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List extensive product information of Biochemicals, provided by Biochemical manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Chitosan, Food Grade
Chitosan, Food Grade: Analysis Item Specification ; Appearance Light yellow powder. DAC Degree, 85 ; Moisture content, 5 8 ; Ash conten 1. 0 ; Viscosity, maps 100 ; Escjerochia Coli count: Absent ; Salmonella count Absent ; Heavey metal 15ppm ; Iron 3000m ; Arsenic 0. 5ppm ; Mesh 100

We are manufacturer of natural vitamin e oil & powder, phytosterol and fatty acid methyl ester in accordance with fcc and FAO standard in China. We are the largest manufacturer nad supplier of fatty acid methyl ester in China, which can be used as bio-diesel.

We are one of the most reliable suppliers of N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine in China. It is widely used in health product, cosmetic product, etc. The specification is USP 29. The packing will be 25kgs/drum.

Ovulation Rapid Test
1) Specimen: urine 2) Format: strip, cassette, midstream 3) Sensitivity: 20mIU/ml4 4) Set includes 1pc (with desiccant) in a pouch

Egg White Lysozyme Chloride
We are egg products manufacturer and egg white lysozyme chloride is our by-products. Liquid Egg Poroducts, Eggshell Powder, Egg White Lysozyme Chloride ( Lysozyme HCL )

Drinking Hydrolysis Collagen Powder Pack
Collagen exists naturally in various parts of human body. Collagen connects tissues, is the main component of cartilage and the skin. Collagen helps the cells to work well and renews the skin. Collagen deficiency may result in the lowering of the elasticity of the cartilage in the joints, the loss of bone calcium and the generation of wrinkles. Collagen gradually reduces in the body because of aging, stress, irregular life style, ultra violet rays, and so on. Because of this natural loss,3-5 ...

Magnetized Water Conditioner
1) Magnetic water purifying apparatus of our company totally differentiate from past water processor, water treatment machine and filter machine. 2) Magnetic water purifying apparatus activizes water molecules and makes it smaller, eventually turns water into the natural purified water which is easy to be absorbed by human. 3) Sheaves by intensive magnetism is the trait of this machine. 4) This newest product jointed by Japan-China is in greatest demand in Japan market

Pain Balm N Cold Balm Herbal
The formulation of balm preparation with the unique combination of some harmless, non toxic herbal ingredients having distinctive therapeutic value because of their well established antiphlogistic demulcent anodyne, anti-inflammatory properties and its soothing action on the affected part & will also work in first stage of paralysis. This is an ideal balm for cold, headache, muscular pain etc.. this is free from stickness No side effects, 60% medicament, available in 10gm,25gm,45g,100gm.

Diagnoses Reagent
We own manufacure to supplier for diagnostic test kits clinical chemistry reagent, rapid test and full automatic chemistry analyzer and hematology or for regular text machine use. Such as glu,tg,cho ua, urea, 5'-nt,afu,gpda,dad,ast/got,lp(a),ldl-c, etc.

Cytokinin & 6-BA
1) . Cytokinin: Appearance: brown powder. Content of zeatin: 100ppm min. Odor: weak odor. Ph: 5. 0-7. 0. Packing: 1kg / bag or 25kg / carton drum. 2) . 6-BA. Appearance: white crystal. Content by hplc: 99. 0% min. Melting point: 230. 0-232. 0 deg c. Residues after lgnition: 0. 1% max. Loss on drying: 0. 50% max

L-arginine Supplemlent
We supply l-arginine supplement made by world-top japanese Bio-chemical industries from botany fermentation. 1)cause no(nitrogen oxide) in the body, then no enlarge the Blood vessel. 2)promotion of growth-hormone secretion. 3)make lactic acid not to stay as much as psble. 4)promote decomposition of ammonia. 5)improve immunity-power. 6)arteriosclerosis improvement. (the cholesterol value in bood Reduces)

Energized Coaster
For drinking water it has no astringent taste and it improves water quality and palatability. For fruit juice it reduces the sour and astringent taste. It is with fruits expressive flavour and taste. For wine, it get rid of the pungent and acrid taste. It improves wine quality and palatability and becomes good and mellow wine. For beer, it reduces the bitter and astringent taste. It improves and becomes a soothing, rejuvenating and quality taste. For milk, it becomes much pure, natural and ...
Company: Hunan Youtell Biochemical Co., Ltd.    China

Vitamin A
Vitamin A acetate 2.8mIU - For fortification of oil and fats, especially for margarine and dairy product, also suitable for soft capsule. Vitamin A acetate Beadlet 325 CWS/GFB - Readily dispersible in cold water and therefore can be used as fortification of dry food products such as flour ,milk powder ,beverage powder.

