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List extensive product information of Others Gifts & Crafts, provided by Others Gift & Craft manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

PVC Boxes
1) Plastic box ; 2) Materials: PET, PVC, PP ; 3) Specifications: 20 - 50micron ; 4) Printing: 4 colors on converse side, hot pressed to any shapes ; 5) Different materials, sizes and shapes available
Company: Huizhou Fully Gift & Packing Co., Ltd.    China

Magic Egg
1) Amazing magic beans and magic eggs that sprouts a plant with a message. 2) Ideal gift for birthday, Valentine's Day, also as promotion gift for company and other special occasions.

Gift Item
1) The top of pen can make any cartoon shape ; 2) Have 32 different flashing effects ; 3) Use 3 x AAA batteries ; 4) Can print customer logo on the pen body

Fabric Decoration with Beads
1) Embroidery and craft fabric box with beads ; 2) Material: fabric ; 3) Product size: 21 x 21 x 10.5cm

Small Gifts
Gifts contain: Air purifier, air cleaner, air refresher, Air Freshener, car gifts, air conditioner, sterilizer, disinfector, car oxygen bar, computer oxygen bar and so on

Tissue Box
1) It can holder tissue conveniently ; 2) We can produce all kinds of acrylic products ; 3) Different colors available
Company: Huizhou Fully Gift & Packing Co., Ltd.    China

Electronic Glass Personal Scale
1) Capacity: 150Kg. 2) Division : 100g. 3) Equipped with strain gauge sensor. 4) Foot tap switch / 7.3mm tempered Glass/ Auto Zero& Auto off/ low Battery & over load indication. 5) 2 PCS of Lithium battery ( CR2032) included.

Diced style Poker Chips
1) Material: ABS, clay ; 2) Weight: 11.5g ; 3) Size: 40 x 3.5mm ; 4) Standard colors: red, blue, black, white, green ; 5) Other colors: yellow, purple, pink, sky blue, orange

Recording Postcard
1) 10 seconds recorder with recordable and writable function. 2) Component: paper card, EVA board, voice chip, speaker, mic, button batteries. 3) A control switch marked with "off" and "on" located beside. 4) The function of recording can be repeatable for many times. 5) All
Product Group: Post Card

Scarecrow: 1) Various styles available ; 2) For decoration ; 3) Ssuitable for coming autumn season ; 4) Dimension: 36" L

LED Light Ice Cube
1) LED light flashing ice cube. 2) Shape: taper and square. 3) Item size: a) Taper sape: dia. of the bottom is 52mm; height is 40mm. b) Square: 40mm (length) x40mm (width) x 40mm (height). 4) Function: there is an on/off switch on the buttom. When press the switch for the first time, it will flash slowly.

Flashing Magentic Body Light
1) When the turnbuckle is screwed up the product begins to sparkle with a blue light. 2) Stops flashing when the screw is loosened. 3) Can be attached to clothes using a strong magnet. 4) Logos can be printed on the product.

Color Paper Toy
1) Produced with recycled material. 2) Multi-color advanced offset printing, automatic working process. 3) With different flutings: B, C, E, F, G flute. 4) Different flutings fit together, suitable for any kinds of products. 5) Surface treatment: optional glossy lamination, mat lamination, varnishing, UV processing, hot stamping or silk-screening. Can be hot stamped, various colors hot stamping available. 6) High quality corrugated carton helps you protect your products

Photo Laminator
1) Cover material: plastic. 2) Max laminating thickness: 1mm. 3) Max. input width: 320mm. 4) Power input: AC 110, 220, 240V / 50 - 60Hz. 5) No. of rollers: 2. 6) Consumption: 400W. 7) Machine dimensions: 520 x 230 x 165mm. 8) Warming-up time: 3 - 4min. 9) Heating method: out heating

Scented Beads
1) Shape: oval shape, dry on bead surface. 2) Color: alike PE in slight brown. 3) Fragrance dispersibility: evenly distributed. 4) Production temperature: stable in ambient temperature. 5) Compatibility: applicable to LDPE, HDPE, polyethylene, ethylene, polypropylene and various EVA. 6) Varieties of fragrances in scented beads: jasmine, rose, orchids, apple, lemon, peach, strawberry, lavender, vanilla, chocolate. 7) Special functions: a) Grilled beef (artificial bone for pet dog) ; b) ...

1) Products available: Halloween masks, horror props, ghost caps. 2) Material: Non-phthalate PVC. Carft : Vinyl or plastic

Glow-in-Dark Sticker
1) Material: printing PP + Luminous powder. 2) Size: 30 x 10cm (not include size of back card). 3) Glow in dark sticker, night light sticker. 4) Suitable for tiles, windows, furniture, cabinet, kitchen, bathroom, children's room, wall. 5) Non-toxic and safe, easy to clean

Magnetic Floating
Magnetic suspension advertises displayed products. The floating body can be globe, football, frame and others, which is always in floating state without anything supported. It can be used as school teaching tools and office tools, crafts, and promotional products.

