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Mercury Thermometers
1) Clinical thermometer, made from glass and mercury, for armpit use ; 2) Have large, middle, small size, high accuracy and fast respone
Company: Hangzhou Hua'an Medical & Health Instruments Co., Ltd.    China

Carbide Bur
We supply the small carbide bur with different sizes for medical testing and laboratory apparatus from china.

Long-Acting Antimicrobial Material
Characteristics: a) Innovation of dressing structure: an invisible dressing is formed by a biological macromolecular layer and its nanometer active group and is easy to apply on any part of the human body where the traditional dressing cannot be fixed b) Long-acting antisepsis. c) Broad-spectrum antisepsis: it can kill or inhibit viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms, such as staphylococcus aureus and colibacillus that cause inflammation fungi that cause colpitis mycotica; gonococcus ...

Alcohol Breath Tester
1) Breath alcohol tester ; 2) 3 test steps with LED indication ; 3) Safety: under 0.02% BAC (0.1mg/L BRAC) ; 4) Caution: 0.02% - 0.05% BAC (0.1 - 0.25mg/L BRAC) ; 5) Danger: over 0.05% BRAC (0.25mg/L BRAC) ; 6) Quick response and resume ; 7) Torch function ; 8) Key chain ; 9) Uses 2 x AAA alkaline batteries (not included) ; 10) Unit dimensions: 73 x 39 x 20mm

Acupuncture Pen
1. The Electric Acupuncture Pen can be used for health care and beauty; 2. The product can help you find the location of an acupuncture point; 3. It is small, easy to use and beautiful; 4. The intensity of stimulation of acupuncture pen is adjustable

Palm Blood Oxygen Instrument
1) For adults, pediatrics and neonates. 2) High resolution Digital LED display, can be used simultaneously to monitor up to two parameter for one patient, such as SPO2 and pulse rate. 3) Display the degree of the pulse. 4) Unique SPO2 measurement design make sure the high precise result of SPO2 and pulse rate. 5) Low power alarm. 6) Can be used with the ESU (Electrosurgical Unit), defibrillator and pacemaker simultaneously. 7) Compact, light for carrying and handing. 8) Build-in rechargeable ...

Electric Blanket for Massage Use
1) Composition: 100% polyester ; 2) Dimensions: 189 x 79cm or as per ; customers' requests ; 3) Overheat protection ; 4) Use: massage beds

ENT Light, I.V Cannula
ENT Light: 1) Traditional therapies ; 2) Convenient to use. I.D bracelet without card is available for adult and child use; available in white, pink, red, blue, green, and transparent.

Heart Rate Monitor
Heart rate monitor is with neck cord, clock and alarm function. This heart rate monitor offers a simple yet precise way to measure your heart rate and can be used as a tool for supervising your heart fitting condition. Basic functions: 1) Clock function: 12 or 24 hour format 2) Alarm function: alarm at the point you set 3) Heart rate monitor 4) Print area: print area: 12 x 12mm 5) Dimensions: 80 x 15 x 25mm

Upperarm Digital Sphygmomanometer
1) Measuring range: 0-300mmHg ; 2) Measuring accuracy: ±0.4kPa (3mmHg) ; 3) Min. scale: 0.1kPa (1mmHg) ; 4) Memory: 60 group memories ; 5) Auto shut-off (30sec after idle) ; 6) Battery: AA x 4, alkaline batteries ; 7) Battery life: approx. 2 months (at 3min per day) ; 8) Size: 165 x 45 x 30mm
Company: Hangzhou Hua'an Medical & Health Instruments Co., Ltd.    China

Drug of Abuse Test
We can supply kinds of diagnostic devices for drugs of abuse testing, such as AMP Amphetamine Test, COC Cocaine Test, MDMA Ecstasy Test, MOR Morphine Test, THC Marijuana Test and so on. We also have Multi-Drug Test panels or cups such as 2 in 1, 3 in 1 and so on.

CoRip Flexible Cohesive Bandage
It is made of cotton or non-woven and innocuous compression sensitive gum. Characteristics: 1) Power saving and not flexible during nursing ; 2) Widely used for sport, training, special wound protection ; 3) Air-permeating, adopts medical acrylic plaster adhesive. Sports direction: 1) Protection of elbow ; 2) Draws close the arm approx. 90°, takes the bandage from wrist along elbow to shoulder and adhered ; 3) Winds elbow, raises wrist, takes bandage from wrist to elbow and adheres on the ...

