6 - 9.0 ; 3) Drying depreciation: 11.0 - 13.0% ; 4) Oxalate: 100ppm (max.) ; 5) As: 1ppm (max.) ; 6) Pb: 1ppm (max.) ; 7) Hg: 1ppm (max.) ; 8)Fe: 10ppm (max.) ; 9)Ca: 200ppm (max.) ; 10)Ba: 3ppm (max.) ; 11)Heavy metal: 5ppm (max.) ; 12)Sulfate: 150ppm (max.) ; 13)Chloride: 50ppm (max.) ; 14)Readily carbonizable substances: color not deep to K solution standard

Tomato Ketchup, Tomato Products
Tomato ketchups, juice and puree, prepared under strict hygienic conditions, preserved and brought to your table tops, bringing with them the goodness and freshness of farm fresh tomatoes. Tomato puree refers to the product obtained by vacuum concentration of tomato juice prepared from unfermented, unacidified juice liquid obtained. The tomato puree possesses good colour, flavour and is manufactured under highly scientific conditions. The juice is concentrated in latest centritherm vacuum ...

Soy Sauce
1) Fuli tasty seafood soy (specifications: 500ml & 150ml) is naturally brewed from premium soy sauce soy added with rare seafood like scallop. 2) Clear and tasty with seafood flavor, which follows the traditional and professional cooking experience. 3) Superior fresh soy sauce (specification: 1.6L): takes high-grade soybean, flour as raw material. For fried dish or cold-dressed, soup, meat, porridge, noodle. 4) Fuli superior delicious soy sauce (specification: 500ml) characteristics: ...

Coconut Cream
Colour and appearance: Creamy white: Flavour/odour: Sweet natural coconut flavour, free from foreign or objectionable flavour/odour Fat content:18.0%

Potassium Sorbate (Granular or Powder)
1) Quality grade: FCC (IV) ; 2) Assay (dry basis): 98.0 - 101.0% ; 3) Appearance: white or yellow granules ; 4)Acidity (ascorbic acid): passes test (about 1%) ; 5)Free alkali (asK2CO3): passes test ; 6)Loss on drying: 1.0% (max.) ; 7)Heavy metals (as Pb): 10ppm (max.) ; 8)Arsenic (as As): 3ppm

Flavoring Paste
Features (hoisin sauce): 1) Specifications: 240g. 2) Characteristics: appetizing, full of garlic flavor, mildl sweet and sour and proper density. Especially suitable for noodle and roast duck. Features (soy bean sauce): 1) Specifications: 240g. 2) Characteristics: brewed specially with selected solid and plump soy beans. It is full of nutrition and with irresistible flavor. Features (garlic & chili sauce): 1) Specifications: 240g. 2) Characteristics: strong chili and delicious. Features ...

Soy Sauce Powder
1) By spray drying of natural high quality crude fermented soy sauce ; 2) It features rich taste and natural deliciousness ; 3) Homogeneous and fine powder with good flowability ; 4) It can be widely used in condiments, meat processing, preserved vegetables, and puffed goods ; 5) The packaging can be made against customers' concrete needs

Tomato Ketchup, Sweet Garic, Chili Sauce
Features (garlic & chili sauce): 1) Specifications: 260g ; 2) Characteristics: strong chili and delicious. Features (tomato ketchup): 1) Specifications: 330g ; 2) Characteristics: made of flesh tomato juice. Features (chicken sauce): 1) Specifications: 330g, 890g ; 2) Characteristics: for cooking chicken.

Bourbon Vanilla
Madagascar Vanilla Bourbon: • Length: 16-17cm (approx 6-7 inches) • Botanical Name: Vanilla Planifolia (BOURBON) • Fragrance: Strong, full, rich vanilla aroma, rich in vanillin • Color/Texture: Dark Brown, Very Oily • Origin: Madagascar
Company: Vanilla Treasures    France

Food Grade Sodium Diacetate Sda Preservative
food grade sodium diacetate SDA preservative Specification: CAS No.: 126-96-5 ; Other Names: Monosodium Diacetate ; MF: C4H7NaO4.XH2O ; Type: Acidity Regulators, Flavoring Agents, Pre. ; white: crystal ; Product Name SODIUM DIACETATE Health Certificate of Registration No 3200D00439 BATCH NO 20101215 MANUFACTURING DATE 20101215 EXPIRY DATE 20121214 ANALYTIC DATE 20101215 ACCORDING TO FCC-IV ANALYSIS ITEM QUALITY INDEXES RESULTS Free ...
Company: Lianyungang Nuoxin Food Ingredient Co., Ltd.    China

