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List extensive product information of Sugar & Sweeteners (include Cane Sugar, White Sugar, Refined Sugar, Beet Sugar), provided by Sugar & Sweetener manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Natural Sweet - 100% Xylitol Sweetener
Xylitol: A sweetener found in plants that is used as a substitute for sugar. Xylitol is considered a nutritive sweetener because it provides calories, just like sugar. Pure xylitol is a white crystalline substance that looks and tastes like sugar. On food labels, xylitol is classified broadly as a carbohydrate and more narrowly as a polyol. Because xylitol is only slowly absorbed and partially utilized, a reduced calorie claim is allowed: 2.4 calories per gram or 40% less than other ...

Soft Ice Cream Powder
Ice-cream Powder with delightfully fresh fruit and faint scents basis on traditional taste. Colorful snow makes the best snacks during summer. Flavors include Pineapple, Hami-melon, vanilla, mint, orange, taro, mango and grape.

Organic Agave Syrup
Organic agave syrup: Suitable for diabetics. Contains 18 of the 20 amino acids found in meat. High content of dietary fiber. Low glycemic index. High content of glutamic acid. Half calories than sugar. Increases intestinal flower. Increases energy. Excelent for digestive problems.

1) Good taste: similar to sucrose in terms of taste. 2) High sweetness: about 200 times sweeter than sucrose. 3) Easily dissolved: dissolves quickly and easily in water under room temperature. 4) Non-calories: no metabolism and no calorific value in the body, suitable for diabetics. 5) Synergistic effect: acesuliame-K has a distinguished synergistic effect when used in combination with other sweeteners, which can make a 20 - 40% reduction in the quantity of product required. 6) Long-lasting ...

Coconut Sugar In Tub
Source of unique taste and flavor, with their creamy, caramel-like sweetness and coconut flavor, coconut sugar is used primarily for making sweets and desserts to enhance the flavor of curries and rich sauces for savory dishes as Pad Tai, Green papaya salad and any Thai food dishes.

Dietetic Sweetner With Aspartame
We would like to find buyers for sweetner with aspartame, which replaces sugar, best results 10x less of calories, table edulcorate with "aspartame", which provides exactly the same savor, but more pure and mild than the sugar, however it helps in maintain of the bucco-dental hygiene, ever suitable for dietetic recipes thanks to its poorness in glucides. So you can use it to sweeten milk, cakes, yogurt, fruits.

Sugar ICUMSA 45
Premium quality white granulated cane sugar. We are one of the leading exporters of white refined sugar ICUMSA 45 from Brazil.

Palm Sugar
Palm Sugar: 1. Sugar (sakarosa) 89.87%. 2. Sugar reduction 1.41%. 3. Water Content 2.25%. 4. Dust content 1.46%. 5. Residue 0.10%. 6. Starch Negative. 7. Sulphur Dioxide Negative.
Company: Cv Pondok Daya    Indonesia

Sugar Cane
Sugar cane from brasil. White refined cane sugar ICUMSA 45 CIF. Specifications: Polarization: 99.8 % min ; Ash content: 0.04 % max ; Moisture: 0.04 % max ; ICUMSA: 45 rbu ; Solubility: 100 % free flowing ; Radiation: normal certified ; Color: sparkling white ; Granulation: fine ; Packing: 50 KG poly bags

High Fructose Syrup
High fructose syrup has the same sweetener as sucrose, but better taste than sucrose. Today it has taken the place of sucrose, and has been widely used in many industries, such as frozen foods, dairy products, wine, preserved fruit, canned food, bean products, baking food, flavoring, pharmacy and health care food. We can manufacture products based on the demands of customers.

Malt-dextrin has many applications, including in the: 1) Confectionary industry: used to increase flexibility, prevent granulation and melting, lower sweetness, change taste, improve institutional framework and prolong storage life of sweets. This sweetener reduces the incidence of toothache, obesity, blood pressure, diabetes etc. 2) Beverage industry: used as a raw material, after reasonable mixing, maltodextrin will increase natural smell, reduce nutritional loss, improve dissolubility, ...

