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Detailed CCD Rice color sortex machine Description:

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Jiexun color sorter offers best sorting result
for milk white rice with carryover rate of ≥10:1

Suit for all kinds of products and remove all impurities
Self-developing intelligent module
Sort the lowest grade of raw materials
The life tine Optional special material
Long time continuous operation
Minimum operating skill requirements
Regular track maintenance
Sort the highest quality products
Low operating costs
The quality of products is stable and consistent
Optimal rate of return
Meet large volume demand for packaging
Easy for product control
Minimum product damage
Quick and easy installation
Meet the worst working environment
Quick product change
Select special sorting products: NIR infrared cameras and IR infrared light source

Model Output Sorting Optimized Power Voltage Dimension Weight
(t/h) Accuracy (%) Carryover (kw) (v) (L×W×H)mm (kg)
MK3 2-5 ≥99.9 10:1 2 220V/50-60Hz 1560×1397×1860 800
MK4 2.5-6.5 ≥99.9 10:1 2.5 220V/50-60Hz 1850×1397×1860 850
MK5 3-10 ≥99.9 10:1 2.5 220V/50-60Hz 2100×1397×1860 950
MK7 3.5-14 ≥99.9 10:1 3 220V/50-60Hz 2700×1397×1860 1150

Note: All parameters listed in table above refer to polished round-grained rice 1% of impurity, and specific parameters will change to some extent, which are references for you choosing a suitable model.

CCD Rice color sortex machine
  • Model: CCD-MK5
  • Packing: wooden boxes
  • Terms of Payment: L/C T/T
  • Delivery Time: by sea
  • Products ID: 84179
  • Product Category: Food Processing Machinery
  • Post date: Jul 28, 2011
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Company: Anhui Jiexun Optoelectronic Technology Co., LTD.
Address: No.6,Xinghuo Road of industrial Park,New Station
Region: Hefei/Anhui, China
Contact Person: Shally Zhang
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