Description: dark brown powder. Identification: Positive. Loss on drying: 1.3%. Residue on ignition: 18.7%. Ash Insoluble In Acid: 0.03%. Molecular weight and Distribution: Weight-average molecular weight more than 40000,72% ; Microorganism Limit: Bacteria: 60 /g ; Mildew: 20 /g ; Escherichia Coli:Not be detected ; Living Acarid:Not be detected ; Assay(on the dried basis):Polysaccharide,42.4% ; Protein: 17.9%

Vitamin (D2)
Resource: ergosterol: General Introduction: vitamin D2 is also named ergocalciferol. Function: vitamin D2 can enhance the absorbance and storage of calcium as well as phosphorus of intestines and strengthen the contents of bloody calcium and bloody phosphorus. It is clinically used for the prevention of osteomalacia, rickets, osteoporosis, decayed teeth. It is also can be used to cure tuberculo - dermatosis and psoriasis by largely use.

Soy Peptone
Soy peptone is mainly for overseas market. Soy peptone s20 is papaic digest of high quality soy protein by controlled enzymatic activity; accurate filtration; vacuum concentration; spray drying at the plant in China. It contains a broad range of nutrients and has a high carbohydrate and vitamin content suitable for many purposes where rapid and profuse growth is required, and for microbiological assay procedures.

1) Components: a) Natural enzymes ; b) Vitamin ; c) Organic acid ; d) Pure water ; e) Natural botanical extractive liquid ; 2) Capacity: 55ml/bottle ;3) Function: a) Decompounding and dispeling of any kinds of VOC from car, upholstery, smoking room, and toilet ; b) Elimination of peculiar smell from clothing, motorcycle safety helmet, glove, shoes, and pet ; 4) Direction: spurting BIO-ALPOSOL liquid to object directly, about 2 - 4 times once

Chondroitin Sulphate 98-105%
We main manufacture following products: 1. 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose ; 2. Chondroitin sulphate ; 3. Chitosan ; 4. Chitosan Oligo Saccharide (Oligoglucosamine) ; 5. Water-soluble Chitosan (Carboxylmethyl Chitosan). Our CS (chicken, porcine, bovine and shark) composition is stable and Chondroitin sulfate Content is 98%-105%( CPC USP27).

Long-Acting Antimicrobial Material
1) Composition: the main ingredient of this product is a new-type of macromolecular active agent with a content of 1 - 3%. 2) Properties: it is a water-soluble liquid which becomes a molecular (invisible) physical antimicrobial reticulated film after evenly spraying and solidifying. 3) Antimicrobial: when the liquid preparation of this product is sprayed on skin, it will form a molecular reticulated film composed of a biological macromolecular layer and a positive charge layer after ...
Company: Hunan Youtell Biochemical Co., Ltd.    China

DIFCO BBL Microbiology
Microbiology BBL anaerobic/aerobic systems, biochemicals, enzymes, media, stains, taxo discs. Difco - dehydrated media, hycheck slides, spore suspensions, stains, sterility bottles. Em science c granulated media, harleco stains. Pml microbiologicals - anaerobic systems, bottled tubed&plated media, stains, sterility systems

Source: extracted from the thymus of new oxen ; Characteristics: light yellow clear solution or powder ; Peptide: >10mg/ml or according to your requirement ; Activity: lymph cycle activity, >15%

Adenosine (AR)
1) Description: white or almost white crystalline powder ; 2) Identification: infrared absorption ; 3) Melting range: 233.0-238.0°C ; 4) Loss on drying: 0.5% max ; 5) Heavy metals: 0.001% max. ; 6) Assay: 99.0% min. ; 7) Storage: keep dry, stable at room temperature
Company: Hunan Youtell Biochemical Co., Ltd.    China

Speeda is prepared from pv-2061 strain of pasteur fixed rabies virus grown on vero Cell culture in bioreactor, concentrated by ultrafiltration, and inactivated with Beta-propiolactone. Speeda meets the international standards for viral content, quality of antigen, purification Level and immunological capacity and has been tested for consistency, Potency and safety in human immunogenicity trials.

Jelly Of Borojo And Chontaduro B & CH
The ideal mix of the pulps of seasoned fruit that are appetizing tempting because of their physical-chemical components in the field of nourishment. These are rich in protein (amino acids), fiber, minerals and vitamins. Bonded the properties of antioxidant and anti-carcinogen because of their content PF phosphorous. Beta- carotene, and sesquiterpenlactona. Ingredients: Pulp of Borojo and of Chontaduroro, water, citric pectin's, spices. A product that is 100% natural - agronomic, it is ...

