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List extensive product information of Furniture Hinges (include Cabinet Hinge, Bending Hinge, Concealed Hinge, Bed hinge), provided by Furniture Hinge manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Stainless Steel Hinge With 4 Ball Bearings
1) Material: imported Korea or Japan stainless steel. 2) Pin: loose pin, fix pin, loose pin with set screws. 3) Holes: template, zigzag. 4) Size: any size upon request. 5) Finishes: satin, polished, PVD, titanium golden, antique brass, 24K gold.
Company: Wenzhou Aolin Hardware Co., Ltd.    China

Cabinet Hinge (Hydraulic)
1) With hydraulic buffer which can make the operation more quiet and avoid the door to be closed too heavily. 2) Zinc alloy furniture door hinge series. 3) 2 styles: a) No bottom (DMD-HYD110-S) ; b) Middle bottom (DMD-HYD110-M).
Product Group: Cabinet Hinge

1) Material: zinc alloy. 2) Finishing: chrome plated. 3) Various items for option: a) Ball valves ; b) Pipe fittings ; c) Hinges ; b) Flanges ; c) Locks ; d) Caps ; e) Cabinet knobs and pulls ; f) Door guards ; g) Clips
Company: Wenzhou Aolin Hardware Co., Ltd.    China

Glass Clamp
1) Glass door clamp ; 2) Suitable for glass door thickness in 10 - 15mm ; 3) Glass can be toughened ; 4) Material: a) Inner part: zinc alloy material ; b) Cover: stainless steel material

26mm Close Eye Mini Hinge
1) Made under ISO2000 regulations, quality assured ; 2) Guaranteed to open and close 50,000 cycles ; 3) Material: steel cup nickel plated ; 4) Antirust protection layer ; 5) Opening angle: 95 degrees ; 6) Slide-on, slip resistant ; 7) With height and side adjustment functions ; 8) Full overlay, half overlay, inset models available ; 9) Mounting plate in different heights ; 10) Diameter of hinge cup: 26mm ; 11) Depth of hinge cup: 12mm

1) Material: zinc alloy hinge; nickel-plated pin. 2) Surface treatment: pocked black powder coated. 3) Function: mounted outside, with both left and right opening. 4) Rotation angle: about 180 degrees; fixing the door through the pin and the side of hinge. 5) Suitable thickness: 2.0mm
Company: Wenzhou Aolin Hardware Co., Ltd.    China

Brass Lift Off Hinge
1) Size: 100 x 60 x 2.5mm ; 2) Material: high quality solid brass ; 3) Other sizes and finishes are available. From china.

Hinges (Series 2)
For "H" Iron hinges, Yellow zinc plated or without plating: 1) 80mmX55mm, thickness: 1.2mm, 1.3mm, 1.4mm, 1.5mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm. 2) 95mmX55mm, thickness: 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm. 3) 140mmX60mm, thickness: 1.4mm, 1.5mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.1mm, 2.3mm, 2.5mm. 4) Please ask us for packing details. 5) Still have more Hinges, please ask us for details, or tell us your demand, as well as specifications.

Double-Axis Rack & Royal Hinge
1) Polished double axis hinge ; 2) Material: copper and zinc-alloy ; 3) Color and size can be customized ; 4) Used for construction and furniture

Box Hardware Accessories- Hinge, Lid, Lock, Screws
Material: Metal with gold/nickle/brass/zinc finish. Size: Multi; OEM. Style: Multi; OEM. For cigar/jewel/wine box application.

Cabinet Support in Pair
1) Material: steel ; 2) Loading capacity: 25kg (1pc) ; 3) Color available: nickel

Bending Hinge
1) Materials: iron, brass, or stainless steel ; 2) Size: 1.5" - 3.5" ; 3) Finish: zinc plated, brass plated, oxidized, or lacquered painted
Product Group: Bending Hinge

Furniture Hinges
1) material: Cold-rolled steel. 2) antirust protection layer, nickel plating. 3) opening angle:110o. 4) slide-on. 5) second strength. 6) height and sides adjustable. 7) full overlay, half overlay, and inset models available. 8) with torsion spring. 9) guaranteed up to 50,000 movements in its lifetime. 10) mounting plates of various designs: Two and four hole, or as per Customer's requirements. 11) optional screw available. 12) diameter of hinge cup:35mm. 13) depth of hinge cup:12mm. 14) ...

Furniture Hinge
we produce and supply different kinds of furniture hinge ,such as :door hinge ,bed hinge ,cabinet hinge etc.

26mm Hinge
1) Material: cold-rolled steel ; 2) Open angle: 92 degrees ; 3) Slide on, key hole ; 4) One way ; 5) Mounting plate in different height and different design ; 6) Full overlay, half overlay, inset model available ; 7) Optional Euro screw, dowel and wooden screw available

Hinge And Drawer Slide
Furniture & decoration hardware factory is a manufacturer specializing in producing hardware punching parts (hinges, drawers slide and locks).

Mini Royal Hinge
1) Polished mini hinge ; 2) Material: copper and zinc-alloy ; 3) Color and size can be customized ; 4) Used for construction and furniture.

Bearing Iron Hinge
1) Size: 3" x 2.5" x 2.0mm, 4" x 3" x 2.0mm, 5" x 3" x 3.0mm ; 2) Material: steel ; 3) Other sizes and finishes are available

Concealed Hinge
1) Guaranteed to open and close 50,000 times. 2) Material: cold-rolled steel. 3) Antirust protective layer. 4) Opening angle: 105. 5) Slide-on, slip resistant. 6) With height and side adjustment functions. 7) Full overlay, half overlay, inset models available. 8) Optional dowel and Euro screw available. 9) Diameter of hinge cup: 35mm. 10) Range of door thickness: 12-22mm
Product Group: Concealed Hinge

45-Degree Hinges
1) Slide-on hinge, two-way ; 2) Cup: steel, nickel-plated ; 3) Size of the cup: 35mm ; 4) Depth of the cup: 11.2mm ; 5) Hinge arm: steel / alloy, nickel-plated ; 6) Opening angle: 135o ; 7) Plate: steel / alloy, two-hole, H=0 ; 8) Thickness of the steel: cup: 0.8mm; arm / plate: 1.0mm

Bed Hinge (Bed Hook)
We are a professional factory for furniture hardware parts in China. We can supply drawer slide, bed hinge, confirmat screw and others for you.
Product Group: Bed Hinge

Key Hole Installation Hinge
1) ANSI/BHMA GRADE 2, KCMA. 2) Made under ISO 9001, quality assured. 3) Guarantee 50,000 times opening and closing. 4) Material: cold-rolled steel. 5) Antirust protection layer. 6) Opening angle: 92 degrees. 7) Key-hole feature. 8) One way. 9) With functions of height and side adjustments. 10) Full overlay, half overlay, inset models available. 11) Mounting plates of various designs available. 12) Mounting plate in different heights. 13) Optional dowel and Euro screw available. 14) Diameter ...

Glass Hinge
Glass hinge,glass hardware ,glass clamp ,glass fixer ,glass series ,furniture items The glass hinge are useful for the funiture.

Tee Hinge
1) We can supply all kinds of sizes of steel hinges, from15mm to 250mm. 2) Including T hinge, H hinge, strap hinge. 3) We have steel hinge with loose brass pin, firm brass pin, steel pin and some steel hinge with brass bear ball or crown head. 4) Zinc plated, brass plated, nickel plated and black all available for customers' choice

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