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List extensive product information of Medicine & Health, provided by Medicine & Health Products manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Germanium Spot Bandage
1) Germanium spot bandages. 2) Help relieve pain and stress.3) Therapy where you need it: 1:10 (1 germanium granula with 10 gauss bandages). 4) Help reduce all kinds of pains such as rheumatism, muscular aches and pains, and stiff neck, shoulder, lumbago and more. 5) Help reduce pains after exercising or weather changes. 6) Cleans and dries affected area and applies bandages piece by piece. 7) Changes germanium spot bandages after one or two days. 8) For those with allergies or sensitive ...

Silymarin is extracted and refined from the fruits of silybum marianum. It is no chareacteristic odour and is easy to solube in Ether, Acetic acid B ester, methyl alcohol.It mainly contents silybin.
Company: Shangdong Medicines & Health Products Imp. & Exp. Corp.    China

Vitamin Injections
Specifications (Standard: CP / USP / BP): 1) Vitamin D2 ET calcii colloidalis injection: 10 bottles x 1ml or 10 bottles x 2ml ; 2) Vitamin B12 injection: 500ug/1,000ug, 10 bottles x 1ml ; 3) Vitamin C injection: 250mg/500mg/1,000mg, 10 bottles x 2ml ; 4) Tri-vitamin B injection: 10 bottles x 1ml or 10 bottles x 2ml

Cupping Set
1) 1 piece of manual vacuum pump ; 2) 6 or 12 magnetic curing parts to be put inside the cups for better curing effect ; 3) 2 pieces of rubber mats for joint curing ; 4) With usage handbook

Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules
1) We select the good gelatin as our materials to make the surface of the capsule more smooth and evenness of the thickness..2) The incision is very smooth to prevent the small medicinal powder leaking out of the depart. 3) Before loading the medicinal powder, the trough can prevent the capsule shocking to depart. 4) Having double lock to tight the body of the capsule, thus after the capsule is locked, the hat and the body of the capsule cannot depart easily.

Herb and Plant Extract
We mainly manufacture extracts from herb and plant which are listed below: centella, pearl, rhodiola, rose, angelica, aloe, ginkgo, motherwort, sophora, saffron, soybean, licorice, grape seed, sesame and ramie. Features: 1) Appearance: liquid and powder ; 2) For cosmetic, health care products and pharmaceutical use ; 3) Accord with international criterion of microorganism ; 4) Extract from 100% natural herb and plant

1) Description: white crystal or crystallized powder with a particular sweetness, dissolves in water and pyridine slightly in absolute alcohol, doesn't dissolve in diethyl ether ; 2) Melting point: 232-236 ; 3) Applications: widely used as an intermediate of the medicine such as thiamphenical and intermediate of the farm chemical e.g. herbicide glyphosate, and can be used as a solvent for removing CO2 in the fertilizer.
Product Group: Glycine
Company: Shangdong Medicines & Health Products Imp. & Exp. Corp.    China

Ginseng Royal Jelly
This health care product is made of Chinese ginseng, royal jelly, honey, glucose, VC, and sorbic acid. It proves by scientific test that it has the function of anti-fatigue.
Company: Shangdong Medicines & Health Products Imp. & Exp. Corp.    China

Functional Fresh Breath Strips
Functions: sport fresh breath strips, slimming fresh breath strips, throat clear rich and fresh breath strips, stomach strengthening and digestion promotion fresh breath strips, stomach strengthening and coldness dispelling fresh breath strips, cool refreshing and resuscitation promotion fresh breath liquid mints. Features: 1) Strengthen the muscle, improve resistance, delay tiredness and accelerate recover after sports. 2) Employing the effective ingredients of Chinese herbal to achieve ...

Peeled Roasted Chestnuts in Sachets
The gneissic earth surface and special climatic conditions in the Yanshan Mountains are highly suitable for the cultivation. This chestnut variety has the following features: 1) Uniform moderate size ; 2) Smooth and bright surface ; 3) Rich in fat, aminophenol and such minerals as calcium, selenium, iron, magnesium, etc.

Chinese Medicine
We can produce 12 styles of Western medicines, Chinese medicines, Chinese herbal medicines and other medical raw materials. We supply such injections as aminophylline injection, analgin injection, atropine injection, calcium gluconate injection, chloroquine injection and dexamethasone injection. Meanwhile, different tablets are our main products, including paracetamol tablets, vitamin B1 tablets, vitamin C tablets and yeast tablets. Furthermore, we can also manufacture capsules and pills.