Edible Alkaline Power
Edible Alkaline Power Specification: Type: Flavoring Agents ; Edible Alkaline Power (Decortication Agent) is the food alkaline agent, it is a compound food processing assistant, mainly used in food decortication such as lotus seeds, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Compared with the traditional method, its easy to operate, the effect is good, and it can reduce the loss of starch and Vitamin in the food, the influence on food fragrance and luster is small.
Company: Guangdong Guangyi Science & Technology Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Soybean Lecithin
soybean lecithin Specification: CAS No.: 292 ; Type: Flavoring Agents ; item: liquid ; Purity: 60--65 ; soya lecithin,best quality and favourable price on the basis of equality and mutual benefit /can low your cost and improve your quality. used in Biscuits(general advantage): 1.It reduces the need of fats to about 20% to 25% in biscuits. 2.The shining of biscuits remains the same,till reducing the fats percentage 3.It increases the shelf life of biscuits. 4.It improves the flavor/taste ...
Company: Tianjin Boshuai Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Sodium Bicarbonate Food Grade 99%
sodium bicarbonate food grade 99% Specification: CAS No.: 144-55-8 ; Other Names: baking soda ; MF: NaHCO3 ; EINECS No.: 205-633-8 ; Type: Flavoring Agents ; appearance: white powder ; 1.Product name:Sodium Bicarbonate 2.Purity:99%min 3.Origin:China(mainland) 4.Appearance:white powder 5.Packing:25kg/bag,50kg/bag.100kg/bag 6.Delievery time:15days-20days 7.Price:FOB Huangpu 285$ 8.CAS:144-55-8 9.EINECS:205-633-8 Use:It is mainly used in ...
Company: Hengnan Shenglong Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Fruit Chewing Gum
fruit chewing gum Specification: Type: Flavoring Agents ; chewing gum ingredients:sugar, gum base, glucose syrup, glycerin, softener, edible flavor, edible colour NET WT: 280g QTY: 20pack*5pcs Specifications 1)chewing /bubble gum 2)fruit gum 3)14gX20packsX30boxes 4)high quality with reasonable price chewing /bubble gum 1)banana flavour chewing gum 2)fruit gum 3)14gX20packsX30boxes 4)high quality with reasonable price packing measurment :14gX20packsX30boxes carton size ...
Company: Fujian Shang De Co., Ltd.    China

MSG Specification: Type: Flavoring Agents ; Purity: Purity 99% or 80% Up ; Crystal Color: Bright and glittering ; · MSG · Standard: FCC-IV · Appearance: Uniformity white crystals or crystalline powder · Purity: 99% and 80% Up · Mesh Size: 6 to 8, 10-12, 16-24, 20-40, 40-60, 60-80, 80-100, 80-120 mesh · Packing: 1) 25kg,50lb, kraft paper bags; 2) 3g,17g, 50g,100g, 200g, 227g, 400g,454g,500g,1000g, polybags with ...
Company: Veran International (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.    China

L-Alanine Specification: CAS No.: 56-41-7 ; Other Names: alanine ; MF: C3H7NO2 ; EINECS No.: 56417 ; Type: Flavoring Agents, Nutrition Enhancers ; L-Alanine 1.White crystalline powder 2.CAS No.:56-41-7 3.Purity:98.5% min 4.Molecular formula:C3H7NO2 5.Molecular weight:89.09 6.Specification: AJI97 FCCV USP30 7.Packing: 25kg/drum

Almond Flavored Pudding Powder
Almond Flavored Pudding Powder Specification: Type: Flavoring Agents ; Certification: HACCP ; Taste: Sweet ; Texture: Soft ; Age: All ; Packaging: Bag ; 1.1Kgs x 20Bags each carton. 2. Directions is simple and fast. 3.Can produce Original Equipment Manufacturer or Original Design Manufacturing and become the own brand for you. 4. Almond Flavored Pudding Powder

Ethyl Maltol / Food Additives
ethyl maltol / food additives Specification: Type: Flavoring Agents ; Purity: 99% MIN ; ethyl maltol,food additives ethyl maltol C7H8O3 Color & Appearance:White to cream crystalline powder Odor:Sweet and stable odor of caramel Melting Point:89.0-93.0oC Solubility:1g can be dissolved in 65ml water (15°C) or 12% in alcohol Flash point:85oCPurity:≥99% Applications:Used in flavor tobacco, fragrance Packing and Storage:Fibre drum
Company: Shanghai Fuxin Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Malt Extract--liquid
Malt Extract--liquid Specification: Type: Flavoring Agents ; liquid: liquid ; Malt Extract -- Extract Malt liquid Description The Liquid malt extract is made from fine selected barley and malt, through enzymolysis, sacchrification and vacuum concentration processes. The starch is broken down into biscchrides or monosacchrides as oligosaccharide, maltose, dextrose and fructose, insoluble protein is degraded into peptide fragments and amino acids. Sensory Aspects: Yellow to brownish viscid ...
Company: Jiangsu Huajia Food Tech Co., Ltd.    China

Steviosides Specification: CAS No.: 56038-13-2 ; Type: Flavoring Agents ; Powder: white ; Purity: 200 ; We provide natural Steviosides from stevia leaf. Assay: 90% Steviosides CAS #: 56038-13-2 Steviosides is reportedly suitable for diabetics as steviosides does not impact blood sugar levels. Steviosides can replace sugar in the diet and can be used as a flavour enhancer. Steviosides helps bring out the true flavors in cereals, juices, berries, ice cream, candies, chewing gum, toothpaste ...
Company: Wuxi Gorunjie Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Animal Gelatin Used For Making Desserts
animal gelatin used for making desserts Specification: Type: Flavoring Agents ; content: collagen ; Purity: 100% ; 1.Gelatin (from French gélatine) is a translucent, colourless, brittle, nearly tasteless solid substance, derived from the collagen inside animals' skin and bones. 2.Specification: Jelly strength(6.67%):100~250bloom Jelly strength(12.5%):228~570bloom Viscosity: we can adjust the value of viscostiy as customers' special request. 3.uses: The most common ...
Company: Xiamen Huaxuan Gelatin Co., Ltd.    China

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