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Detailed honey processing machine 0086-15890067264 Description:

Honey processing machine  Features:
1.      honey processing machine principle:completely function, this machine can pump vacuum, melt crystal, filter sterilizing, fast cooling, continuous batching charging, continuous charging.
2.      this machine has advanced inside and outside cover and honey recycle pipe which material is SS304
This honey processing machine has evaporator, pre-heating pot, separators, filter, concentrate port, vacuum pump an so on

Item Daily output(T) Heat supply Motor Motor power Concentration effect(kg) Weight(kg) Dimension(cm)
GL-50 0.5 Electrical steam 1.5
220/380V 11 Increase 3.4Be per hour 160 150*60*160
GL-100 1 Electrical steam 2.2
380V 22 Increase 3.4Be per hour 220 240*60*190
GL-200 2 Electrical steam 4KW
380V 24 Increase 3.4Be per hour 360 310*90*200
GL-300 3 Electrical steam 4KW
380KW 24 Increase 3.4Be per hour 400 350*95*220
GL-500 5 Electrical steam 5.5KW
380V 35 Increase 3.4Be per hour 500 400*100*250
Contact: Bonnie Lee
mobile: 0086-15890067264
TEL: 0086-371-63562097
Email: gashili222@gmail.com
yahoo: gashili@yahoo.com
msn: gashili@hotmail.com
skype: gashili222

honey processing machine 0086-15890067264
  • Model: GL-50
  • Terms of Payment: t/t
  • Delivery Time: 10days
  • Products ID: 50204
  • Product Category: Food Processing Machinery
  • Post date: Feb 8, 2011
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of honey processing machine 0086-15890067264 in China .


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Zhengzhou Gashili Machinery CO.LTD
Address: No. 126 East Street
Region: zhengzhou , China
Contact Person: Bonnie Lee
Telephone: 0086-15890067264

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