Sea Buckthorn Sarcocarp Oil

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Detailed Sea Buckthorn Sarcocarp Oil Description:

Sea buckthorn sarcocarp oil is a natural oil refined from sea buckthorn sarcocarp. It not only has normal oil properties, but also has specific properties that other oils do not have. Not only rich in vitamins, sea buckthorn oil also contains 80D, which resists aging, and such triterpenol chemicals as ursolaldhyde peltogynol and citroxanthinol. In has 60 - 80% unsaturated fatty acid content, which is mainly linolenic oil. Specifications: 1) Color: orange ; 2) Odor: smell of sea buckthorn, no unpleasant smell ; 3) Acid value (mg KOH/g): =<15 ; 4) Moisture and volatile matter (%): =<0.5 ; 5) Impure substance: =<0.2 ; 6) Organic solvent residue (mg/kg): =<50

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