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List extensive product information of Medical Supplies, provided by Medical Supply manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Multifunctional Ultrasonic Nebulizer
1) Ultrasonic frequency: 1.7MHz +/-10% ; 2) Power: 50W ; 3) Max. nebulizing rate: >3ml/min ; 4) Timing rang: 0~60min no adjustable range ; 5) Continuous load time: >4h ; 6) Medication cup capacity: >100ml ; 7) Voltege: AC2 20V+/-10%

Operating Coat
Our company mainly produce the operating coat, operating bag, surgical drape, hole towel, operating cap and etc. We use the best non-woven fabric in the world by water repellency treatment and they reach three levels of water repellency. They are able to prevent filter with body fluid. In effect to prevent the body fluid to intrusion between doctor and patient. Our corporation has been confirmed by Administration of Leechdom. The products have to antisepsis and sterilization.

Respiratory Parts, Medical Hoses
Respiratory Parts: 1) Plastic mold design and fabrication ; 2) Plastic parts injection ; 3) Precision insert and replacement design and fabrication. Medical Hoses: 1) Transparent nontoxic corrugated hoses ; 2) Excellent bend capability.

Double Rocking 3-Fold Bed
1) Name of product: double rocking 3-fold bed ; 2) Model: ABS type ; 3) Dimensions: 201 x 90 x 55cm

ID Wristbands
1) Made of PVC, vinyl, Tyvek with multiple colors. 2) Has been applied in hospitals (pocket type with insert card or write-on type, 1 mother + 1 infant/set or 1 mother + 2 infants/set), carnivals, exhibition centers. 3) With customers' logos, it can be used as promotion gifts

Nylon medical Elastic Band
1) Materials: polyester, nylon, latex. 2) Width: 1 - 7cm. 3) Various designs available. 4) Suitable for medical usage and waist belts

Millipore Filter
After being processed, millipore filter has broken through a lot of problems of the traditional filter film such as low precision filtering, low rate of filtering, the velocity flow is blocked, high absorbing rate. The most accurate JM series millipore filter controls the size of particle that can be filtrated above 0.22μm (precision of filtration). Strictly produced according to the national standard, filter film can be non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, non-acute systemic toxicity, non-irrigative ...

Magnetic Spot Bandage Plaster
1) Magnetic spot bandages 2) Helps relieve pain and stress. 3) Therapy where you need it, these magnetic spot bandages contains 10 bandages. 4) Helps reduce all kinds of pains such as rheumatism, muscular aches and pains, stiff neck, shoulder, lumbago and more. 5) Helps reduce pains after exercising or weather changes. 6) Cleans and dries affected area and applies bandages piece by piece. 7) Changes magnetic spot bandages after one or two days. 8) For those with allergies or sensitive skin, ...

First Aid Kit
First aid kit consists one antibiotic ointment, one ointment for burns, ten bandages, two alcohol preps and one gauze.

Amprolium Hydrochloride
Amprolium Hydrochloride: 1) Inhibits coliform ; 2) White or white-line powder ; 3) Assay (on dry basis): 97 - 101%.
Company: Shanghai Intco Medical Supply Co., Ltd.    China

PP Clip Cap
1) Material: non-woven fabric, polyester ; 2) Used in the industrial, agricultural, medical, safety irrigation and avigation fields.

Disposable Infusion Set
Main accessories: vented spike, air filter, dripping chamber, solution filter, roller clamp, latex tube, luer lock adapter, hypodermic needle. Features: 1) Protective cap for closure piercing device made of polyethylene with internal thread that prevents the bacteria from coming in, but allows the entrance of ETO gas. 2) Closure piercing device made of white PVC, with sizes according to ISO 1135-4 standards. 3) Water-repellent filter, polypropylene support + hydrophobic filtering paper, made ...

