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List extensive product information of Artificial Plants & Flowers (include Artificial Tree, Glass Flower, Silk Flower), provided by Artificial Plant & Flower manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Flower Foam
Flower or mud-absorbent sponge, foam is produced by a floral arrangement bakelite supplies. With the flower planting, is a fixed and dedicated support master designer appliances, light crude as foam, absorbent was heavy as lead, planting flowers and use a wide shallow who have not spent on it. Used before it is suitable for a mud into the massive body, into the water, so naturally inhale sufficient water after sinking underwater removed, and then placed in containers, then floral ...
Company: Yixing G and S Enterprises Co., Ltd.    China

Glass Flowers
1) Many kinds of flowers like rose, lily, tulip for your selection. 2) Decoration for your house. 3) Various sizes and colors for your selection. 4) Your own ideas and designs are also welcomed. 5) Promotional products include glass gift & decoration, glass animals & plants, glass vegetables & fruits, glass candle holder, etc.
Product Group: Glass Flower

Artificial Tree
1) Latest technology ; 2) Stylish shapes, fine workmanship ; 3) High quality and competitive price ; 4) Over 1,000 kinds of products, according to customers' specifications ; 5) Excellent quality crafts and decorations available.
Product Group: Artificial Tree
Company: Yiwu Chaohu Artcraft Flower Co., Ltd.    China

Daisy sith Square Wood Pot, Ronder Flowers
We can provide beautiful artificial flowers with many choices for you from china. 1) Artificial flower, handmade ; 2) Tulip, many colors.

Dried Flowers
1) Products available include: artificial feathers, artificial flowers and dried flowers, and artificial trees. 2) Our flowers are made using the latest technologies. 3) Over 1,000 kinds of products have been made according to our customers' specifications. 4) Beautiful shapes, fine workmanship

Fragrance Acrylic Flower
We are a leading exporter for artificial flower, pet products and bird cages in china. Also supply a variety of crafts, gifts, and decorations made from polyresin material.
Company: Yiwu Chaohu Artcraft Flower Co., Ltd.    China

Silk Flowers
1) Silk flower made by hand, can be washed, other sizes or styles available. 2) Can make it as natural flower upon requests. 3) This rose size is about 6 - 10cm, at least 10 colors for you selection
Product Group: Silk Flower
Company: Yiwu Chaohu Artcraft Flower Co., Ltd.    China

Deluxe Artificial Flowers, Artificial Vegetables
Our company is strong and professional in kinds of artificial flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables, etc. from china. Artificial vegetables for decoration, size 60cm.

Natural Flower
We undertake the contracts of Exporting quality Natural Flowers (rose, jasmine etc.. ).

Green Leaf Curtain
1) Materials: polyester, PVC. 2) Size: 195 x 90cm. 3) Various lengths, widths, thickness (ply), color combinations.

Feather Flowers
We can offer many kinds of feather flowers: Rose, tulip, carnation, ect. We also supply thousands of feather butterfly

Artificial Orchid Single Plant
We can supply many kinds fo artificial flowers: 1) 41'' artificial orchid single plant. 2) Colors: white, pick. 3) Eight flower heads, four buds.

Artificial Bouquet
1) Material: A) Fabric flowers and leaves. B) Plastic stems. 2) Sizes: 25cm,30cm,35cm

Artificial Flowers And Plants
Artificial flowers: rose, carnation, tiger lily, daisy ; different kinds of blooms and buds styles ; in all sorts of colors or in multiple colors ; long stem or short stem. Artificial plants: -trees, shrubs, branches, leaves ; -in all sorts of colors and styles ; custome designs are welcome

Gauzy Golden-Lace Calla, Single Green Bristlegrass
Gauzy golden-lace calla ; 5 colors available ; Golden flower series. Single Green Bristlegrass ; Imitation grass ; 5 kinds available.

Artificial Trees
1) We are also able to supply quality art crafts and decoration items. 2) Our crafts are made using the latest technologies. 3) Over 1,000 kinds of products have been made according to our customers' specifications
Product Group: Artificial Tree

Artificial Iris Potted Plant, Perfumed Flowers
We can supply perfumed flowers and Potted Plant from china. Artificial Iris Potted Plant: 1) Type: artificial iris ; 2) Height: 24"

Deluxe Artificial Flowers, Silk Flowers, Wedding Flowers
We are leading maker and exporter of artificial flowers, home decor gifts. We sell to us and EU top chains shops, like wal-mart, target, carrefour, tesco, etc.

Sago Palm Trees
1) Artificial scenic trees, tropical rain forest trees and King Alexander palm trees. 2) Great visual effect. 3) Unaffected by climate, will not lose original shape in strong winds, color will not fade in sun for several years. 4) Indoor: suitable for exhibition rooms, meeting rooms, swimming pools, and entertainment places. 5) Outdoor: suitable for parks, squares, beaches, seaside, streets. 6) Beautiful colors. 7) Leaves and fruits, colors matching all four seasons available. 8) Lifelike ...

Short Christmas Flower
1) Christmas flower ; 2) New design for Christmas, a wide variety of designs and styles available for you to choose from.

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