Microscope Slide
1) Frosted both ends on both sides, ground edges ; 2) Size: 25.4mm x 76.2mm / 1" x 3" ; 3) Thickness: 0.8 - 1.0mm, 1.0 - 1.2mm, 1.2 - 1.5mm

Wrist Blood Pressure Depressor & Monitor
1) Name and model number: wrist blood pressure depressor and monitor ; 2) Display system: digital display system / LCD 7 digits ; 3) Measuring method: oscillometric method ; 4) Power source: "AAA" batteries 1.5V x 2 ; 5) Measuring range: 0 - 280mmHg, 40 - 200 pulses/min ; 6) Accuracy: pressure: ±3mmHg, pulse: ±5% ; 7) Pressurization: automatic pressurization ; 8) Deflation: automatic release ; 9) Memory: 7 groups data and 1 average data ; 10) Therapy method: stimulate the ...

Disposable Syringes
1) Sterilization: sterilized by OTE gas; Pyrogen-free ; 2) Specification: 1ml, 2-2.5ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 60ml ; 3) Hypodermic needle: 30G, 29G, 27G, 26G, 25G, 24G, 23G, 22G, 21G ; 4) Luer Slip or Luer Lock

Mercurial Sphygmomanometer
1) Mercurial sphygmomanometer ; 2) Standard desk type ; 3) Glass tube (3.5mm) ; 4) Cotton cuff with D-ring ; 5) 2-tube adult size bladder ; 6) Standard latex bulb ; 7) Inflation valve with spring ; 8) Standard end valve ; 9) Short latex tube with plastic connector (25cm)
Product Group: Sphygmomanometer
Company: Hangzhou Hua'an Medical & Health Instruments Co., Ltd.    China

Surgical Sutures
1) Catgut 75cm single-needle ; 2) Silk 75cm single-needle ; 3) Nylon 75cm single-needle ; 4) Polypropylene monofilament 75cm single-needle ; 5) Polyester (braided) 75cm single-needle ; 6) Synthetic braided PGA

Cupping Apparatus, Cupping Therapy
1) Cupping is an ancient Chinese method of causing local congestion. 2) Cupping therapy has been further developed as a means to open the 'Meridians' of the body. 3) Vacuum cupping apparatus no need fire, just using vacuum gun to cure various diseases, improve the blood circulation, dredge cold and poison. 4) Perfect combination of traditional fire cupping and modern magnetic vacuum cupping

Automatic Time Electro-Them Mal Boiling Sterilizer
The cover of the sterilizer, the main body of the unit and the instrument tray are made of brass (H68) coated with nickel-chrome. The outer casing is made of a fine quality steel plate created with baking finish. The glass wool, a head-insulating material, is filled between the inner jacket and the outer casing so as to make full use of heat. The heating electro-thermal tube (220V, 1,500W), which is fixed on the bottom inside the main body, heats the water and can fully utilize thermal ...

Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor for Arm Use
1) Digital display system/LCD 9 digits. 2) Type "AA" batteries x 4. 3) Air pump (made in Japan). 4) Automatic exhaust. 5) Automatic cut off after 3 minutes of nonuse to save energy. 6) Approx 3 months with 3 min usage per day. 7) Wrist measurement, more convenient operation.
Product Group: Blood Pressure Monitor

Water distiller
Voltage: 220V/110V Frequency: 50HZ Distiller water: 1.5L/H Chamber size: ¢180×200mm Outside size: 290×290×390 mm Weight: 3.5kgs Packing size: 245×285×510 mm
Product Group: Water Distiller
Company: Joident Equipment Co.,Ltd.    China

Testosterone (Cas No.:58-22-0) Cas No.:58-22-0 Chemical Name:4-Androsten-17?-ol-3-one Chemical Formula:C19H28O2 Description: white or almost white crystalline powder Specification:USP31/BP2007 Appearance: a white crystalline powder or color less or yellowish crystal Assay: 97.0%-103.0%
Company: Hubei Yuancheng Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd    CHINA

Paper face mask
FOB Price: US $ 50 - 65 / Carton | Get Latest Price Port: Shanghai Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Carton/Cartons Supply Ability: 1500 Carton/Cartons per Week Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram Quick Details Place of Origin: Anhui, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Xinyuan Model Number: no Color: white Size: One size fit all Material: 100% virgin wood pulp paper feature: disposable Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details: ...
Company: Anhui Guohong Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.    china

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