Tracheotomy Tube
1) Material: non-toxic PVC plastic ; 2) Specifications: oral, nasal ; 3) Supplied with and without cuffs ; 4) Size: a) Cuffed: 5.0 - 9.0 ; b) Without cuff: 3.5 - 9.0 ; 5) Sterilization method: ethylene oxide gas

Nursing Appliances
1) Disposable dressing cup ; 2) Tweeze cup ; 3) Medicine cup ; 4) Urine container ; 5) Test strip ; 6) Dressing change tray

Coloured PVC Gloves
We can supply high quality of PVC (vinyl) gloves, namely vinyl powdered, vinyl powder free, as well as colored vinyl powdered and powder free gloves from china.
Company: Shanghai Intco Medical Supply Co., Ltd.    China

First Aid Case/Medicine Case
1) Aluminum case: 320 x 180 x 195mm ; 2) Half-moon type aluminum frame ; 3) Two buckle locks ; 4) Aluminum sheet finish ; 5) Massage handle

Sterile Insulin Syringe For Single Use
1) Sizes: 0.5, 1mL. 2) SPEC: U-40, U-80. 3) Product structure: barrel, plunger, piston, and sterile hypodermic needle. 4) Product instruction: made by medical polymer materials. Sterilized by EO gas; sterile, non-toxic, pyrogen free. The needles on barrels are dead space, without residual volume, ultra thin wall needle cannula, highly sharp needle point, clear and accurate graduation. This makes easy identification, non-counting and accurate medication dosage. 5) Double-wall sealed package ...

Molded Cone Masks, Respirators
1) No maintenance / cleaning, and convenient to use. 2) Comfortable design with foam nose cushion wedge and contoured nose clip for reliable seal.

Cervical and Lumbar Vertebra Traction Bed
1) It is made up of traction bed and computer system. 2) Controlled by three-dimensional computer multifunctional slow-speed traction force according to biomechanics and the Chinese and western medical bone-setting principles. 3) Has the functions such as angle forming, rotation, side bending, and slow-speed traction. 4) Has the Chinese and English down-pull managing menus (medical record management, case history deletion, medical record printing, storage, exit). 5) Made of sheet iron which ...

CPP, PE Medical Packaging Film
1) The company gains remarkable successes during the mass production of medical packing inner-film and technology development, is a qualified supplier of many medical packing companies in China. 2) The film is provided with the advantages of non-toxin, non-taste, well sealing, high barrier, anti-static. 3) The film adequate for high-speed multi-web automatic package.

Confirmation Flipper
1) 4-glass-lens mounted in a metal frame, 2-lens conf-flipper also in supply range. 2) 4-lens conf-flipper, PD adjusts from 40mm to 70mm with etched marks on the unit

Disposable Medical Product
We can offer absorbent under pad, abdominal pad, abdominal pad (SMS), puppy training pad, disposable gloves, dental bib, dental apron, field drape, headrest cover, surgical drape, colorful PE/PP film, CSI, non-woven sponge and medical dressings.
Company: Shanghai Intco Medical Supply Co., Ltd.    China

Sterile Vaginal Dilator
It is made by injection molding of PS plastic which is nontoxic and on-irritant. It can be adjusted at will with smooth edges from plastic resin-less and apprehension from patients. For single use only, sterile unless package is opened or damaged, sterilized by CO-60.

Blood Collection Tube
1) Vacuum blood collection tubes. 2) Size: 3ml, 5ml, 7ml, 9ml. 3) Plain, EDTA, sodium fluoride, heparin sodium, sodium citrate, fluoride oxalate, ESR, thrombin, GEL SST

Oral camera
Signal output: VGA+USB2.0 Powder supply: DC5V/1.5A Image sensor: Sony CCD 1/4 sensor Resolution: 1024× 768dpi Focus type: Automatic Focus Focus range: 5MM-50MM Sensitivity: 1Lux Illumination: 6*LED Handpiece dimension length: 240mm; Width: 14mm; Head thickness: 10mm Control box dimension: Length: 108mm; Width: 106mm; Height: 45mm Handpiece weight: 38g Oral camera Product description: 1. Easy to operate, flexible to install, portable to carry 2. High-definition ...
Company: Joident Equipment Co.,Ltd.    China

