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List extensive product information of Sculpture Crafts (include Stone Sculpture, Bronze Sculpture, Animal Sculpture, Ceramic Sculpture), provided by Sculpture manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

@ Cast Iron Antique Statues
1) Wonderful antique statues for the decoration ; 2) Different finishes available ; 3) Material: cast iron ; 4) Vivid portrait

Model Bronze Statue
Features: 1) Making your own bust ; 2) Many figurines in model bronze, vivid and good for collection. Specifications: 1) Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 13cm ; 2) Composition: polyresin
Company: Zhejiang Shengfa Sculpture Arts Project Co., Ltd.    China

Lacquer-Thread Sculpture
Lacquer-thread sculpture is single-featured folk craftwork with long history in China. Various resplendent and magnificent figures are enwinded by special facture with refined lacquer-thread. Since the painted sculpture was flourishing in Tang Dynasty, the lacquer-thread sculpture had been used to the decoration of the figure of Buddha. In recent years, it has run to be decorated on the plate,vase,stove and other stonewares and glass vessels.

Bronze Sculpture
Bronze sculpture, wax-loss cast bronze, light weight and authentic antique feeling. 1) Dimensions: 55 x 28 x 14cm ; 2) Bronze sculpture with marble base
Company: Zhejiang Shengfa Sculpture Arts Project Co., Ltd.    China

Angel Figurine
1) Material: polyresin ; 2) Size: W12 x H28.8cm ; 3) Unique and particular design, Delicate workmanship ; 4) Suitable for outdoor decoration

We have available solid brass statues hand carved from India, we also have Onyx carved sculptures.

Bronze and Jade Sculpture
Bronze and Jade Sculpture: 1) Jade and bronze, beautiful for home decoration ; 2) Size: H28 x 24 x 18cm

Sandalwood Lord Buddha
We have 200 units of lord buddha statues made out of sandlewood. We are wooden craft manufacturers under the supervision of the Government of Sri Lanka.

Resinic Statuette Gift
1) Resinic statuette as gift for birthday, wedding or home decoration ; 2) Lively appearance. Offered from china.

Our product covers various series sculptures, from animal series, traditional series, modern product to life size products.
Company: Zhejiang Shengfa Sculpture Arts Project Co., Ltd.    China

We manufacture marble aritcles such as statues, vases, lanterns, religious sculptures, sculptures, candle stand, ash trays, table tops, and gift articles in differnet shapes and sizes.

1) Material: special grade of gypsum (whiteness: >90¡ã, breaking strength: 2.7MPa/2 hours, no impurity), fiberglass, hollow fiber. 2) Finish: drying by oven, smooth surface, clear flower pattern, obvious three-dimension effect, high strength, and excellent constructive performance. It is fireproof, mildew and worm resistant, moisture proof, and sound and heat insulated. It can be processed by nailing, adhering and patching

Ceramic Angel, Imagery Carving
Ceramic Angel: 1) Material: ceramic ; 2) Color and pattern: various colors and patterns are available. Kylin Imagery Carving: Hand-made crafts. Exclusive. 100% natural wood root carved.

Cast Iron Sculpture, Statues
Cast Iron Statues: 1) Size (dia. x H): 65 x 50 x 180cm ; 2) Material: cast iron ; 3) All finishing and designs available. Cast Iron Sculpture: 1) Size: 165 x 60 x 205cm ; 2) Material: cast iron ; 3) All finishing and designs available.

Craft Sculpture
1) Creative ; 2) Refined ; 3) Beautiful ; 4) Ornamental ; 5) Excellent gift ; 6) OEM is welcome ; 7) 53 x 19 x 19cm ; 8) Material: bronze ; 9) Design based on the famous work ; 10) Color: coffee

Sculptures Cutting Machine
1) Working area: (900-1200) x 600mm 2) Laser power: 70W 3) Cutting speed: 0-15,000mm/min(0.001 adjustable) 4) Engraving speed: 0-15,000mm/min(0.001 adjustable) 5) Cutting depth: 0-35mm 6) Resolution ratio: 0.005mm 7) Power: AC200V±10%, 50Hz 8) Positioning rate: <0.01mm 9) Lines hanged: 90 lines 10) Gross power: <1250W

Stone Tiger
Specifications: 1) Colors: Dark, G370 black ; 2) Material: G370 ; 3) Size: H 90, L 160 ; 4) Finishes: machine carving ; 5) Outer packing: wooden crate. More images of animal sculptures, statues, carvings, flower pots of various materials can be found in our website. Our company supplies a wide range of stone carvings and sculptures for landscaping and decoration. Our products include figure, animal, plant sculptures and carvings, and flower pots. The materials are granites, sandstone, ...

Animal Sculptures And Antique Chandeliers
We are mfrs of Wooden sculptures, wooden handicrafts. Animals figures in wood Antique glass chandeliers, oil lamps, lanterns, lamp shades etc. Hand made wind chimes, metal crafts, candle holders, bells etc. Wooden handicrafts, folding room partitions with hand carvin work, small boxes, pencil boxes, wooden animals, statues, kitchenwares, trays in various fruit shapes, service trollies folding, show cases etc etc. Brass handicrafts, flower pots, statues, sculptures, candle stands and various ...

Stone Statue
1) Color: gray (more colors available) ; 2) Finishing: all natural + honed ; 3) Dimensions: height 2,400mm (more sizes available) ; 4) Gross weight: 2,000kg.

Forged Stainless Steel Sculpture
Forged stainless steel sculpture is completely handmade. We provide clay molds for buyers' approval before we produce them in real metal and it guarantees customers.

1) Created by nature and fashioned by modern technology. 2) With deep iridescent color, granite offers that elusive, one-of-a-kind beauty created only in nature. 3) Granite is second only to diamond in hardness. 4) Polished finish that won't wear off. 5) Unlike marble, synthetic and laminate countertops, granite will not blister, scratch or crack, and is highly stain resistant

Stone Carving
Material: nature marble. Carve: handle. Color: white black sunglow red marble yellow sandstone. We have various kinds of stone lions.

Life Size Statues
We supply life size or huge size statues (Statues of the picture just for reference, not for sale).
Company: BOBBLEHEAD (XIAMEN) CO.,LTD.    China

Disney Resin Figurine
Disney Resin Figurine 1.Item No:6002 2.Size:130x120x218mm 3.Material:resin 4.Packing:1pc/color gift box, 6pcs/carton, cbm/carton:0.08 5.Mickey's head can be nodded when pressed
Company: Zhongshan Macy Gifts Co.,Ltd    China

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