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List extensive product information of Blinds, Shades & Shutters (include Window Shade, PVC & Wooden Blind, Bamboo Blind, Vertical Blind, Roller Shutter), provided by Blind, Shade & Shutter manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Roll-up Blind
Environmental friendly products. Made of paper/jute natural materials. Easy DIY installed. Bring a natural & comfortable lifestyle. Standard or custom-made sizes to fit your requirements.

Roller Shutters, Spring Rolling Curtain
We supply ready made Spring Rolling Curtain, shutters with/without motorised. Materials used - zincalume and color bond. 1) Designed especially for plan-curtain that can be rolled up cylinder. 2) With aluminum track.
Company: Rongli Curtain Ornaments Co., Ltd.    China

Bamboo Roll Up Blind with Natural Color
1) Material: bamboo ; 2) Easy to install giving your windows luxurious and natural feel ; 3) Freely rolled up
Product Group: Roll Up Blind

Burnt-Out Printed Fabric
1) Composition: cotton, polyester, viscose ; 2) Width: 2.0m, 2.1m ; 3) Quality: up to standard of export ; 4) Many patterns and colors available for your selection ; 5) Treatment available for customers' choice: color coating including white coating and white coating, fire-resistant, waterproof

Castle Roller Blind
1) The simple understated elegance of HBS roller blinds makes them an ideal choice for any contemporary environment. 2) The textures and colors will blend or contrast with your d├ęcor. 3) 7 widths: 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 210cm, 240cm. 4) The triangle roller blinds have a drop of 165cm. 5) Mounting brackets are top, rear or side fixing. 6) Attractively packaged in clear acetate box for maximum sales appeal
Product Group: Roller Blind

Wooden Blind
1) Sizes: 1", 1.5", 2" ; 2) Material: pine with knot ; 3) Wooden slat width: 25mm, 35mm, 50mm ; 4) Thickness: 2.5mm, 3.0mm ; 5) Predominance: rich wood resource

1) Material: basswood ; 2) Slat size: 2.5, 3.5, 4.5" ; 3) Custom-made specifications ; 4) Color: white and natural
Company: Rongli Curtain Ornaments Co., Ltd.    China

PVC Blind
1) Used on pull-and-push plastic steel windows and doors. 2) With aluminum alloy coated bracket, stainless steel brackets, needle rollers and engineering plastic pulleys. 3) Adjustable. 4) PVC vertical blinds, PVC mini blinds, PVC foam wood blinds

Gunny Fabric
1) Composition :100% gunny ; 2) Width: 2.0m ; 3) Quality: up to standard of export ; 4) Many patterns and colors available for your selection ; 5) Treatment available for customers' choice: color coating including white coating and white coating, fire-resistant, waterproof

2"(50mm) Wooden Mini Blind
1) 2" wooden slats, 3mm thickness different colors for option, or according to customer's requirement. 2) Both cord tilt system and wand tilt system is available

PE Shade Net
1) Material: PE ; 2) Feature: UV 0.3 - 0.8% ; 3) Weight: 70 - 180gsm ; 4) Width: 2 - 4m ; 5) Application: suitable for gardening, agriculture, and greenhouse.

Bamboo Blind
1) Configuration: hand woven 100% bamboo ; 2) Thickness of bamboo slat: 2mm ; 3) Colors: natural brown or dyed ; 4) Standard dimensions: 60 x 185cm

Manufacturer and exporter of shutters, blinds, curtains, including pvc venetian blinds, foam blinds, fabric roller blinds, insect curtains, bamboo venetian blinds, bamboo roller blinds,roman blinds, curtain rods, finials, holdbacks, folding doors and their components.

Organza Roman Shade
1) fabric: Polyester of 100%. 2) dimension. 60" w x 92" L. 84" w x 92" L. other sizes: Customizing it.
Company: Rongli Curtain Ornaments Co., Ltd.    China

Bamboo Curtains
1) Specification of bamboo sticks or slats in the blinds: a) Width of slats: null ; b) Thickness of slats: null ; c) Diameter of column-sticks: 2.5mm and 1.5mm ; d) Colors: natural, carbonized(dark brown, light brown), or dyed in black, red, green, purple, orange, pink, cream, blue, cyan, yellow, silver, gold, bronze ; 2) Normal sizes of blinds: 90 x 180cm, 120 x 180cm, 150 x 280cm, 180 x 180cm, or according to customers' requirements ; 3) A full set of accessories for mounting the ...

Tinted Louver Glass (Green, Blue, Bronze)
Glass louvers are window constructures fixed with several parallel glass blades in the same angel. The major parts are louver frames, glass blades, glass binds and inner installation instruments. Features: 1) Glass blades are fixed with non-notch frames ; 2) The angles of the blades may be adjusted to satisfy different ventilation demands ; 3) Rooms can enjoy excellent lighting, even when the louvers are closed ; 4) Speed, direction and scope of ventilation can be easily adjusted ; 5) Glass ...

Artistic Rails
1) Aluminum alloy construction ; 2) Max. length: 6m ; 3) If a longer tube is needed, then a tube connector is required ; 4) Available diameters: 33mm, 38mm ; 5) Can be used with motorized units

Bamboo Mini Blind
1) Material: bamboo ; 2) Popular and elegant roll up blind made with unique workmanship and fine arts and crafts ; 3) Traditional and elegant color with strong third dimension ; 4) Easy to install and maintain ; 5) Can be rolled up freely

Roll Screen
We are a large group company. Roll screen is one of our products including spring type and chain type. Material of screen: Polyester, jute. Style of screen: Solid color, printing. Type of screen: Shading, half shading, anti-ultraviolet ray. Mechanism: Chain type, spring type. Accessaries: Bracket, screw, etc.

All types of blinds
All types of blinds: Vertical, horizontal, roller, roman, wooden, bamboo and others manufactured in Lithuania. Different materials, textiles, sizes and quantities for sale.

Roman Curtain
1) Convenient to operate and can be taken down to wash. 2) Makes the indoor surrounding comfortable. 3) With aluminum track. 4) Other fabric available

Aluminum Alloy Louvre Frame with Single Bar Standard
1) Outside slot hull material: aluminum alloy. 2) Glass clip material: aluminum alloy. 3) Outside slot hull: a) Width: 45mm ; b) Height: 13mm ; c) Thickness: 1.0mm. 4) Glass clip: a) Width 7.5mm ; b) Height 13mm ; c) Thickness 0.7mm (marks thickness differ + 0.1mm - 0.05mm). 5) Switch and the other inner parts that spread to move the accessories are manufactured from sheet iron. 6) Iron accessories: electroplated in zinc. 7) Surface color: ancient copper and silver white

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