Egf (Epidermal Growth Factor)
EGF: Recombinant human epidermal growth factor (EGF or rh-EGF) , one of human growth factors, is a 6. 2 KDa protein containing 53 amino acid residues. Egf is a highly efficient cell division factor with many other biological effects, which mainly includes: 1. Stimulating the growth and proliferation of skin, cornea and racheal epithelium tissue in vivo. 2. Accelerating the healing process of epidermis damage on skin, cornea, etc. 3. Repressing the gastric acid excretion. 4. Accelerating the ...

Siberian Ginseng P.E.
Name: Siberian Ginseng P.E. Botanical Name: Acanthopanax senticosus Harms Source and Distribution Any of various araliaceae plants which are about 2 meters high, native to Northeast, Heibei and Shan’xi province, having slender and dense stems with thorns on them, three or rare four, five leaflets and sharp double serrates or indentations on the edge. Siberian Ginseng has terminal umbels with sole or two or four flowers. It has many thick flowers with anthesis from June to July, fruit ...
Product Group: Siberian Ginseng
Company: xi an erica botanical product co., ltd    China

Pueraria P.E.
Product Name: Pueraria P.E. Latin name: Pueraria lobata (Willd.) Ohwi Extraction sources: The dry legumes kudzu root Active components: Pueraria isoflavones Specifications: ≥40% Appearance: Reddish brown fine Fenmo Function: improve microcirculation, the expansion of blood vessels, increase in coronary blood flow, lower blood pressure, slow down the rhythm and myocardial oxygen consumption without reducing significantly negative role in muscle strength Durability: 2 year ...
Product Group: Kudzu Root Extract, Pueraria
Company: xi an erica botanical product co., ltd    China

Product Name: Emodin Latin name: Radixet Rhizoma Rhei Extraction sources: Palm leaf rhubarb Rheum palmatum L roots Active components: Emodin Specifications: 98% HPLC Appearance: orange yellow powder Function: for antifeedant-and anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic, anti-corrosion, anti-cancer (chest), anti-ulcer, anti-virus, catharsis, and promoting gonads, for suppression of disease, pesticides, catharsis, spasm, bleeding Agent Durability: 2 year 【Storage】 Dark, ...
Product Group: Emodin
Company: xi an erica botanical product co., ltd    China

Panax Ginseng Root P.E.
【Product Name】PanaxGinseng Root P.E. 【Latin name】 Radix Ginseng 【Extraction sources】Stems and leaves 【Active components】 Ginsenoside 【Specifications】 ≥ 80% UV 【Appearance】brown 【Function】Dabu vitality, Invigorating the Spleen Yifei, the Health and Tianjin soothe the nerves. Tixu used to delinking Zhileng-clock, spleen deficiency drinking less, injury-thirsty 【Durability】 2 year 【Storage】 Dark, cool, dry place preservation ...
Product Group: Ginseng Extract
Company: xi an erica botanical product co., ltd    China

Gold Theragran P.E.
【Product Name】Gold Theragran P.E. 【Latin name】 Gynostemma pentaphyllum 【Extraction sources】Hyacinth plant for the entire grass gypenosides 【Active components】 Unit-cutter saponins aypenoside 【Specifications】 ≥95% UV 【Appearance】yellow 【Function】Anti-inflammatory detoxification, cough expectorant. Is more nourishing for strong medicine. 【Durability】 2 year 【Storage】 Dark, cool, dry place preservation 【Packing】 25Kg / Fibre drum
Product Group: Theragran
Company: xi an erica botanical product co., ltd    China

Clerodendranthus spicatus P.E
【Product Name】Clerodendranthus spicatus P.E 【Latin name】 Orthosiphon Stamineus 【Extraction sources】Cats must be the whole plant grass 【Active components】 Orange Copper 【Specifications】】≥2% HPLC 【Appearance】Brown-yellow powder 【Function】for kidney disease, prostate disease, urinary system diseases and Tixu fatigue, Yaoxisuanruan, frequency urgency, to kidney deficiency Shenkui 【Durability】 2 year 【Storage】 Dark, cool, dry place ...
Product Group: Clerodendranthus Spicatus
Company: xi an erica botanical product co., ltd    China

Grape Seed Extract
Name: Grape Seed Extract Botanical Name: Vitis vinifera L. Source: Any of various vitaceae of grapes which are liana native to temperate zone and subtropical zone, having alternate leaves and elliptical and spherical berries, composed of grape skin, juice and seed, become mature between Sep. and Oct. The grapes are grown in every place of China. 【Used Part】Grape Seed 【Active Ingredient】 Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins( OPC ) Polyphenol(PP) 【Specification】95%(OPC) ...
Product Group: Grape Seed Extract
Company: xi an erica botanical product co., ltd    China

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