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Detailed Meat and Bone Grinder Description:

Meat and Bone Grinder
Introduction of Meat & Bone Grinder:
Meat and Bone grinder is the necessary machine for processing meat and bone products. It can grind meat and bone directly and make meat and bone pellet into different sizes. During grinding, the meat temperature raises little, which is helpful for keeping products fresh.

Features of Meat & Bone Grinder:
1. The machine can grind the frozen meat and bone below -18°C, and don't destroy the muscle fiber structure.
2. Feeding Screw reasonably designed. Meat and bone can outpour easily. No grease appears. Reduce the press to make meat granules with neat edge.
3. After processing, the meat can keep nutrition and fresh.
4. The machine is low power which can save energy and cost.
5. Adopt excellent stainless steel which is easy to clean and meet HAPPC standard.
6. The whole machine is with high waterproof property. High roller speed and low noise.
7. Fast dismantle handle can easily pull out feeding screws.
8. Auto protection design to make sure safe operation.
9. It can grind frozen or fresh bone with meat.

Meat and Bone Grinder
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Meat and Bone Grinder in china.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Zhengzhou Dayu food machine Co., Ltd.
Address: No.18, Dongfeng Road
Region: ZhengZhou, china
Contact Person: dyfoodm
Telephone: +86-0371-55635088

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