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List extensive product information of Vases (include Bamboo Vase, Wooden Vase, Ceramic Vase, Glass & Crystal Vase, Metal Vase), provided by Vase manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Bamboo Vase
1) Material: Natural mountain bamboo ; 2) Sizes: a) Bottom diameter: 7 inch ; b) Mouth diameter: 5 inch ; c) Height: 9 inch. 3) Finished by hand
Product Group: Bamboo Vase

Glass Vases
1) Transparent mouth-blown glass vases with green plants will make room fresh and shining. 2) Other decorations and accessories are also available according to customers' designs.
Company: Qingdao Realfortune Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.    China

Ceramic Table Ware
1) High temperature fired ; 2) Using multi-glazed method ; 3) Dishwasher and microwave safe ; 4) Various colors, shape, and size available

Copper Hall Vase
Hand worked by copper chisel, tinned, no welding. Handcrafted. Very unique. Yellow. Dimensions: 37 x 95 cm

Sexy Wooden Vase
Sexy wooden vase made from mango trunks exquisitely made to give a place a spark of coziness. Black vase carved with long stem flowers with leaves design.
Product Group: Wooden Vase

Aluminum Vase, Iron, Rattan Wall Decor
Aluminum Vase: 1) Elegant design. 2) Height 26cm. 3) Surface treatment: mirror polish and brush polish. Iron, Rattan Wall Decor: 1) Materials: iron, rattan ; 2) Dimensions: 15.375 x 7.625 x 22.625"

Flower Vase
Old-timely wood. Wood nature colour. Unique design. Classical and modern style. It`s really "green" "health" decoration for your moden life. We provide you the finest of wood carving by applying skillful and delicate technique on each piece of work. Our wooden products ranges from vase, bowl, tray, storage box to candle holder
Company: Qingdao Realfortune Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.    China

Bamboo Vases
1) Material: mountain bamboo. 2) Finished by hand. 3) Maintenance: clean with a soft cloth

Glass Vase
1) Hand painted glass vase set ; 2) Oceanic designs ; 3) Various shapes available
Product Group: Glass Vase

Terracotta Pots
1) Made by hand ; 2) Fired in high temperature ; 3) Assorted shapes and colors available ; 4) Natural color (terra) or wash white finished, and other painted decoration as per your demand ; 5) Max diameter: 100cm

High Clear Square Vase with Twisting Upper and Bottom
1) Highly clear square glass vase with twisting upper and bottom. 2) Two sizes for your selection. 3) Popular shape around the world.

Wooden Vases
An inventive vase of novel design that matches both modern and traditional style. It's made by massive wood. Hande made

Floor Vase Set
Color: Gold, grey. Material: Brass. 25in h,5 in. Diameter. Set of two vases. Hand-crafted by native artisans. Etched floor vases with handles. Additional photographs are available upon request.

Terra Cotta Produce
Flower pot, candle app. Special: Daily app(plate, bowl, tea pot) with glazed terra cotta. We are manufacturers who special in porcelainware. Products such as: Vase, Angell, stove, Flower items; Photo frame ;wind-bells X, mas; candles; vases; alarm clock Sealed jars; sugar jars ;coffee jars; Sanitary ware; Ceramics plate; Kitchen appliance; colorful fruit plates Money bank Promotion Gifts Red Clay with glaze daily app

Three-legged Copper Vase
Handworked by copper chisel, tinned, no welding. Handcraftet. Very unique. The embroidery on it is very thin. Dimensions:21 x 21 x 23 cm

Mosaic Candleholders and Vases
1) Covered with elegant stained glass. 2) Brightens up any home. 3) Amber mosaic glassware with glass beads. 4) Brass sting design. 5) Various shapes

Acrylic Vase, Porcelain Decorations
Acrylic Vase: 1) Available in all kinds of colors and patterns. 2) Makes changes according to customer's designs. Porcelain Decorations: 1) Handmade and hand-painted. 2) Best gift for friends. 3) High quality and good taste

Vase and Crystal Soil
1) New type of vase plus crystal soil for planting flower to bring romantic feeling to your home, office and any public place. 2) Easy to use, convenient to bring it to anywhere. 3) Half dollar can buy one piece of vase plus one bag of crystal soil

Ceramic Vases
1) Ceramic vases with Chinese traditional pictures ; 2) Various sizes and colors are available
Product Group: Ceramic Vase

Eggshell Porcelain Vases
We supply various kind of vases such as bamboo base, wooden vases, ceramic vase, glass Vase, metal vases. Eggshell Porcelain Vases: 1 ) material: clay ; outside layer: Eggshell. 2 ) size: 80 cm,60 cm. It's beautiful.

Glass Vases
1) Colored glass vase. 2) D: 7cm. 3) H: 23cm. 4) Can offer more different colors for selection
Product Group: Glass Vase
Company: Qingdao Realfortune Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.    China

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