Chlorella Tablet
1) Nutritional content (per 100g): a) Ash: 6.75% ; b) Moisture: 5.83% ; c) Protein: 56.9% ; d) Pb: 0.91mg/kg ; e) Cd: 0.07mg/kg ; f) Hg: 0.013mg/kg ; g) As: 0.17mg/kg ; h) E. coli: none/g ; i) Pesticides: none/g ; 2) Total carotenoids: 7.05g/kg ; 3) Total plate count: 9,100cfu/g.

Wuzi Xianhao Green Tea
Produced in Chinese northest tea-producing area, growing period long. Where is the hometown of Red ibits. It is well know as the "Oriental gem". The ecological enviroment is unique. 1) Rich zinc and selenium ; 2) Contents: a) Zinc: 53.5-67.5mg/kg ; b) Selenium: 85.8-96mg/kg ; 3) Green food, all natural, not polluted by pesticide ; 4) Orchid looking, and turns into emerald green ; 5) Taste: tender flavour, fresh and mellow ; 6) Patented packing means keep tea fresh ; 7) Made of ...

Royal Jelly Capsule
It contains hydrolytic pearl powder, and freeze-dried royal powder. It can promote metabolism, enhancing the physique and improving one's health. Therefore, it is particularly fit for middle age and old people. Constant take of the product is beneficial for hypertension, heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, arterio sclerosis. It is also helpful for the prevention and management of the complicating vascular and retinal lesion in diabetic patients.

Iodine Tincture
It is umber and characterized by the special odor of iodine and ethanol. Every milliliter of tincture of iodine comprises 20 milligrams of iodine. The ancillary ingredients are the potassium iodide, ethanol, and purified water. As a disinfectant, the working mechanism of the product is to make the protein degenerated so as to kill the bacteria, fungi, or viruses. It is applied to disinfect the infectious skin surface.

Spirulina & Chlorella Products
We are in China, which is specializing in cultivating and processing spirulina and chlorella products.Our production volume exceeds 600 metric tons per year. Now we can supply you the following spirulina &chlorella products: Spirulina Powder: Package: 25kg/fibre drum with bags lining ; 20kg/carton with bags lining

Natural Vitamin E
Specifications: 1) Appearance: brownish red, clear, viscous oil ; 2) Total VE: ≥50%, 60%, 70% ; 3) d-(β+γ+&dekta;)-VE: ≥80% ; 4) Acidity: ≤1.0ml ; 5) Heavy metals: ≤10ppm ; 6) Specific rotator (α) D25°: ≥+20°

Liquid Medicine Containing Menthol
It is effective for diminishing inflammation, easing pains and stopping itches, antibiotic and anaesthesia. It is used for the treatment of insect bites, urticaria, eczema.

Tussis & Asthma Relieving Tablet
1) Can relieve the cough, eliminate the sputum and asthma. 2) Lung promoting function dispersing, anti-asthma, expectorant, antitussive, Yin nourishing, and lung astringing effects. 3) Can be used for the treatment of tussis, asthma, Yin deficiency, dry cough, expectoration deficiency, and chronic bronchitis. 4) Usage and dosage: a) Taken orally ; b) 3 to 4 tablets each time ; c) 2 to 3 times a day ; d) Reduce accordingly for children ; 5) Specification: 0.25g/tablet ; 6) Storage: preserved ...

Simvastatin and Intermediated
Simvastatin is used to lower cholesterol and triglyceride (fat-like substances) levels in the blood. Using this medicine may help prevent medical problems caused by such substances clogging the blood vessels.

Family Health Care Case
Family health cares case is specially designed for home and outside usage for doctors. The case is divided into two layers with an inner case. The lower can be divided into small compartments for different usage. Users can place medicines according to his needs.

Chitin Capsule
The main effective ingredient of chitin capsule is chitin which can change the composition of cholesterol in blood, and prevent the forming of arteriosclerosis so as to lower the blood fat after function tests approval.

Baicalin Herb source: Suutellaria baicalensis.Georgi Appearance:light yellow Molecular weight: 446.36102 Molecular formula: C21H18O11 CAS No.: 21967-41-9 Purity:85%,90%,98%
Company: Xian Feida Bio-tech CO.,Ltd    China

It is a amylose compound to separate,extract, from natural medicine Twotooth Achyranthes Root,it can improve immune property and treat malignancy,it is easy soluble and can be absorbed,have nontoxic,biochemistry extract, steadyquality. The package: with vacual double aseptic food poly bags inside. 25kgs per carton with 10 bags inside,2.5kg per bag. Or according to customer requirement.
Company: DaXingAnLing Slim Belle Ingredient Co., Ltd.    China

