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List extensive product information of Honey (include Honey Bee, Beeswax, Flower Honey, Pure Honey), provided by Honey Products manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Bee Venom
Bee Venom is a complex mixture of proteins (enzymes and peptides) with unique pharmacological activities. The main enzymes in Bee Venom are hyaluronidase and phopholiphase A. Peptides are proteins that possess specific biological activities. There are three major peptides found in Bee Venom: melittin, apamin, and peptide 401. Melitten and apamin stimulate the body's adrenal and pituitary systems to produce cortisol and natural steroids. Natually produced steroids do not produce the ...
Product Group: Bee Venom
Company: New Techniques Laboratory Ltd    Georgia

Honey, Blended Honey
1) Honey is sweet juice that is collected from flowers in the nature by bee through own enzyme. 2) Honey contains aminophenols, protein, Vitamin, levulose and invert amimophenol. 3) Honey can not only help build up human body's health, but also comfort human breathing. 4) Can also make aid functions to some disease. 5) Can be divided into all kinds of different honey as different kinds of flowers. 6) Our products are all fresh and can be packed in all sizes. 7) There are bottled honey ...

Preserved Fresh Plum with Honey
We have more than 100 sub-items for preserved series, such as preserved plum, crystal plum, orange peel plum, and preserved prune, with attractive packing and delicious flavor from china.

1) Light amber (LA) honey ; 2) Extra light amber (ELA) honey ; 3) White honey ; 4) Acacia honey ; 5) Rape honey ; 6) Buckwheat honey ; 7) Milk vetch honey ; 8) Orange honey ; 9) Sunflower honey

Beeswax, Refined Propolis
Beeswax: Processed to remove impure materials, we provide our refined beeswax products in rectangular blocks. Refined Propolis: Purity: >95%, Heavy metals: 13%, Moisture: <1%, Dross; <1%.

Natural Honey In Bulk
Natural honey in bulk: Homogenized(good taste and smell) ; Moisture: Max.18 % ; Reducing sugar: Min.70 % sucrose: Max.5 % ; Hmf: Max.15 mg/kg diastase: Min.10, free from additivities ; C13/honey: -23.5 or more negative ; Difference between c13 and c13 protein: Less than -1 ; C-4 less 5% ; Free of pesticides ;Free antibiotics: Chloramphenicol: Max 0.3ppb. Streptomycin: Max 20 ppb, Tetracyclines: Max 10 ppb, Sulfonamides: Max:10 ppb.

Bee Honey For Health
Available honey: Poly flora, pine, orange blossom, thyme, sun flower, cotton and honey comb(honey with wax). invert sugar: Min.65 %, moisture: Max.18 %, hmf: Max.15 mg/KG, diastase: Min.15, sucrose: Max.5 %. Max.10 % for pine ), c13: -23,5 or more negative, protein difference: - 1,0 or more positive. Homogenized( 10 tons tank ), pure honey, without artificial fructose, glucose. Free from all of kind sulfonamides, naphthalene and nitrofurane. Free from chlorampheniCo., streptomycin and ...

Lyophilized Royal Jelly Powder
Lyophilized royal jelly powder is processed directly from fresh royal jelly. About 3kg of fresh royal jelly is used to make 1kg of lyophilized royal jelly powder. General features of the product: 1) 100% pure with no additives ; 2) Is more easily absorbed into the body than fresh royal jelly ; 3) Can be manufactured in the form of tablets ; 4) The 10-HDA content is the nutrient but there are others ; 5) Pure lyophilized royal jelly powder has 10-HDA content of 5.00% min.

Propolis, Beeswax, Honey
We have several products from honey and relatives honey such us propoleo, beeswax, real jelly from china.

We are exporters and suppliers of honey and bee products in Thailand, we can offer 100%pure-natural honey in from longan flower, wild flower, sun flower, sesame flower, lychee flower in bottle size of 1000gm.630gm. And 250gm. Our products have alway had a large sale in the world.

