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List extensive product information of Food Processing Machinery (include Meat Processor, Mix Machine, Vegetable / Fruits Processing Machine), provided by Food Processing Machinery manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Food Sorter
1) Name: Food Sorter Machine. 2) Output: 1,000kg/h. 3) Power: 1.5kW. 4) Weight of machine: 210kg. 5) Function: this machine is mainly used to separate seeds and hulls of raw materials again, separate seeds and hulls sticking together to ensure chili seeds pure. The machine is the necessary equipment for deeply process chili
Product Group: Sorter
Company: Qingdao Qiangda Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Meat Slicer, Meat Processor
Meat Slicer: 1) Nice design with graceful appearance, smooth curve and ease to clean. 2) With function of quickly mincing various vegetables and fresh or tough meat, also can be making sausage. 3) Exchangeable shredding tools and slicing tools for vegetables, adjustable diameter of the meat exit. 3) Convenient & practical. Meat Processor: 1) Motor power: 2.2kW ; 2) Speed: 1400min/s ; 3) Saw speed: 56m/s ; 4) Size: 720 x 730 x 1700mm.

Meat Mincer, Muller, Sausage Stuffer
We are leading supplier of kitchen machine, such as the multi-use meat mincer, meat mincer, mincer head, muller, can opener, potato shaver, fruit parer slicer&corer, pasta machine etc. The series of meat mincers(no.5-32) is inside and outside brightly tinned-plated. Having gone through the test of practical use, our mincers have been proved: The trusty product for their best quality. The suitable worm make the user to handle them with great ease. All parts can be easily assembled and ...

Tea Bag Packing Machine
This tea bag packing machine has an automatic boxing device instead of an envelope packing system. Technical data: 1) Output: 120bags/minute ; 2) Max. dosage: 8cm3 ; 3) Bag dimensions: 62.5 x 50mm ; 4) Tag dimensions: 28 x 24mm ; 5) Thread length: 210mm ; 6) Packing in boxes: a) 25, 50, 100 ; b) 30, 60 ; c) 20, 40 ; 7) Power supply: AC 380V ; 8) Total power: 1.25kW ; 9) Weight: 540kg ; 10) Overall dimensions: 1.7 x 0.9 x 2m

Yogurt Maker
1. Material approved by FDA, harmless in human body. 2. Operating by one-touch button according to function and temperature and timer setting is automatically available.(yogurt 8 hours, bean-paste soup 48 hours, rice punch 6 hours). 3. Alive lactobacillus fermenting directly in temperature(35 ~ 40c) of most suitable rich esteemed daughter and freshness cause can. 4. Nuc has ripening function of high quality because temperature distribution is fixed. 5. Available for bean-paste soup, yogurt ...

Mix Machine
Adopt and mix regularly; Lifting machine mix good thick liquid material promote automatically, pour into the hopper of packing. The bake tray which have brushd by oil is transported enter the packing machine and tab automatically, then filled with soft and floury after that. The capacity could be subtle adjusted follow your requirement. Whole record fill with after finishing backing record automatic, in succession, tight by enter gas tunnel stove to toast.

Dumpling Former
Dumpling is typical Chinese food. Various models of such machinery fill and form excellent dumpling as well as a broad scope of similar ones with dough wrapper and stuffing such as Samosa, egg roll, pierogi and so on. Especially, the wrapper thickness and stuffing volume are easily adjustable.

Vegetable / Fruits Processing Machine
We export vegetable/fruits processing machine, there are: 1. Vegetable/fruit washing machine. 2. Skin/shell peeled machine for potato, fruits, soy bean, mung bean, peanut. 3. Juice pressing machine for vegetable/fruits 4. Hot water scald machine. 5. Cutting machine for vegetable and fruits. 6. Air dried oven for dehydrated vegetable/fruits. 7. Pasteurize machine for packed food.

Colloid Mill
With its flexible and fixed mills with different geometric shapes rotating at high speed making the relative motion, this machine crushes materials by cutting, pulverizing and high frequency vibrating. There are two stages of pulverizing areas, first one is for fine pulverizing, and second one is for super-fine pulverizing, the pulverizing fineness can be adjusted by changing the rip between the upper and down mills. It can well reach the required effect of super-fine pulverizing at once. ...

