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List extensive product information of Medical Equipment, provided by Medical Equipment manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor
1) Portable and color display. 2) 10.4" TFT LCD display result with high resolution. 3) Waveform and measuring result displayed at the same time. 4) Menu mouse and hotkey make operation more convenient. 5) For pediatrics. 6) All lead ECG, more than 20 VPC waveforms are analyzed. 7) Record and print automatically. 8) Manual, auto and continuation kinds of NIBP measuring modes. 9) Freezing and releasing waveform recall. 10) 96 hours trend chart and alarm function. 11) 100 sets of VPC data ...
Company: Medtrue Enterprise Co., Ltd.    China

Electric Medical Pads
1) Composition: 100% polyester ; 2) Dimensions: 45 x 31cm or as per customers' requests ; 3) Overheat protection ; 4) Electric cushion for car use.
Company: Medtrue Enterprise Co., Ltd.    China

Medical Instrument Casings
1) Skillful manufacture ; 2) Modern design ;3) Corrosive resistant ; 4) Light weight ; 5) Smooth surface ; 6) Manufactured using synthetic resin and reinforced with glass fiber

Multifunction Microscope
Specifications: 1) True color real-time video output - it can be connected to any TVs or computers ; 2) Multi-function - deteching the dry joint on PCB board, analysis on skin, texture analysis on cloth, etc. ; 3) Digital freezing ; 4) Clear and steady image ; 5) "One finger operation" mode ; 6) Lens can be selected according to different usage you need.

Ultrasonic Nebulizer
1) Power: 120 / 230V AC, 50/60Hz ; 2) Power consumption: 10W ; 3) Particle size: 5uMMAD ; 4) Nebulization rate: 0.2 to 0.7ml/min ; 5) Noise level: below 50dB

Pedal Suction Apparatus
Our pedal suction apparatus mainly used in hospitals of all levels for suction of blood, phlegm and other thick liquid during induced abortions and surgical operations. Due to its small size, light weight and easy operation and it especially fits for being widely used in no power area, remote areas, rural clinics, homes and other emergency occasions.

Acupoints Therapy Apparatus
Bluelight eight-diagram acupoints therapeutic apparatus, integrating the traditional Chinese channel and acupoints treatment theory with the modern electronics and magnetic therapy methods, is the first high-tech therapeutic apparatus, that can relieve you from prostate diseases, hypertension, rheumatism, and femoral head necrosis, etc. This apparatus perfectly combines therapeutics methods of electrotherapeutics, magnetic therapy, acupuncture and moxibustion, Qigong, cupping, scrapping, ...

Skin Temperature Probe
1. Grey color, length 3m ; 2. With 6.3 phone plug, nickel plating ; 3. For use with all YSI400 type patient monitor systems

Low Frequency Physiotherapy Apparatus
1) Shows movement intensity, speed, rest, time, movement placement in LCD. 2) Three kinds of treatment ways: switch pressing, kneading and beating at will ; 3) Automatic treatment procedure: aim at the features and requirements ; of the different positions: the shoulder, the waist, the joint, hands, and feet through the automatic adjusting waveform and frequency, attain the more satisfied results ; 4) The speed and the intensity may be adjusted at will ; 5) Auto cut off in 15 seconds

Luxury Automatic Obstetric Table
The main parts of the table adopt imported brands of high quality. It is the most modern obstetric table in China for its good design and advanced technology. It has the characteristics of convenient operation of automatically changing the bed to the table. The stock of the ankle can be adjusted according to the puerperants and the proceeding of parturition. The angle of the rest back and ankle part can be adjusted as well, for all kinds of postures, like back-lying, sitting, side-lying, ...

Hip Joint False Body
1) Various index signs attain local and advanced level. Products mainly including: titanium hip joint, CoCrMo hip joint, OOCr20Ni10Mo3N hip joint and kit appropriation tool. 2) Quality of finished forge artificial joint handle made by TC4, the cobalt chromium molybdenum, and the high nitrogen stainless steel material have conformed to the national standards. Examined dates of artificial joint handle and correlated surgery instruments have achieved the domestic advanced level

Sponge Folding Forceps
1) 25 x 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, straight with serrated jaw ;2) 25 x 8cm, 10 cm, 12cm, curved with serrated jaw ; 3) Raw material: stainless steel 420

Computer Controlled Dental Systems
1) Operation light: 1 set ; 2) X-ray image viewer: 1 set ; 3) Turnable ceramic cuspidor: 1 set ; 4) Apparatus laying tray: 1 set ; 5) 3- way syringe (for cold and for warm water): 1pc each ; 6) Constant temperature mouth wash system: 1 set ; 7) Stong, weak suction handpiece /saliva ejector: 1 set each ; 8) Instrument foot switch with program positions: 1 set ; 9) Turnable side container: 1 set ; 10) Protector for preventing crushing feet: 1 set ; 11) Air-locking apparatus arms: 1 set

Oxygen Therapy Regulator
1) For a wide range of therapeutic use in hospitals, clinics, home, and emergency units. 2) Fully chromed. 3) Piston type construction. 4) Easy to read. 5) Dual-scale gauge with screw-on polycarbonate lens for durability. 6) Precision engineered pressure compensated design flowmeter for precise flow. 7) Flowmeter with easy-to-read tube and virtually unbreakable transparent polycarbonate outer cover for strength and 360° visibility. 8) True-reading flowmeter must always be vertical. 9) ...

