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Detailed Three dimension motion blender Description:

Main Application:
HS-series stainless-steel three-dimension motion-blender is used for blending different composition powdered granular materials.

This blender is widely used in the fields of pharmacy, foodstuffs,health products,Chemicals,Metallurgy, roughage, agrochemicals etc.

Three dimension motion blender Principle of Operation:
This blender in operation has a motion in multi-direction, which speeds up the flowing and diffusion of the materials and also avoids the case of material specific-gravity aliquation and accumulation, so there is no blending dead space to assure the best blended quality.

Product Characteristics

1.That the blending cylinder is in multi-directional motion supplies many points for the materials makes blended reach over 99.9% of blended evenness.

2.The loading factor can be big in high efficiency and short time.

3.There is the time relay which can show value. It can control blending time automatically.

4.The blending cylinder is of features unique designed shape, also easy cleaning in operation.

Model HS 50 Three dimension motion blender
Cylinder volume 50L
Load max volume 40L
Motor power 1.5KW
Load max weight 20kg
Main shaft 18 RPM
Dimension 900X1250X1150 mm
Machine weight 200kg

Model HS 100 Three dimension motion blender
Cylinder volume 100L
Load max volume 80L
Motor power 2.2KW
Load max weight 80kg
Main shaft 15 RPM
Dimension 1200X1800X1500 mm
Machine weight 500kg

Model HS 200 Three dimension motion blender
Cylinder volume 200L
Load max volume 150L
Motor power 3.0 KW
Load max weight 150 kg
Main shaft 12 RPM
Dimension 1300X1600X1500 mm
Machine weight 750 kg

Model HS 400 Three dimension motion blender
Cylinder volume 400L
Load max volume 300L
Motor power 4.0 KW
Load max weight 200 kg
Main shaft 10 RPM
Dimension 1500X2200X1500 mm
Machine weight 1200 kg

Model HS 600
Cylinder volume 600L
Load max volume 450L
Motor power 5.5 KW
Load max weight 300 kg
Main shaft 10 RPM
Dimension 1850X2500X1650 mm
Machine weight 1500 kg

Three dimension motion blender
  • Model: HS 200
  • Packing: wooden package
  • Terms of Payment: T/T
  • Delivery Time: 15 days
  • Products ID: 29013
  • Product Category: Food Processing Machinery
  • Post date: Oct 20, 2009
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Three dimension motion blender in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Lilong Industrial Company Limited
Address: Baita District, Liaoyang, Liaoning, China
Region: Liaoyang/Liaoning, China
Contact Person: Dennise
Telephone: 86-419-2162528

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