Honeycomb Wax Sheets
Beewax foundation sheets for beehives. Or honey comb sheets for beekeeping purpose, Size 20x40 cm. Packing in cartons 2kgs or 5kgs. Cartons of 2kgs includes 25kgs. Pure beewax.

Organic Certified Catay Honey
Table 1% humidity: 19.6% protein: 1.005u. Diastase: 12.5conductivity: 3.09% ; >total sugars: 78.77microscopic analysis: Scant pollen content table 2% Reducing sugars: 75.92% non reducing sugars: 2.85% glucose: 27.35% ; fructose: 46.20 fructose/ glucose ; ratio: 1.69glucose/ water ratio:1.39

Fresh Honey
Features: 1) Enhances and preserves the quality of herbs. 2) Is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and a natural preservative. 3) Contains natural formic acid, enzymes, vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, iron, copper, manganese, calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and magnesium. 4) Easily absorbed into the blood, providing faster absorption of its beneficial elements. 5) Used to treat wounds (inc. burns, ulcers and infections to the skin, ear, nose and throat). Varieties available: 1) ...

Flower Honey
We are the producer of Honey, such as flower honey, pine honey, and cotton honey. We are supplying it in 25 kg. tin cans. We can supply it depends on demand.

Beehive / Herbs Extracts / Ginseng Products
1. Bee Products: including Propolis, Pollen, Fresh/ Lyophilized Royal Jelly. 2. Herbs Extracts. 3. Ginseng Products: A complete line of raw materials including Whole Roots, Roots without tails, Tails, Powder

Canned Honey
We can supply all kinds of honey with different packing, such as 227g, 300g, 375g, 500g, 1000g, and 290kg from china.

Pure Honey, Mixed Honey
Pure Honey: Pure, blended naturel honey, pine and flowers honey. Avaible in bulk and in jars. Mixed Honey: Acacia and mixed honey available in 120L plastic barrels, also available in tubes and jars.

Bee Honey, Bee Pollen, Bee Wax
Sort of honey/current availability: Buckwheat honey 170 tons, White honey 90 tons, Sunflower honey 260 tons, Bee pollen 15 tons, Bee wax 14 tons

Mujeza Black Seeds Honey
Fennel flower honey (black seeds honey): 100 % pure and natural honey. The honey bee produced it from the nectar of the fennel flower thus, it contains all qualities of this wondrous plant, which is famous for its benefits since ancient time. It emanates fragrance of the fennel flower apparently. Very useful for the treatment of stomach, chest, phlegm removal, cough and acidity problems.

Pure Natural Honey
Pure natural honey, sunflower honey, longan flower honey, wild flower honey, and honey bee products(bee pollen, bee wax, propolis) from Thailand. Honey sell in bulk at least one container, pack in 200 lit. Drum or 20 lit bottle.

Natural Honey
Our honey comes from the natural tropical forest and crops of Asia. Colour and aroma are all natural and dependent on seasonal harvest. Our honey are packed in 300kg drums, clear transparent bottles ranging from 250g to 1000g, clear transparent straws. All honeys can be packed under specially designed private labels customised for the customers. Moisture content of honey are as follows: 300kg drums: - 19% to 22%(Raw state) ; Bottles: - 18% to 19%(Processed State) ; Straws: - 18% to ...

Honey Products
We supply honey products as follows: 1. Propolis extract 95% Min. Lead 3ppm Max. 2. Propolis extract powder in 50%,60% 70% and 80% Min. Lead 2ppm Max. 3. Fresh royal Jelly,10Hda:1.5 and 2.0. 4. Royal Jelly powder,10Hda:5.5 and 6.0. 5. Mixed Pollen. 6. Crude Beeseax. 7. Refined Beeswax

Bee Honey Products
Our products of honey as per the following: 1) Poly floral honey. 2) Mono flora (citrus, clover, cotton, black seed). The containers are : 1)Glass jars of 250,500,and 900 grams. 2) Steel cylindrical tin of 900 grams ,equiped with flapper. 3) steel drums of 300 Kg.

