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List extensive product information of Furniture Caster Wheels (include Chair Caster, Swivel Caster), provided by Furniture Caster Wheel manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Furniture Wheel
We can supply many kinds of rollers, wheels and casters for sliding doors, furniture, chairs, cabinets, and wardrobes.
Company: Foroll Industrial (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.    China

Cast Iron Castors
We have been exporting castors for years and have won good popularity in the European market. Features: 1) Size: 1 - 8" ; 2) Load capacity: 10 - 230kg ; 3) Types: swivel, swivel with brake, rigid.

Caster & Wheel
3"-5" diameter swivel and brake caster made of nylon, plastic, PU, and TPU with all kinds of fitting types and a load capacity of 80-110kg. Finished with chrome plating or custom finish.
Company: Foroll Industrial (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.    China

Nylon Drum Wheel
Hardwearing Nylon Drum Wheel: 1) Material: harden nylon ; 2) Weight: 490g ; 3) Dimensions: 278 x 50mm

Chair Caster
1) Size: 70mm ; 2) With metal stem nylon chair caster ; 3) With break ; 4) Color: black. Wheel dia.: 3", With or without brake, both available.
Product Group: Chair Caster
Company: Foroll Industrial (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.    China

Nylon Twin Castors
1) Size: 40 - 75mm ; 2) Load capacity: 25 - 70kg ; 3) Material: nylon ; 4) Used for computer tables

Casters and Wheels
1) Size: 2 - 10" ; 2) Load capacity: 70 - 650kg ; 3) Types: swivel ; 4) Roller bearing. 5) We supply black / grey rubber wheels, nylon wheels, anti-lash nylon casters, grey rubber with nylon core wheels, anti-static wheels, PU wheels and high heat wheels

Caster Wheel
1) Height: 175mm ; 2) Swivel radius: 112.5mm ; 3) Wheel diameter: 125mm ; 4) Tread width: 31mm ; 5) Wheel material: PU + nylon. Special specifications are available according to your samples or drawings.

Zinc Alloy Caster (Screw Series)
1) Product: caster (screw head w/o brake), caster (screw head with brake). 2) Wheel diameter: 61mm. 3) Screw size: M8 x 16mm. 4) Finish: nickel, chrome. 5) Bracket material: zinc alloy. 6) Wheel material: nylon. 7) Load capacity: 91kg (4pcs). 8) Size available: 2.5", 2", 1.5"

Ball Bearing Slides
1) Applications: TV cabinet, amusement cabinet, or other applications requiring to lift the door plank on the side and hide it in cabinet. 2) Side-mounting: 24.2+0.2mm. 3) Blue zinc-plated, color zinc-plated, black zinc-plated. 4) Size: 300 - 600mm (12 - 24"). 5) Spring-back positioning device, inseparable. 6) Door switch buckle mechanism for easy and quick installation of connecting rod

40mm Twin Wheel Swivel Caster With Brake
Load capacity:40kg per caster. Wheel size:40mm. Material: Housing and wheel made of high grade nylon, PP available on request. Color: Black, other colors on request. With brake Different fitting: Plate, stem, thread, U-channel, friction ring availabel.

Plastic Casters
1) Material: nylon. 2) Diameters: 38mm, 40mm, 58mm. 3) Various colors are available. 4) We welcome OEM and ODM orders
Product Group: Plastic Caster

Box Casters
1) Sizes available: 25mm, 35mm, 40mm ; 2) With metal mounting bracket nylon or PP caster ; 3) Color: black, white

We are a final manufacturer for wheel barrows, hand trolleys, tool cart, tires ( including otr, heavy truck, light truck, motorcycle, barrow etc) tubes ( butyl and rubber), rubber wheels, castors, wooden products and other hardware products etc.

Nylon Caster
1) Wheel diameter: 60mm ; 2) Plate size: 42 x 42 x 2mm ; 3) Load capacity: 50kg (4-piece set) ; 4) With or without brake ; 5) Can be customized to your color samples or color cards ; 6) Caster material: nylon, ABS ; 7) Various colors available ; 8) Caster can be matched with different fittings, such as plates, stems, threads, U-channels, friction rings and single bolt holes
Product Group: Nylon Caster

Caster Wheel, Chair Wheel
We can supply quality chair wheels and furniture caster wheels. 1) 30mm,40mm,50mm ; 2) U type nylon caster ; 3) With or without break ; 4) Color: black & gray.

Ball Bearing Slides
1) Applications: light-loaded movable cabinet, desk drawer, ordinary furniture, or other applications requiring 12kg load or less and requiring 3/4 extension. 2) Side-mounting: 9.5+0.2mm. 3) Blue zinc-plated, color zinc-plated, black zinc-plated. 4) Size: 300 - 600mm (12 - 24")

Sliding Door Suspension Roller
This roller suspension is used for many kinds of sliding doors, such as furniture doors, house doors, warehouse doors, and glass shower room doors. We can make the suspension wheel or any of its parts according to your samples and specific requirements.

5" Rigid, 4" Rubber Swivel, Brake Caster
4" caster with rigid, swivel, brake, and threaded stem from china. 5" Rigid and Swivel Casters, Special specifications available according to your samples or drawings.

Various Roller For Window And Door
Specializes in Zinc &Al die casting products and stainless steel pressing, including fitting for aluminum window and door, plastic& steel window & door and screen wall, such as: lock; handle; bolt; hinge; wheel.

V-Groove Casters & V-Groove Wheels
We offer a huge selection of various v-groove wheels for all applications. From gate wheels to rail track wheels. With caster frames or wheels only with bearings. V-Groove wheels are high strength cast iron castings or forged steel forgings machined with a 90 degree groove for operation on inverted angle iron track.

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