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Detailed natamycin Description:

Natamycin(pimaricin) is a polyene macrolide antifungal agent produced by Streptomyces natalensis, Streptomyces chatanoogen and some other Streptomyces spp. It is the sole antifungal food bio-preservative approved in the world, which could inhibits the growth of moulds and yeasts broadly and high-effectively and is safe to human body. The use of Natamycin does not change the nutritional value, appearance, flavor and texture of foods. Until now, Natamycin has been approved as food preservative in more than 40 countries and applied widely in cheese, meat food, cakes, fruit juice/sauce/salad, salted products and other foods. In China, Natamycin was approved as food preservative in 1996 and could be used in cheese, meat food, Guangdong-flavor-moon cakes, cake surface, fruit juices and easily-mouldy food processing devices et al. The residue of Natamycin is less than 10mg/kg.

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