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List extensive product information of Nutrient Additives, provided by Nutrient Additives manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Taurine Usp31&,jp8
TAURINE USP31&amp,JP8 Specification: CAS No.: 107-35-7 ; Other Names: 2-Aminoethanesulfonic acid ; MF: C2H7NO3S ; EINECS No.: 203-483-8 ; Type: Nutrition Enhancers ; Taurine USP31, JP8 Taurineis an amino sulfonic acid that is found in high levels in the skeletal and heart muscles of humans, as well as in white blood cells, and the central nervous system. It is also found in some plants, such as , and bacteria. Taurine is a main ingredient in and aids in the digestion of fats and the ...

GLYCINE Specification: CAS No.: 56-40-6 ; Other Names: Aminoethanoic acid ; MF: C2H5NO2 ; Type: Nutrition Enhancers ; colour: white ; The markets for USP grade glycine include its use an additive in pet food and animal feed. For humans, glycine is sold as a sweetener/taste enhancer. Food supplements and protein drinks contain glycine. Certain drug formulations include glycine to improve gastric absorption of the drug. Cosmetics and miscellaneous applications Glycine serves as a buffering ...
Company: Choriway International Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Lentinus Edodes Polysaccharide40%
Lentinus Edodes Polysaccharide40% Specification: CAS No.: no ; Other Names: Shiitake Mushroom Powder ; Type: Antioxidants, Nutrition Enhancers ; Brown powder: enhance immunity ; prevent catching cold: Prevent rachitis ; reduce blood pressure: anti-cancer ; Product Description Lentinus Edodes Shiitake polysaccharide Latin Name: Lentinus edodes Active ingredient: Polysaccharide. Specification: 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%. 96%--102% Appearance: Brown powder. Lentinus edodes (shiitake) is a ...
Company: Baoding Sino-Chem Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Good Quality Poly Dextrose
good quality Poly dextrose Specification: Type: Nutrition Enhancers ; Poly dextrose: Poly dextrose ; Polydextrose is one kind of water-soluble dietary fiber. Our standard is FCCV. The details as follows: 1.Content: 90% min. 2.Solubility: 70% min 3.High molecular weight limit: 22000 4. Packing: 25kgs/bag.
Company: Qingdao Fraken International Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Gelatin Specification: CAS No.: 9000-70-8 ; Type: Nutrition Enhancers, Thickeners ; SynonymsBone and skin extract Collagen DescriptionGelatin is a protein, made from the hydrolysis of collagen, a protein that makes up about a third of all mammalian tissue. Collagen is what makes up much of the connective tissue, tendons, and the protein part of bones. Hydrolysis in proteins is the process of adding a molecule of water to break the bonds between some of the amino acids, thereby making the ...
Company: Cangzhou Tianyu Feed Additive Co., Ltd.    China

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Alpha Lipoic Acid Specification: CAS No.: 1077-28-7 ; Other Names: Lipoic Acid ; MF: C8H14O2S2 ; Type: Nutrition Enhancers ; Product: Alpha Lipoic Acid Molecular Formula:C8H14O2S2 Molecular Weight:206.33 Appearance:Yellow crystalline powder Health benefits: Alpha Lipoic Acid can eliminate free radicals which accelerate aging and disease. Alpha Lipoic Acid can inhibit Alzheimer's disease.
Company: Changsha Inner Natural Inc.    China

Dap Ammonium Phosphate
dap ammonium phosphate Specification: CAS No.: 7722-76-1 ; Other Names: dap ammonium phosphate ; MF: NH4H2PO4 ; EINECS No.: 231-764-5 ; Type: Enzyme Preparations, Nutrition Enhancers ; white crystals: White ; dap ammonium phosphate : Chemical formula:NH4H2PO4 Molecular weight:115.0 Technical specifications: Index Name Specification Technical Grade Food Grade Appearance white crystals Content 99%min 99%min Phosphorous (as P2O5) 53%min ...
Company: Dalian Future International Co., Ltd.    China

Organic Inulin
organic Inulin Specification: CAS No.: 9005-80-5 ; Type: Nutrition Enhancers, Sweeteners ; color: white ; Organic Inulin Want a reliable, long-time friend & partner to be your supplier? Looking for good quality products in competitive price? find us 1. Main Function (1). As immunomodulatory agents and immune-stimulating hormone, it is widely used in fields of health products and pharmaceutical; (2). As an immune modulator, it is widely used in the field ...
Company: Guangzhou Zeyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.    China

