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Detailed Frozen Meat Block Cutter Description:

Frozen Meat Block Cutter
Brief introduction of Frozen Meat Block Cutter:
Frozen meat block cutter is a special designed machine for cutting -18°C to -4°C frozen chicken, boneless frozen meat. It is greatly reduced preliminary work, saving costs and time, stainless steel design is to reduce bacteria infection rates and extend quality guarantee period.

The features of Frozen Meat Block Cutter:
1. The whole machine is adopted SUS304 Stainless Steel.
2. Frozen meat of -4℃ to -18℃ can be directly cut into slices. It is the pre-procedure of cutting and mixing machine and meat grinder process.
3. Avoid pollution and nurturance lost at slow thaw process. Ensure freshness of meat; No icing and refrigeration process, thus reduce user's cost.
4. Auto-Protection designed.
5. Easy to operate and clean, low noise.
6. Wholly welded machine body stable and low noises.

Frozen meat block cutter operation method:
Put the machine to a clean space—place the container under outlet—switch on the power—turn on the switch—put the frozen meat in feed inlet—turn off the switch—shut off the power

Frozen Meat Block Cutter
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Frozen Meat Block Cutter in china.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Zhengzhou Dayu food machine Co., Ltd.
Address: No.18, Dongfeng Road
Region: ZhengZhou, china
Contact Person: dyfoodm
Telephone: +86-0371-55635088

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