black tea
We are one of the leading manufacturer of teas,We offer: black tea, green tea, oolong tea, Taiwanese Tea,Pu-erh Tea, Lapsang Sauchong, Instant tea, tea bag, special tea,Organic Tea, healthy tea, Dragon Well Tea, Biluochun Tea,dahongpao tea, longjing Tea, Mao feng Tea,Tieguanyin, Wuyi rock tea, flower tea, white tea etc. Linna Ye KinYe well-known tea specialty Shop Email: kinyegreentea@gmail.com, tasteblacktea@gmail.com MSN: sunnyphoto1983@msn.com Skype: chinacardreader Tel: ...
Company: KinYe well-known tea specialty Shop    China

sweet honey bee
Selling-Out Manufacturers is an international suppliers of honey bee products worldwide,available in stuck is 3000mts ready for export. Specifications 1) Acacia Honey 2) White Honey 3) Light Amber Honey (LA) 4) Extra Light Amb...
Company: Selling-Out Manufacturer and co ltd    Cameroon

100% Natural Crude Raw Propolis From Specialized Supplier
Ingredients: Beeswax, tree resin collected from plant scion and trunk, bees' saliva and other secretions as catalysts for biochemical changes. Application: 1) propolis is effective in treating hypertension, arteriosclerosis and coronary Disease. 2) propolis as a health food mainly immunomodulatory effect. There are secondary antioxidant, blood pressure and blood sugar regulation of blood lipids, auxiliary protect the gastric mucosa and other health functions. ...
Company: Henan Weikang Bee Industry Co.,Ltd.    Henan

Water Soluble Bee Propolis Extract
Medical uses 1. As an antimicrobial Depending upon its composition, propolis may show powerful local antibiotic and antifungal properties. 2. As an emollient Studies also indicate that it may be effective in treating skin burns. 3. As an immunomodulator Propolis also exhibits immunostimulant effects. 4. As a dental antiplaque agent Propolis is a subject of recent dentistry research, since there is some evidence that propolis may actively protect against dental ...
Company: Henan Weikang Bee Industry Co.,Ltd.    Henan

Filtered 100% Pure Beeswax From Manufacturer
Henan Weikang Bee Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional exporter in China. We have specialized in bee products(beeswax, propolis and bee pollen), for almost 20 years. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction. With good quality products, competitive prices and excellent services, we have won a good reputation among customers at home and abroad. ...
Company: Henan Weikang Bee Industry Co.,Ltd.    Henan

Bulk Honey Beeswax Sheets From Manufacturer
. Brief Introduction of Beeswax Sheets Weikang Brand Beeswax Sheets are produced in the national biggest foundation manufacturer sited in the largest beehive product distribution center in China --Changge, where has plenty of nectar source.It is pure beeswax making, contains Italian Beeswax Foundation and Asian Beeswax Foundation. 2. Features of Beeswax Sheets Weikang brand beeswax foundation is strong and durable, secure and difficult to transform, could attract bees yield ...
Company: Henan Weikang Bee Industry Co.,Ltd.    Henan

100% Bulk Organic Bee Pollen Wholesale
We can supply you all kinds of bee pollen, such as: Tea Pollen, Rape Pollen, Buckwheat Pollen, Lotus Pollen, Sunflower Pollen, Muti-flower Pollen and so on.We can also supply you bee pollen in granule, powder and tablets. Henan Weikang Bee Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional exporter in China. We have specialized in bee products(beeswax, propolis and bee pollen), for almost 20 years. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members ...
Company: Henan Weikang Bee Industry Co.,Ltd.    Henan

Lyophillized Royal Jelly Powder 4%-6% 10-HDA
1. Product Description 1)Tones and strengthens skin 2) Relieves weak and tired eyes 3) Combats the aging process 4) Improves memory 5) Aiding restful sleep 6) Helps against impotence in men and infertility in women 7) It is an antibacterial and may help to prevent leukemia 8) Has a yeast-inhibiting function, preventing conditions such as thrush and athlete's foot 9) Can help treat muscular dystrophy 10) Improves resistance to allergies 11) ...
Company: Henan Weikang Bee Industry Co.,Ltd.    Henan

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