Nutritional Supplement - Orotic Acid--food Grade
nutritional supplement - Orotic Acid--food grade Specification: CAS No.: 65-86-1 ; Other Names: Vitamin B13 ; MF: C5H4N2O4 ; EINECS No.: 200-619-8 ; Type: Nutrition Enhancers ; Orotic acid Synonyms:1,2,3,6-Tetrahydro-2,6-dioxo-4-pyrimidinecarboxylicacid;2,6-Dihydroxypyrimidine-4-carboxylic acid; 6-Carboxy-2,4-dihydroxypyrimidine; 6-Carboxyuracil; Uracil-6-carboxylic acid Molecular Formula: C5H4N2O4 Molecular Weight: 156.10 CAS: 65-86-1 Appearance: White crystalloid powder. Uses:Promote ...
Company: Qingdao Great Chemical Inc.    China

Isomaltulose Specification: CAS No.: 58166-27-1 ; Other Names: Palatinose ; MF: C12H22O11H2O ; EINECS No.: 261-150-2 ; Type: Flavoring Agents, Nutrition Enhancers, Sw. ; color: white crystallize ; taste: sweet ; smell: no smelly ; melting point: 122-124℃ ; opitcal activity: a20D97.2° ; usage: sweetner ; hydrolysis: difficult in water ; Isomaltulose (Palatinose) ISO, GMP, HACCP, SGS certified good qualtity &best price OEM&ODM manufactuere free samples provid ...
Company: Xian Yuensun Biological Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Sodium Cyclamate Nf 13
Sodium Cyclamate NF 13 Specification: Type: Nutrition Enhancers, Sweeteners ; Sodium Cyclamate NF 13 Purity : ≥98.5% Loss on drying ≤15.5% PH value 5.5-7.5 Sulphate ≤500ppm Heavy metals ≤10ppm Arsenic ≤1ppm Cyclohexylamine ≤25ppm Dicyclohexylamine ≤1ppm
Company: Zhengzhou Chemical International Co., Ltd.    China

Q10 Specification: CAS No.: 303-98-0 ; Other Names: Ubiquinone-10, CoQ10, Ubiquinone 5. ; MF: C59H90O4 ; Type: Antioxidants, Nutrition Enhancers ; CoQ10 Coenzyme Q10 Ubidecarenone Ubiquinone-10 CAS:303-98-0 USP Grade Purity: > 99% Apperancea: Orange powder Related impurities: < 1%
Company: Changzhou Longterm Biotechnology Co., Ltd.    China

Azodicarbonamide Specification: CAS No.: 123-77-3 ; Other Names: Azodicarbonamide ; MF: C2-H4-N4-O2 ; EINECS No.: 204-650-8 ; FEMA No.: 29270000 ; Type: Emulsifiers, Nutrition Enhancers ; color: yellow powder ; Azodicarbonamide CAS NO 123-77-3 yellow powder ADA, abbreviation for Azodicarbonamide (FDA21CFR§172.806), an ideal substitute for potassium bromate, is a popular, potent and safe flour improver. Features: ADA is characterized by dual oxidations in the maturation of ...
Company: Gemhold (SJZ) Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Erythritol Specification: CAS No.: 149-32-6 ; Other Names: 1,2,3,4-Butanetetrol ; MF: C4H10O4 ; Type: Nutrition Enhancers ; Appearance:White crystalline powder or granular Assay (on dry basis):99.0%~101.0% Loss on drying;no more than 0.2% Ash:no more than 0.01% Melting range:118centi-degree~122centi-degree Heavy metals (Pb):no more than 1.0mg/kg As:no more than 0.3mg/kg Cont of bacteria:no more than 300cfu/g Coliform:no more than 30cfu/g Pathogens: Negative
Company: Nanjing Gemsen International Co., Ltd.    China

Lipoic Acid Supplement
lipoic acid supplement Specification: CAS No.: 62-46-4 ; MF: C8H14O2S2 ; Type: Nutrition Enhancers ; white: fine powder ; lipoic acid Synonyms: 1,2-Dithiolane-3-pentanoic acid; 5-(1,2-Dithiolan-3-yl) valeric acid CAS.NO: 62-46-4 Molecular Formula:C8H14O2S2 Molecular Weight: 206.33 Test Method And Purity:HPLC ≥98% Package:1kg or 25kgs
Company: Xian Feida Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.    China