High Speed Auto Pillow Packing Machine
1) Used to pack biscuits, bread, moon cakes, yolk pies, fruit, candies, medicine, soap, sticky tape and various solid objects in regular shapes. 2) Packing speed (packs/minute): 25 - 180 ; 3) Length of bag (mm): 100 - 210 ; 4) Width of bag (mm): 30 - 120 ; 5) Height of bag (mm): 5 - 40 ; 6) Width of packing membrane (mm): 120 - 300 ; 7) Sealing intensity (N/mm2): >=15 ; 8) Dimensions (mm): 4,000 x 950 x 1,600

Pellet Mill For Poultry And Fish Products
Features: 1) Products: pellet fed for poultry, fish, shrimp. 2) High output. 3) Low energy consumption. 4) Low noise. 5) Controlled by variable speed motor with easy and reliable speed regulation. 6) Can be equipped with an automatic control system to automatically adjust the feed and steam flow to keep the mill in optimum operating condition. Specifications: 1) Output: 2 - 5MT/hr. 2) Pellet Sizes: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm. 3) Main motor power: 37kW. 4) Power of auxiliary motor: ...

Fry Machine
Exterior length: 510mm ; Exterior breadth: 610mm ; Exterior height: 980mm ; Interior length: 415mm ; Interior breadth: 440mm ; Amount of oil: 36-35kg ; Applications: frying.

Fried Potato Chip Production Line
This is a complete production line including washing raw potato, skinning, dehydrating, frying, weighing, and packaging into plastic bags of various sizes

Corn Starch Production Line
We supply the complete sets of machinery for food processing and packing machinery, including oil refinery, and corn starch production line on the turnkey basis from china.

Ice Cream Machine
We can supply various models of ice cream machines, stirring ice cream machines, slush freezers, juice dispensers and other types of cool food making machines from china.

Rice Mill And Flour Machinery
Rice mill, rice huller(LM24-2C), flour mill(6FY-30,6FY-35,6FY-40), disc mill(FFC-15, FFC-45), hammer mill, maize mill, screen, grader, we also can supply the complete equipment for rice mill and flour mill.

Tea Machine
Main series: 1) Famous and high quality tea processing machinery. 2) Preliminary tea processing machinery. 3) Refined tea processing machinery. 4) Evaporated tea complete set of equipment. Main products: knead machine, disassemble machine, electric dry machine, tealeaf surface dewatering machine, tealeaf grader, multirole tealeaf cutting machine, evaporation machine, evaporate and tidy up machine, wind-select machine, automatic dry machine, disintegrator

Food Processor
1) Blending, juice extracting, milling (3-in-1) ; 2) Safety lock ; 3) Powerful and super quiet motor ; 4) 2-speed selection with pulse rotation ; 5) Blender capacity: 1.0L, 1.5L ; 6) Speed: 17,000-20,000 cycles/min ; 7) AC 110/230V ; 8) 50/60Hz, 350W

Chocolate Fondue Fountain
Kid's chocolate fountain: Dip fruit, cookies, and pretzels ; Great for kids' parties ; Includes fountain and 2 dipping tools ; Motorized machine makes chocolate waterfall ; Use favorite flavored syrup

Automatic Ice Cream Cone Machine
The ARC Series Machines are fully automated machines and are very efficient baking ovens for production of stacked cones, cups, molded cones in large scale. The Cone Ejector is attached to the oven, synchronized with the speed of the passing moulds. The cone ejector helps to loosen the cones from the open baking moulds. The cones drop into the blocks of the stacking device which is attached to the oven. The baking conveyor is driven by a powerful-geared motor, with a attachment of variable ...

Popcorn Machine
We specilize in home appliance dealing for more than years, popcorn machines is one of our best selling items, specification as below: 1) Makes popcorn in less than 2 1/2 minutes ; 2) Safe design allows unit to operate only when correctly assembled

Main usage: 1) New type horizontal coarse crushing mechanical equipment developped and elaborately made by our factory, which is widely used in the industries of chemical, phamaceutical, electronics, foodstuff, rubber and plastic. 2) Used as specialized equipment for coarse crushing of materials in preparatory process, and can crush hard and tough materials, such as plastic and rubber. 3) Especially, it is not limited by viscosity, hardness, softness and fiber shape of material, and has good ...

Cyclo Oven
Ovens with 3 or 4 stacked decks, oven doors made of tempered glass each one. Equipped with an opening lever. Automatic steam generators with push button for each deck separately. Refractory cement sole with metallic net frame. Stainless steel font panel,external panelling in baked enamel galvanized sheet. Electromechanical control panel,or digital computerized electronic panel.

Ice Blender
1) Dimensions: 600 x 450 x 1,000mm ; 2) Power: 1,500W ; 3) Rated voltage: 220V/50Hz ; 4) Net weight: 56kg ; 5) Capacity: 30L

Food Processing Technologies And Machinery
We supply food processing technologies and machinery for the milling-, dairy-, canning and preserving- industry. We do the fields of milling and bakery industries, herbs and seeds processings. Wheat, rice, corn and other grain mills, complete lines for bakery shops from the feasibility study up to running, training, know how, recipes, logistic. We supply new and refurbished bakery oven, dough, machinery, rounder, divider, mixer, slicer, proffer, etc. For bakeries for manufacturing european, ...

