Refined Corn Oil

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Detailed Refined Corn Oil Description:

High quality salad oil is rich in oleic acid, vitamin E and advanced unsaturated fatty acid. Meanwhile, it is free from cholesterol and aflatoxin. Lowering blood pressure, prolonging lifespans and preventing arterioscl -erosis, this oil has a good reputation among consumers both at home and abroad. Specifications: 1) Appearance: clear and transparent ; 2) Free from foreign and rancid odors and tastes ; 3) Luster: Y30, R2.2. Physical-chemical indexes: 1) Moisture and volatile matter: 0.1% (max.) ; 2) Foreign matter: 0.05% (max.) ; 3) Acid value: 0.3mg (KOH/g) (max.) ; 4) Peroxide value: 10MEQ/kg (max.) ; 5) Cold test: clear and transparent (frozen for 5.5 hours at 0oC) ; 6) Un-saphonificated matter: 1.5% (max.)

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