Offer Nutrient Food Chondroitin Sulfate 90%
offer nutrient food chondroitin sulfate 90% Specification: CAS No.: 9007-28-9 ; Other Names: chondoitin sulfate sodium ; Type: Nutrition Enhancers ; CAS #: 9007-28-9 ; appearance: white powder ; HS: 30019090.99 ; Product name:chondroitin sulfate (shark cartilage) CAS Number:9007-28-7 Spec:90% Appearance:Off-White Powder Test Method :HPLC & CPC Standard:USP&EP Packing:25KG/Cardboard Drum Storage: Preserve in tight containers Validity:Two years Product name:chondroitin ...
Company: Qufu Haixin Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Food Grade Corn Starch
food grade corn starch Specification: CAS No.: 9005-25-8 ; Other Names: maize starch ; Type: Nutrition Enhancers ; Corn Starch food grade Description Unit Standard Test result Appearance White or powder with less buff shadow and with blare. Same Moisture % Max14.00% 12.85 Protein % Max0.50 0.35 Ash % Max0.15 0.11 SO2 ppm Max30.00 21.54 Fat % Max0.15 0.07 Finesse %100 mesh Min99.50 99.76 Acidity ml/100g ...
Company: Jiaye (Fuzhou) Import & Export Co., Ltd.    China

Sorbic Acid
Sorbic Acid Specification: Type: Flavoring Agents, Nutrition Enhancers ; Color: white ; High safety Sorbic acid is one kind of nonsuturated fatty acid compounds. It can be absorbed by human body rapidly, then decomposed into CO2 and H2O, moreover no remaining in body. ADI 0-25mg/kg (based on sorbic acid FAO/WHO 1994) LD50 4920mg/kg (large mouse by mouth) GRAS (FDA, 182.3640 1994) Its toxicity only 1/12 times table salts and 1/40 times sodium benzoate. Good stability Sorbic acid ...
Company: Ningbo Hengpeng International Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Inositol Specification: CAS No.: 87-89-8 ; Other Names: Inositol ; MF: C6H12O6 ; Type: Nutrition Enhancers ; Appearance: White powder/granular ; Inositol Inositol, or 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6-Cyclohexanehexol is a six-fold alcohol (polyol) of cyclohexane. It exists in nine possible isomers inside generally animal, plant and microbe organizations. Classified as a member of the vitamin B complex, it is made by human body in amounts considered adequate for good health, and are classified as one of ...
Company: Xian Xiaocao Botanical Development Co., Ltd.    China

Top Quality Msm
Top Quality MSM Specification: CAS No.: 67-71-0 ; Other Names: MSM ; MF: C2H6O2S ; EINECS No.: 200-665-9 ; FEMA No.: N/A ; Type: Nutrition Enhancers ; Appearance: White crystalline powder ; Loss on Drying: ≤ 0.5% ; Top Quality Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) Professional Manufacturer ISO 9001:2008 1) Assay (GC): min.99.9% 2) CAS No.: 67-71-0 Description: Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is an organosulfur compound with the formula (CH3)2SO2. It is also known by several other names ...
Company: Xiamen Forever Green Source Biochem Tech. Co., Ltd.    China

Nutrition Composite Flour Additives
Nutrition composite flour additives Specification: Type: Nutrition Enhancers ; The company production of flour from human nutritional supplements is essential trace elements, minerals, vitamins and other food grade (raw material for the present individual projects production of the country's new physical absorption of the high rate of product) quality refined from raw materials. App-earance Fine for uniform drying flow of good white or yellow powder.
Company: Wuxi General Corp. of Supply & Marketing    China

L-Arginine Specification: CAS No.: 74-79-3 ; MF: C6H14N4O2 ; Type: Nutrition Enhancers ; Color: white ; L-Arginine Standard:USP,EP,AJI Style:L-Arginine base and L-Arginine HCL Main function: 1.Used for muscle growth and tissue recover 2.Make compounds in the body such as creatine ,L-glutamate ,L-proline 3.make nitric oxide which can relax blood vessels 4.Also involved in protein formation in larger amounts .
Company: Shanghai Sonen International Logistics Co., Ltd.    China

Soy Protein Concentrate Feed Grade
Soy Protein Concentrate Feed Grade Specification: Other Names: SPC ; Type: Emulsifiers, Nutrition Enhancers ; Full of varieties of amino acid, SPC is quickyly digested and absorbed by animals. Containing few anti-nutrient elements, with good taste yet no peculiar smell, SPC is widely made into feedstuff additives, which is quite popular with porkling, calf,marine lives and other pets. Specification: Color: milk-white, light yellow Odor: the natural odor of SPC, without any peculiar smell ...
Company: A.H.A International Co., Ltd.    China

Vitamin C
Vitamin C Specification: CAS No.: 50-81-7 ; Other Names: VC ; MF: C6H8O6 ; EINECS No.: N/A ; FEMA No.: N/A ; Type: Nutrition Enhancers ; Appearance: White Powder ; Vitamin C (VC) Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a water-soluble vitamin, which is necessary in the body to form collagen in bones, cartilage, muscle, and blood vessels and aids in the absorption of iron. Dietary sources of vitamin C include fruits and vegetables, particularly citrus fruits such as oranges. Vitamin C is one of the ...
Company: Liaoning MEC Group Co., Ltd.    China