Cane Molasses, Tahini
We would like to meet with buyers of molasses or tahini (smashed sesame seed). Cane Molasses: Specification: Tsai 50% up ; Brix 80% up ; Total ash: Is smaller than 15%.

Raw & Refined Cane, Beet Sugar, Sweetener
We can give best offer, large quantity raw&refined cane and beet sugar. Also supply natural sweetener made from stevia plant. It is also a healthy product as it is calorie free.

White Sugar And Beetsugar
BEETSUGAR (normal qualification ): ICUMSA 45 - 100 ; degre polarization:99,8 %. White Sugar" Quality: Minimum 99.80 degree polarization ; Maximum 0.08 percent moisture.

Polarization:99.80% minimum at 20 degrees c. Moisture:00.04% maximum. Ash content:00.04% maximum. Granulation: Fine. 100% soluble: Shipped dry and free flowing. Solubility:100% free flowing. Radiation: Normal certified. Color: Sparkling white. So2: Mg/KG 20 maximum
Company: Cv Pondok Daya    Indonesia

Natural Sugar And Crystal Caramel Sugar
We sell Natural Sugar in 1kg plastic bags, and Crystal Caramel Sugar. Great for supermarket sales and for the confection industry.
Company: Cv Pondok Daya    Indonesia

White Refined Cane Sugar
White refined cane sugar ICUMSA 45: Polarity at @ 20 degree cent:99.80 min ; Sulphate& ash content:0.04% max ; Moisture:0.04% max ; Solubility:100% dry& free flowing ; Granulation: Fine ; ICUMSA:45 rbu ; Colour: Crystal white ; So2:20 ppm ; Radiation: Normal-certified w/o presence of cesium or iodine ; The latest corp ; Sediments: None ; Smell: Free from any smell& all pathogens; staph aureas

Beet Molasses
We are specialized in exporting beet molasses with the following. specifications: Brix: From 81 - 82% GM ; Polarization: From 47 - 48% GM ; Purity: From 58 - 59% GM ; Reducing sugar: From 0.1 - 0.2% GM ; Total nitrogen: From 1.7 - 1.8% GM ; PH: From 8.5 - 9.5% GM

Sugar ICUMSA 45
Polarization: 99.80% min ; Ash Content: 0.08% max ; Granulation: Fine Crystal ; Moisture: 0.8% max ; Magnetic Particles: 4Mg/K ; SO2: 70Mg/K ; Sulphur: 20Mg/K min.

Sachet Sugar
Sachet size:40mm x 60mm approximately ; Sugar dose:3 g. Meet all standards for human consumption and comply with all food safety regulations.

Sugar Direct From Mills
White refined sugar. Specifications: Polarity at 20 deg. Centigrade 99.80 min. Ash content 0.04% max. Moisture 0.04% max. Solubility 100% dry and free flowing granulation fine ICUMSA max 45 ICUMSA attenuation index units magnetic particles mg/k4 so mg/k20 radiation normal without presence of cesium or iodine.

Product description: Maltodextrin is starch derivative without free starch made from starch or starch material with enzymic method controlling low-level hydrolysis, purification and spray drying. It is a basic material widely used in food industry. Main and auxiliary ingredients: Glutinous rice, rice or cornstarch Amylase Features and product advantages 1) Safe ingredients: the ingredients are edible materials, safe and reliable 2) Color, taste, and smell: white or yellowish-shaded ...
Product Group: Maltodextrin
Company: Deqing Sanfu food Co., Ltd.    P.R.China

Sugar ICUMSA 45 - Brazil
Our company Seller of Sugar Cane in Brazil We have ready stock. We are real company with real prices. Send Soft Offer for You (attachment) My company has prices from USD 205.00 to USD 395.00 per MT IC45-Sugar Cane We can send small spot (only 1 shipping) of a maximum of 5000 MT priced at $ 490USD (CIF) , Payment: SBLC 100% Luiz Mineiro - Engineer agribusiness - Brazil Commodity...............White Refined Cane Sugar. Quality.................Incusa 45 RBU – Grade “A”. ...

