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Detailed Maltooligosaccharide Description:

MO- is a natural nutrient sweetener with healthcare and nutrition derived from refined cornstarch through advanced biotechnology. This product has the characteristics of low sweet, low calorie, low osmotic pressure etc. It can be gradually absorbed in human body and offer energy continuously for a longer period while avoiding the condensing of blood and the large quantity production of lactic acid. So it can quickly increase the body endurance, enhance organic immunity and working ability, in order to overcome the night sweat and loss of body fluids after much consumption of your strength and strenuous exercise for a long time. Additionally, it has a good therapeutic effect to a series of physiological variations due to over consumption of energy reservation. As a multifunctional food adjunct, Maltooligosaccharide may be made into various healthcare foods including baby foods, confectionery items, beverages and ice cream, even more additives for pharmaceuticals and nutriments.

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