Vitis vinifera Extract
Vitis vinifera Extract: Product Specification 95% OPC/ Polyphenols Latin Name Vitis vinifera.L Product Type: Light Brown Yellow Powdered Extract Part of the Plant Used seed tract Method: Grain Alcohol/Water CAS#: [84929-27-1] Grape seeds(Vinis vinifera) are an excellent source of oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) and have been the subject of clinical research in France for their antioxidant activity. Antioxidants ...
Company: Changsha Nutramax Inc.    China

Shark Cartilage Premium (Helps relieve aching Joints and Muscles)
Presentation: Bottle of 90 capsules (500 mg). Preservative and chemical free. 100% Natural. Natura Shark Cartilage Premium is one composed entirely natural, developed on the basis of shark cartilage, grains (soybeans) and vegetable (broccoli), which complements their combined action, and offers the following benefits: NATURAL PROPERTIES: - Helps relieve aching joints and muscles. - Helps support the Immune System. - In people suffering from arthritis consumption of shark ...
Company: ALPHA NATURA SAC - Peruvian Natural Products    Peru

Prosta Ok (Relieves the Urogenital Tract and Reduces Prostate Growth)
NATURAL PROPERTIES: - Anti Inflammatory, commonly used to Relieve the Urogenital Tract and Reduce Prostate Growth. - Reduces Uric Acid and Cystitis. - Diuretic and Depurative. - Used ads an Antiseptic. Brand Name: ALPHA NATURA, but also we can offer the option of Private Label. Mixture of plants from the Andes highlands and the Amazon of Peru. Also, Anti-inflammatory, Diuretic, Depurative, 100% natural Presentation: Bottle of 90 capsules (500 mg). Preservative and chemical ...
Company: ALPHA NATURA SAC - Peruvian Natural Products    Peru

IVF Lab Product - MTG
IVF Lab Product - MTG Culture dish With 5 wells and lid, optimum design, round edges, flat bottom, depth of wells only 7 mm, sterile, 4/pck. Electronic thermometer GMH 3230 with probe GOF 130 Easy-to use handheld thermometer with surface sensor demonstrating the accuracy of heating systems or for checking the temperature on daily routine. Submersible sensor To check temperature of objects or liquids. Microscope table-vibration free Compact, low profile with less than 60 ...
Product Group: Ivf Treatment
Company: Shivani Scientific Industries Pvt. Ltd.    India

Health Herbs Products
N ENGLISH NAME AVAILABLE QUANTITY 1. Bearberry, Leaves 3 000 kg 2. Nettle, Roots 3 000 kg 3. Watercress, Herb 2 000 kg 4. Bemuda-grass 1 000 kg 5. Tilia, Flowers 5 000 kg 6. Majoram (common marjoram), Herb 600 kg 7. Rose Hips, Fruits 10 000 kg 8. Rose Hips, Shells 4 000 kg 9. Rose Hips, fine cut with 20 % of seeds 8 000 kg 10. Hawthorn, Fruits 4 000 kg 11. Globe Artichoke 100 kg 12. Sweet Basil 100 kg 13. Black elderberry 200 kg 14. Caltrop, Herbs 2 000 kg 15. ...
Company: Vesselino Ltd    Bulgaria

Reishi spore oil
Reishi Spore Oil Softgel 500mg 350mg The pure essence of Reishi mushroom, the most bioactive Reishi material. Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) is one of the greatest tonic fungi known to mankind. It possesses over 400 active biomolecules. Reishi is a superior fungi that may be taken for a long duration without side effects. Reishi has been consumed since the dawn of Chinese civilization as an anti-aging fungi, and for its various health-promoting and healing properties. Continuous ...
Product Group: Reishi Spore Oil
Company: Kingherbs Inc    China

Ocimum sanctum L. Extract
Ocimum sanctum L. Extract (info3 at seaweedbiochem dot com) Alias name: chamomile, European hard-ju English name: Chamomille The main component:: 10% coumarin The product is the capitulum of feverfew Chamomilla recutita L.. The package: 2.5kg double aseptic food poly vacuum-bag inside, 25kg per carton or according to customer requirement. Tel: 0086-452-6033712 Fax: 0086-452-6188269 our mail box is info3 at seaweedbiochem dot com Email: ...
Company: DaXingAnLing Seaweed Biochemical Products Co., Ltd.    china

Levamisole HCL
CAS:16595-80-5 Packing: 25kg/drum Quality Standard: CP,BP,EP,USP Application:Levamisole Hydrochloride (Levamisole HCL), is an anthelmintic (anti-worm) agent commonly used in large livestock such as cattle, pigs and sheep.
Product Group: Pharmaceutical, Veterinary
Company: Nanjing Fano Group    China

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