Industry of sugar and ethanol in Brazil
Renewable energy investment opportunities in brazil. I am a chemical engineer from alcohol and sugar in Brazil. I have extensive experience in matching potential investors in renewable energy through the sale of ethanol and biodiesel, sugar and complex (including land). Some of them also includes co-generation of electricity, enough to Supply industry and sell the excess electricity generated in Market This investment in Brazil (ethanol, biodiesel and sugar) can be exported to ...

ACE Trading Group Ltd. works directly with sugar producers in several countries. We ensure that the sugar we sell is fit for human consumption. Icumsa 45, Brown Sugar, High Seas Sugar
Product Group: Sugar
Company: ACE Trading Group Ltd    USA

Sell dextrose monohydrate
Product Name: Dextrose Monohydrate CAS No.: 5996-10-1 Molecular Formula: C6H12O6H2O Description:Dextrose Monohydrate Oral/Food Grade is a white crystalline monosaccharide, obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of starch, it contains one molecule of water of hydration. it is sweet in taste, free from foreign flavour and finds wide applications due to its inherent quality of being an instant energy source. Applicaton:As the essential element and most basic medical material, glucose enjoys ...
Company: zhucheng xingmao corn developing co.,ltd    China

Sell liquid glucose for confectionery,biscuit,cake
Product Name: Liquid Glucose CAS No.: 5996-10-1 Synonyms: Corn Syrup Application: As a sweetener with high osmotic pressure, maltodextrin can maintain the flavor and extend the shelf life in preserved fruits, glazed fruits, jams etc. Description: Liquid glucose is an aqueous solution containing a mixture of glucose, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides obtained by hydrolysis of starch. It contains not less than 70. 0 per cent of dry matter. The degree of hydrolysis expressed as ...
Company: zhucheng xingmao corn developing co.,ltd    China

Sell maltodextrin DE 10-12,10-15,15-20,18-20
Product Name: Maltodextrin CAS No.: 9050-36-6 Description: Maltodextrin is an intermediate product obtained during the controlled hydrolysis of starch. It is product midway between starch and glucose. a white powder and little sweetness, high viscosity into a solution, does not hold water in itself. Our DE is from 10 to25.Its bland taste makes it inert on other food flavours and colours. It is a good agent to ensure dispersibility in cold water maintaining clarity and eye appeal. it ...
Company: zhucheng xingmao corn developing co.,ltd    China

Sell sorbitol
Sorbitol is a new kind of sweetener made from purified glucose as material via hydrogenation refining ,concentrating .When it was absorbed by human body ,it spreads slowly and then oxidizes to fructose ,and takes part in fructose metabolization. It doesn't affect blood sugar and uric sugar. Hence, it can be used as sweetener for diabetics. With high-moisture-tatiblizing , acid-resisitance and non-ferment nature ,it can be used as sweetener and monisturizer . Any inquiry from you will ...
Company: zhucheng xingmao corn developing co.,ltd    China

Maltose Syrup
Maltose Syrup Description Maltose syrups are basically artificial organic sweeteners with reduced sugar levels, which mean they satisfy your sensatory expectations with required sweetness but control the blood sugar level too.For having a healing diet or to enjoy the highest quality organic sweeteners available in the market, now naturally malted whole grain sweeteners such as rice, barley or corn. Specification Appearance:No foreign objects, liquid Taste:malt flavour,sweet ...
Company: Wuhu Deli Foods Co.,Ltd    China

Raw Brown Cane Sugar 600-1200
Origin : Indian/Brazil ICUMSA : 600-1200 Polarization : 96.00% Min Ash Content : 0.09% Max Moisture : 0.09% Max Colour : Brown Solubility : 90% Free Fkowing Granulation : Fine SO2 : 20 PPM
Company: Poranki Sugars    India

Polarization : 99.80% Min Ash Content : 0. 04% Max Moisture : 0.04% Max Radiation : Normal Certified Colour : Sparkling White Crystal Granulation : Fine Solubility : 100% Free flowing
Company: Poranki Sugars    India

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