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List extensive product information of Furniture Bolts (include Concealed Bolt, Tower Bolt, Bent Bolt, Bed Bolt, Hex Bolt), provided by Furniture Bolt manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Cabinet Catches
1: 1) Product size: 45 x 14 x 13mm, hole: 38mm ; 2) Color available: white, brown ; 3) Material: PP. Outer packing: 1,200pcs/carton ; Carton dimensions: 31 x 28 x 21cm ; G.W.: 28kg. 2: 1) Product size: 59 x 17 x 16mm, hole: 50mm ; 2) Colors available: white, brown, golden, satin ; 3) Material: PP

Bent Bolts and Anchors
1) Products available: bent bolt, expansion bolt, lag shield, nail anchor, wedge anchor, machine screw anchor. 2) Standards: ANSI, DIN, BS.
Product Group: Bent Bolt

Tower Bolts
Tower Bolts: 1) Material: brass ; 2) Size (inches): 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4 ; 3) Finish: brass or chrome plated
Product Group: Tower Bolt

Outside Hex Bolts
1) Size: M5 - M72 ; 2) Finish: zinc plated, hot-dip galvanized, or black ; 3) Packing according to customers' specifications.
Company: Haiyan Guangda Hardware Co., Ltd.    China

Furniture Hardware
We can supply hinges, catches, brackets, bolts, rollers, and other furniture hardware from china.

Wardrobe And Cabinet Fittings
Auto drop, latch, tower bolt. Intelligently devised, it eliminates use of traditionally used tower-bolts in wardrobes and other cabinets.

Concealed Bolt
1) Material: steel ; 2) Size (inches): 5, 6 ; 3) Finish: satin gold plated
Company: Haiyan Guangda Hardware Co., Ltd.    China

Self-Drive Steel Bolt
1) Long tightening distance of more than 5mm by only half a turn of cam. 2) Secure tightening is guaranteed even in case of repeated disassembly and re-assembly. 3) Tight joint secure against loosening. 4) Delicate and elegant shape. 5) Finish: zinc plated, nickel plated

Roller for Window and Door
Various roller for window and door including locks, handle. Features: 1) Material: Zamak ; 2) Various specifications and finishes available

Yellow Zinc Plated Bed Bolts
1) Material: steel, brass ; Steel and yellow zinc plated ; 2) Used for beds ; 3) Finish: different colors available.
Product Group: Bed Bolt

Inside Hex Bolts
1) Size: M5 C M24 ; 2) Finish: zinc plated, or black ; 3) Packing according to customers' specifications.
Product Group: Hex Bolt

L Cupboard Door Bolts
L Cupboard Door Bolts: 1) Steel brass plated ; 2) Used in kitchen, bathroom, storeroom and office door
Product Group: Door Bolt

Plastic / Steel / Zinc Bolt
We can supply a variety of steel bolts, plastic bolts, zinc bolts and other hardware.
Company: Haiyan Guangda Hardware Co., Ltd.    China

Electrophoresis Profile
1) Capable of extruding industrial shaped materials. 2) Various curtain wall shaped materials in elementary component type, unit type and element/unit type used in the industries of communications, electronics and machinery.

Bolts & Screws
Professional supplier's bolts & screws for furniture hardware & others, your own specification is also welcome.

Single and Double Magnetic Catches
1) Model 100-1: single push latch, cc: 20mm ; 2) Model 100-2: double push latch, cc: 52mm ; 3) Material: ABS ; 4) Color available: white, black, brown

Peephole, Hook and Eye Hook
We can supply a variety of peepholes, hook and eye hook and other door accessories from china.

Square Bolt
We manufacture produce many type of furniture bolts include concealed bolt, tower bolt, bent bolt, bed bolt, hex bolt. Color and size can be customized. Square bolt used in windows, doors and cabinets.

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