Metal / Plastic Dental Mirror
1) Glass dental mirror offers better check performance. 2) Glass dental mirror can stand high temperature. 3) We offer three models for choose: plain glass, magnifying glass and front surface from china.

Wheeled Model Stretcher
1) Mainly used for rescuing and carrying the sick and the wounded outside. 2) Suitable for the ambulance cars. 3) Lightweight, strong structure, lovely design, easy antisepsis and easy to wash. 4) The back angle of the bed can be adjusted within 65 degrees.5) Equipped with freely wheels, two safety belts and fixed installation. 6) Made of high quality aluminum alloy tubes. 7) Bed frame size: 1,900 x 540mm. 8) Load weight: 100kg. 9) Product weight: 20kg. 10) Diameter of the castors: 25mm

Disposable Syringe
1) By-medical-grade material PP and PE ; 2) In superior quality by high accurate mould ; 3) With or without needle ; 4) For single use only ; 5) Specifications: 1cc, 2.5cc, 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 20cc, 30cc, 50cc ; 6) Luer slip and Luer lock
Company: Medtrue Enterprise Co., Ltd.    China

X-Ray Unit
1) Max. rated capability: a) Current (mA): 15, 30, 60, 100 ; b) Voltage (kVp): .90, 90, 90, 80 ; c) Time (sec): 6.3, 6.3, 4, 3.2 ; 2) Power supply: a) Voltage: 180 - 240V ; b) Frequency: 50Hz ; c) Power: 4kVA (not lower than 4kVA) ; d) Resistance: ≤1Ω. 3) Range of the timer: divided into steps 0.08 - 6.3s. 4) Distance between the focus and the ground: 680 - 1,760mm. 5) X-ray tube model: XD4-2.9/100. 6) X-ray tube: a) Longitudinal movement: 180mm ; b) Transverse rotation: ±60°

Flexible Digital Thermometer
1) Display range: 32.0~42.0°C (90~107.6°F) ; 2) Accuracy: ±0.1°C (±0.2°F) ; 3) Min. scale: 0.1 ; 4) Measurement time (reference only): a) 60±10 seconds (oral) ; b) 100±20 seconds ; 5) Beeper function ; 6) Auto shut-off ; 7) LCD: 20 x 7mm

Operating Lamp
1) Operating lamp is an ideal lighting device for various operations in hospitals. 2) Close structure and streamline shape satisfy the pure air and hygiene requirements in the operating room. 3) Tailor-made lighting path system guarantees the focus depth of 500mm. 4) Special illumination filter glass ensures a hi-color reversion. 5) Adopting high strength plastic shield creates optimum soft lights. 6) Digital control circuit can be applied for smooth adjustment, light intensity memory, ...

Ultrasound Scanner
1) Luxurious trolley ultrasound scanner with 3.5MHz R60 convex probe. 2) 14" SVGA monitor. 3) Back-shining keyboard. 4) 64-frame cinema loop. 5) Two connections. 6) 6.5MHz R13 transvaginal probe and 7.5MHz linear probe optional. 7) 24-month warranty

Blood separator
The blood separator is one kind of tubular separator. This machine is the improved one on the base of the original separator and through experiment again and again.It can be extensively used in separating blood plasma and cell of people, pig, cow, sheep and chicken etc. The main feature of it is the high yield and the rate of broken blood cell can be reduced to the lowest extent. The contact part between the separator and material is made of stainless steel which can meet the requirement of ...
Product Group: Blood Separator
Company: Liaoyang Tianxing Pharmaceutical Machinery Factory    China

Medical Sterilizer
Model power Wattage Capacity Chamber Package Weight V/Hz W L mm mm Gr/Net Kgs Tinhero-12L-B 220/50 1800 12 200*360 610*407*400 50/48 Capacity: 12L Sterilizing temperature 121℃,134℃ Data logger Dry procedure vacuum drying Display LED Test Bowie&Dick,Leak Sterilizing record There is a micro-printer optional,recording the whole process of sterilizing Safety Features Pressure Release Valve and Computerized diagnosing and alam system ...
Company: Joident Equipment Co.,Ltd.    China