Three dimension motion blender
Main Application: HS-series stainless-steel three-dimension motion-blender is used for blending different composition powdered granular materials. This blender is widely used in the fields of pharmacy, foodstuffs,health products,Chemicals,Metallurgy, roughage, agrochemicals etc. Three dimension motion blender Principle of Operation: This blender in operation has a motion in multi-direction, which speeds up the flowing and diffusion of the materials and also avoids the case of ...
Company: Lilong Industrial Company Limited    China

Soft ice cream machine HM238
soft ice cream machine HM238 Soft ice cream machine , soft ice cream freezer , soft ice cream maker , ice cream machine , ice cream freezer , ice cream maker , ice maker, soft serve ice cream machine Model No.: HM238 Flavor: 2+mixed Main Power: 220V, 50/60Hz Function : pre-cooling system , mixer , air pump , counter ,pasteurism For you to choose Rate Power: 2.6 KW Refrigerant: R22 / R404A Tank Capacity: 12L x 2 Hourly Production: 30-35L Overall Dimensions: 530 x 780 x 850 (mm) ...
Product Group: Ice Cream Machine
Company: Hommy Enterprise (xinhui)co.,ltd.    China

Sugar Cane Juice Machine ZJ170
Sugar Cane Juice Machine ZJ170 Sugar cane juice machine , sugar cane juice extractor Main Power: 220V, /110V, 50Hz/60Hz Rate Power: 1. 1 KW Function : the machine have chiller in side that keep juice fresh The roller can easy to take out to clear Roller can turn and back . Roller use material 100% stainless steel Refrigerant: R134a Overall Dimensions: 1120 X 1020 X 950 mm Packing Dimensions: 1200 X 1100 X 1020 mm Net Weight: 340 kgs Packing: 1 unit/case 1. it can keep ...
Product Group: Juice Machine
Company: Hommy Enterprise (xinhui)co.,ltd.    China

Popsicle machine HM-PM-05
popsicle machine HM-PM-05 1) Main Power: 220V, 50Hz/60Hz 2) Refrigerant: R22/R404a 3) Cooling type: Air 4) Daily output: 5000pcs 5) Function : one machine can produce : popsicle and ice block 6) Overall Dimensions: 860 x 775 x 1175 mm 7) Packing Dimensions: 900 x 975 x 1730 mm 8) Net Weight: 155 kgs 9) Packing: 1 unit/case 1.The machine is built of luxury outward appearance and easy operation and low cost of maintenance. 2.inside material tank made in purity stainless steel ...
Product Group: Popsicle Machine
Company: Hommy Enterprise (xinhui)co.,ltd.    China

Granita ice cream machine HM28S
Granita ice cream machine HM28S Gelato machine , gelato freezer , gelato maker , granite machine , hard ice cream machine , hard ice cream freezer Power : 220V-380V,50-60HZ Refrigerant : R22 or R404 Size : 530x750x750mm Condenser Cooling: air /water Capability: 80L/H Cylinder Capability:15L Size : 550x700x1420mm 1.Streamline luxurious outward appearance 2.Durable stainless steel outer panel 3.Unique cylinder & stirrer shaft 4.Adopt high-efficient Aspera/Tecumseh/Frigeast ...
Product Group: Ice Cream Machine
Company: Hommy Enterprise (xinhui)co.,ltd.    China

Showcase Display DS-1500
Showcase Display DS-1500 granite dispenser , ice cream showcase , granite showcase , ice cream display , Power : 220V/110V, Flavor : 16 Refrigerant : R22 or R404/134A Cooling Type : air Compressor : 1unit Pan size:162x162x100mm Size : 1500x1130x1270mm 1.Streamline luxurious outward appearance 2.Easy operation with one-touch swift 3.High-efficient Aspera or Tecumseh Compressor 4.Durable stainless steel pans 5.Temperature degree adjustable(-12 to -22 degree centigrade) ...
Product Group: Display Showcase
Company: Hommy Enterprise (xinhui)co.,ltd.    China

Slush Machine HM122
Slush Machine HM122 Slush Machine, slush freezer ,slush maker * Model No.: HM122A * Flavor: double * Working system :by magnet and CPU to separate controller * Main Power: 220V, 50/60Hz * Rate Power: 700 W * Refrigerant: R134A * Tank Capacity: 12L x 2 * Overall Dimensions: 510 x 480 x 820 (mm) * Packing Dimensions: 590 x 590 x 780 (mm) * Net Weight: 51 kg * Packing: 1 unit/case 1. The design is of the European style, anti-corrosion steel, colorful light-decoration, ...
Product Group: Slush Machine
Company: Hommy Enterprise (xinhui)co.,ltd.    China

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