L-ascorbyl Palmitate
L-Ascorbyl Palmitate Specification: CAS No.: 137-66-6 ; Type: Nutrition Enhancers ; Appearance: white or almost-white powder ; Purity: 98%-100.5% ; L-Ascorbyl Palmitate, white or almost white powder,practically insoluble in water,freely soluble in alcohol and in methanol, insoluble in methylene chloride and in fatty acid. It is suitable for food additive,mainly used as nutrition strength modifier and antistaling agent.Widely used in the fields of food and drinks.etc. Formula:C22H38O7 ...
Company: Wuhu Tianyuan Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.    China

Calcium L-threonate
Calcium L-Threonate Specification: CAS No.: 70753-61-6 ; Other Names: Calcium L-Threonate ; MF: C8H14CaO10 ; Type: Nutrition Enhancers ; Specific Rotation +13.0 ~ +14.3 degree Loss on Drying Not more than 1.0% Quality Standard Customer's Standards Availability Regular production Packing In 25KG net each, cardboard drums with inner plastic bags.
Company: Sinosource Import & Export Corp.    China

Hmb Calcium, Hmb-ca
HMB Calcium, HMB-Ca Specification: CAS No.: 135236-72-5 ; Type: Nutrition Enhancers, Other ; HMB Calcium: 135236-72-5 ; Chemical Name HMB Calcium (beta-Hydroxy-beta-Methyl Butyrate Calcium Salt) CAS Number 135236-72-5 Molecular Formula Ca(C2H9O)2 Molecular Weight 146.14 Packing 25kg/drum Capacity 2000kg/M Items Specification Description White power Clarification Meets the requirements Calcium 13% ~ 16% Heavy Metals (Pb) ...
Company: Changzhou Comwin Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

Potassium Tripolyphosphate
Potassium Tripolyphosphate Specification: CAS No.: 13845-36-8 ; Other Names: KTPP ; MF: K5P3O10 ; Type: Nutrition Enhancers ; Potassium Tripolyphosphate(KTPP) Molecular Formula:K5P3O10 Molecular weight:448.42 Standard executed:Q/320302GAK09-2003 CAS Number:13845-36-8 Uses:Sequestering agent for calcium and magnesium in food products; highly soluble in aqueous solutions; excellent dispersion properties; low sodium meats, Poultry, processed seafoods,pocessed cheeses, soups and ...
Company: Xuzhou Zhongxu Construction Machinery Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Dried Mushroom Stem Powder
Dried Mushroom Stem Powder Specification: Type: Nutrition Enhancers ; Dear Sir, We can supply all kinds of edible Dried White-backed Black Fungus Threads which is mainly for export. If you need this products, PLS cantact with me without any hesitation, I will give you the best price and good service. Dried Mushroom Stem produced by the winter dry mushrooms from dehydration after cut. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contart us. Contact Name:Mr Bu zhi ...
Company: Zhejiang Qinghua Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Phosphoric Acid
phosphoric acid Specification: Type: Acidity Regulators, Flavoring Agents, Nut. ; Use: As a acidity regulator and nutrition agent for yeast. Phosphoric acid food grade may be applied to flavors, canned food and light drinks as well as used in wine brewery as a nutrients source for yeast to prevent the reproduction of useless bacteria. Specifications of Phosphoric Acid food grade No. Items of Analysis Unit National standard GB3149-2004 1 Color Apha ≤20 2 ...
Company: Guangxi Qinzhou Capital Success Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Glycine Specification: CAS No.: 13682-92-3 ; MF: C2H5NO2 ; EINECS No.: 200-272-2 ; Type: Chewing Gum Bases, Nutrition Enhancers ; form: white crystalpowder ; Chemical Name: Aminoacetic acid,Glycocoll Structural Formula: NH2CH2COOH Molecular Formula: C2H5NO2 Molecular Weight: 75.07 Physical Characteristics:A white crystal or crystallized powder with a particular sweetness,it dissolves in water,and pyridine,slightly in absolute alcohol,doesn't dissolve in diethyl ether,melting ...
Company: Tianjin Tiankai Chemical Industries Import And Export Corporation    China

Mar Lives Adding-enzyme Probiotics
Mar lives Adding-Enzyme Probiotics Specification: Type: Nutrition Enhancers, Stabilizers ; 1)Function 1 Replenishing useful microbe to digestive tract of hen and other poultry, improving the balance of microbial pool within the digestive system and increasing the organism immune logical competence, metabolic and absorption capability rapidly. This product is especially used for hens, pigs etc 2 An active micro biological inhibitor for the growth of harmful bacteria, it can balance the ...
Company: Cangzhou City Zhongxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd.    China

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