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Detailed Relief Medications Description:

Pain Relief---Within 1 minute, pain will disappear. Not a Painkiller for External use only.You just spread the herbs on your palm, and then very quickly cover on your painful point. About 1minute waiting, the pain will disappear. Within 1 minute, you will feel 3 steps: Warm--hot--burning. When you feel burning, it means the liquid has penetrated into your painful point. You need to read the instruction before you use it. The Palm moxibustion is for the following problems: Rheumatics Arthritis, Frozen shoulder, Gout, Tennis Elbow, Lumbago, Spondylitis, Knee pain, Stiff neck, Back pain, Headache, Tooth ache and Sciatica, and Sports injury, and so on. It's very good for people who has muscle problems, joints problem, back pain, tendons problems. You will be amazed at the result. It's a pure Herb, no side effect

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