Warming Blocks for Ivf Lab
Warming Blocks for Ivf Lab Are you giving thermal shocks to gametes and embryos? Sudden and drastic temperature losses, recovery times and change in pH are minimized when using Fornax Warming Blocks. The unique aluminum alloy conducts heat and provides almost direct thermal contact with the heating surface. Dishes at room temp when kept for incubation without the Warming Block take a prolonged time to attain the set temperature compared to those dishes kept in preincubated Warming ...
Company: Shivani Scientific Industries Pvt. Ltd.    India

Vitro life
Vitrolife Contains non-animal / non-human derived hyaluronan. Supplementation with recombinant human albumin (G-MMTM) provides a completely defined formulation indispensable for consistent good success rate. Based on the latest scientific findings regarding the physiologic needs of human embryos. Common set of ions and amino acids to prevent intracellular stress induced by moving embryos through many different types of solution. Reduced risk of ammonium ion ...
Product Group: Ivf Treatment
Company: Shivani Scientific Industries Pvt. Ltd.    India

product Name Cinnamaldehyde Synonyms trans-Cinnamaldehyde; Zimtaldehyd; trans-3-Phenyl-2-propenal; Cinnamyl Aldehyde; NATURAL CINNAMYL ALDEHYDE; 3-Phenyl-2-propenal; Cinnamic aldehyde Molecular Formula C9H8O Molecular Weight 132.16 CAS Registry Number 104-55-2;14371-10-9 EINECS 203-213-9 Assay:99% Packing: 200 Kg net/drum Appearance: Colorless or light yellow liquid Uses: It is also an important raw material of medicine, one commonly used in external medicine, compound ...
Company: Wuhan Hezhong Bio-Chemical Co.,Ltd Sales Department    China

Fetal Doppler TY 268
Fetal Doppler TY 268 Features: 1. Hand-held humanized design, easy to transport 2. High-sensitive doppler probe, detect prcisely 3. Large LCD display real-time and average FHR, FM 4. Automatic counting and record 5. Auto power off without signal for 1 minute 6. Backlight to display data more clearly 7. Built-in double speraker with adjustable volume allowing you to hear fetal heart sound 8. Fetal Heart Rate Alarming function with monitoring time set 9. Built-in ...
Company: Taian Taiyi Medical Device Co., Ltd    China

Fetal Monitor TS8010
Fetal Monitor TS8010 Feauters: 1. 7 “ TFT true color LCD display, folding 90 degree. 2. DSP tech, more advanced and accurate. 3. Code-operation, easy and convenient. 4. Three-in-one transducer, reduce line winding. 5. Built-in thermal printer, high resolution and long-term life. 6. Put on the table or hang on the wall. 7. Upgrade to maternal fetal monitor. 8. A variety of alarming. 9. FHR Rang:30-240 bpm 10. Net/Gross weight:1.75/3.5kg. Specifications: 1. Transducer: 9 wafer, ...
Company: Taian Taiyi Medical Device Co., Ltd    China

Needle Holders-Surgical Needle Holders
Needle Holders, surgical needle holder, Castroviejo needle holder, needle holder Kalt, Rohrchneider, Mayo-Hegar, Muller, Yasargil needle holder at affordable prices for doctors, hospitals, private practices, medical institutions, OB/GYN practitioners GILL - HESS Needle Holder Rohrchneider Size: 100 mm Made in High Stainless Steel
Company: Daddy D Pro Surgical    Pakistan

suction catheter
Item No.:HKXTG-1 Description:Suction Catheter (Disposable) funnel end, color coded Specification: 1.Material: medical grade PVC (anti-static)/medical silastic,graduated, transparent 2.Size: F8~F18 3.Tube Length: 45cm~60cm 4.Packing: sterile individual PE pouch or PE+Paper pouch 5.Available in other specifications if required Quantity:1000 PCS/CTN Carton Dimension:60 X 35 X 42(CM) or 62 X 47 X 42(CM) G.W.:12 KGS/CTN
Company: Rugao Hengkang Medical Appliance Co., Ltd.    China

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