Sealer, dental sealing machine
Sealer, dental sealing machine: Plastic shell, fashion modeling, good insulation properties security Temperature control device,adjustable sustained,fast and convenient Stainless steel countertops,beauty and easy to clean appearance Voltage Power Fuse TA Sealing width Press width Weight Packing size V/Hz W TA (max)mm mm kgs mm 220/50 500 3 250 10 9.1 460*380*390
Company: Joident Equipment Co.,Ltd.    China

Offering Pathology Pruducts
Supplier and manufacturer of Tissue Processor,Embedding Center, microtome, Waters Bath-Slider Driver, Automotic Slide Stainer, TCT smear machine and TCT's Consumables, Colorful image-text histopathological diagnoses System. Most of our products have had the patent. the ZT sereis of Tissue Processor has won the national progress reward.
Company: Yaguang Medical-electronic Technology CO.,Ltd.    China

Dental Lab Brushes for Polish Step
Dental Lab Brushes for Polish Step Size:1row - 4row 17mm - 78mm Materials: wire, bristle, wool, horse hair, felt etc. 1.These are great for polishing jewelry and dentures. 2.They have pure bristles that provide long durability. 3.They can be used with a hand held rotary tool. 4.bristle,horse hair,wool are available
Product Group: Polishing Brush
Company: Boking Industry Manufactory    China

fornax Ivf Spermfuge
Infertility clinics, fertility clinics, fertility doctors, Infertility equipments and products, Infertility training Assisted Reproduction Technology,ART,Art in Ivf fornax Ivf Spermfuge Concept Spermfuge is an improvised centrifuge, dedicated totally for elevating the total motile sperm recovery from the parent semen sample, by controlling/maintaining the main parameter of "Temperature" thus aimed at Enhancing the ART results. The instrument has been designed to regulate ...
Product Group: Ivf Treatment
Company: Shivani Scientific Industries Pvt. Ltd.    India

Mobile Nest for Ivf Lab, Fornax
Mobile Nest for Ivf Lab, Fornax Concept Human oocytes are extremely sensitive to transient cooling 'IN VITRO' and modest reductions in Temperature can cause irreversible disruption of the meiotic spindle, with possible chromosome dispersal. Embryos subjected to such heat shocks have high proportion of chromosomal abnormalities and this may contribute to the high rates of pre-clinical and spontaneous abortion. Therefore, temperature control is of paramount importance and should ...
Company: Shivani Scientific Industries Pvt. Ltd.    India

Ivf lab Turnkey Projects
Ivf lab Turnkey Projects Shivani Scientific Industries (P) Ltd has vast experience of more than 20 years of designing and building pharmaceutical Laboratories as per WHO-GMP norms with stringent requirement of sterility. The same experience has helped us to fulfill the demanding needs of to-days IVF Labs. A new Lab means start contacting designers, architects, sellers, resellers, vendors, suppliers, agents, distributors to initiate slow, long and laborious process of discussing dates ...
Company: Shivani Scientific Industries Pvt. Ltd.    India

Ivf lab Rapid Recovery System
Ivf lab Rapid Recovery System What is Heat Transfer? To define Heat Transfer requires 2 important group of words. It is a form of energy and in that context we are concerned with the transport of heat energy from one body to another. Motivation for this transfer is provided by the difference in temperature. The definition of Heat Transfer would therefore include a word; transport of energy due to temperature difference. Conduction vs. Convection The word Convection means to bring ...
Company: Shivani Scientific Industries Pvt. Ltd.    India

Ultrasound Scanner
Probe: Electronic convex array, linear array, convex transvaginal probe Frequency: 2.0-10.0 MHz Display Mode: B, B/B, B/M, M Gray Scales: 256 Monitor: 10” SVGA Resolution: Lateral(horizontal) Depth≤2mm; Axial(vertical) Depth≤1mm Max. Measurement Depth: 250mm Zoom: ×1.0,×1.2,×1.5, ×2.0 Body Marks: 38 types indicating probe positions Various Measurement: Distance, area/perimeter, volume(ellipse method), angle, heart rate, Time, EF slope, fetal age , weight and EDCB ...
Company: AMIS Medical Co., Ltd.

ECG machine
Features Light in weight, compact in size 3 operation mode: Automatic, Manual, Analysis Automatic measurement and interpretation Detection and alarm for lead-off, no paper, no battery Built-in ECG simulator Built-in rechargeable lithium battery Automatic adjustment of baseline for optimal recording RS232 port to transmit ECG data Lead mode: Standard, or European Build-in help key: Trouble-shooting collections, etc. Clinical info such as patient ID, name, sex, age, ...
Product Group: Electro-Cardiographs
Company: AMIS Medical Co., Ltd.

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