Wall Calendar and Calendar
1) Material: a) Cover: 157g - 200g art paper or matt paper ; b) Inner: 128 - 250g art paper or matt paper ; 2) Print: 4- color printed ; 3) Finish: varnish and die-cutting ; 4) Binding: spiral binding

1) Material: polyester / knitted polyester/ satin ; 2) Size: 30x 45cm/ 50x 70cm/ 60x 90cm/ 90x 150cm ; 3) Many kinds of flags: table flag / hand wave flag / car flag / big flag

Textile Craft
1) We can provide various non-woven cloth bags and other textile arts and crafts. They can be printed according to the samples. 2) We can provide various baby clothes with various specifications. 3) We can provide craft flowers with various types and specifications which are used for celebrations

Insulated Stainless Steel Mug
1) Body in premium translucent white porcelain glazed in natural or metallic finished. 2) Marine grade quality stainless steel inner wall. 3) Double insulation to keep liquid hot or cold for a longer period of time. 4) Durable and stain resistant. 5) Easy to clean and sanitize. 6) Good for both indoor and outdoor

Printed Cap for ADs
Material: Environment Protect ional PVC. Dimensions: According to your requirements and designs. Printing: Heidelberg UV five-color printing, silk screen printing

Deluxe Wine Box Set
1) Dimensions: 360 x 210 x 117mm ; 2) 7-piece deluxe wine box gift set with accessories ; 3) 1 stainless steel corkscrew ; 4) 1 zinc alloy wine stopper ; 5) 1 stainless steel wine ring ; 6) 1 thermometer ; 7) 1 clear ABS foil cutter ; 8) 1 stainless steel pouring stopper ; 9) 1 double wine aluminum gift box.
Company: Huizhou Fully Gift & Packing Co., Ltd.    China

A Gold Bar Door Stop
designed by arik levy, this doorstop shows complete carelessness with money. show them you are just above it all. leave what's left to your dog. aluminum/cast iron base. 6.1" x 2.5" x 1.6"h note: this is not made of real gold China supplier: Email : fangzhengcn@hotmail.com Skype ID : chanceller819 http://chinagift.en.ecplaza.net
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

Dynamite Alarm Clock
The Dynamite Alarm Clock is an explosion alarmclock that wakes you up with a very clear warning. It is just impossible to sleep through this alarm. And that is not the only thing, you also do not get a change to turn around and sleep again. It just takes care of the fact that you are really awake and that you won’t get it in your head to close your eyes again. The dynamite alarmclock wakes you up with explosion sound effects. The bleeping sound go faster and faster en before you hear the ...
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

Megahouse teacup poodle - Voice-activated dog - baby toy
How to play Installed batteries, put the poodle into the teacup which is incidental, or any place, when you touch the poodle, it will call,also would like a baby; in accordance with a specific location for display the poodle in the teacup, the poodle will close its eyes to sleep. Need not take care, as long as you happy, poodle on-call!
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

Adult Slime with relaxing aroma
Everyone’s favorite squishy green stuff, slime, recently celebrated its 30th birthday. In honor of this anniversary, Mega House is releasing a line of Adult Slime. And by “adult” we just mean that the product is intended for grown-ups, which makes sense if you consider that those of who grew up playing with it are all grown up! Adult Slime comes in four varieties: hot, relax, love, and elegance that are colored and scented to match the ascribed mood. It even comes in a plastic ...
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

kaleidoscope is a Japanese study published in the scientific research community fun rolled into popular science magazines, each have a theme, which includes a variety of scientific principles, research and experiment, and comes with full manual assembly of the relevant Projector lamp model, very interesting. Adults, this series is mainly popular science knowledge and introduce + kaleidoscope model for a variety of projection. In fact, I attach most importance to the projection lamp model ...
Product Group: Kaleidoscope
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

Zhu Zhu Pets Adventure Ball
Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster Deluxe Accessories Includes: 1 Adventure Ball and 1 Rattlin 'Clatterin' Mini Ball Connects to all Zhu Zhu Hamster Track Systems! Collect all of the Zhu Zhu Pet accessories to make a HUMONGOUS Hamster City!
Product Group: Zhu Zhu Pets
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

Zhu Zhu Pets Adventure Ball
Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster Deluxe Accessories Includes: 1 Adventure Ball and 1 Rattlin 'Clatterin' Mini Ball Connects to all Zhu Zhu Hamster Track Systems! Collect all of the Zhu Zhu Pet accessories to make a HUMONGOUS Hamster City!
Product Group: Zhu Zhu Pets
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

Mini solar clip fan
This is one of those gadgets you can only get away with if you’re either married, very old or completely shameless. It is a solar fan which attaches to the bill of your hat to keep you cool while out antiquing or whatever it is people do that wear strange hats. This ranks up there with the umbrella hats, both of them are just not right. I realize when it is extremely hot and you’re stuck outdoors you have to do anything you can just to keep cool. However, I’ll take a bandanna ...
Product Group: Mini Solar Fan
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

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