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Detailed Yeast Extract Description:

Yeast extract, also called as yeast monosodium glutamate, yeast essence, is a kind of natural flavoring taking edible yeast as raw material, adopting biologic technique, refined by conducting biodegradation of protein, nucleic acid, etc. In yeast cells, with main ingredients of amino acid, ribonucleotide, polypeptide, vitamin b and microelement. Yeast extract has the advantages of purely nature, rich in nutrition, fresh in taste with strong aroma. High content of total nitrogen, strict health index, preferable dissolvability, thin color. Purely nature, high content protein, rich in various amino acid, polypeptide. Delicious taste, strong aroma, able to effectively conceal peculiar smell of food, alleviate acid smell, balance taste, strengthen product mellow and thick sense, be a nutrient, delicious flavor improver.

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