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List extensive product information of Electric Shavers (include Nose Trimmer, Lady Shaver, 2-Head/3-Head Electric Shaver), provided by Electric Shaver manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Nose Trimmer
Nose Trimmer NT-1: 1) Rubber finished with silver spray ; 2) For nose and ear hair ; 3) Very popular. Nose Trimmer NT-2: 1) 2-in-1: nose trimmer, beard trimmer ; 2) Powered by 1 x AA battery.
Product Group: Nose Trimmer
Company: Shanghai Zhenbo Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Man's Electric Shaver
1) Three floating heads ; 2) Rechargeable ; 3) Hair trimmer ; 4) Unique rotating system for vibration-free operation ; 5) Silent power for a quiet powerful motor ; 6) Lightweight and beautifully designed.
Company: Shanghai Zhenbo Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Beauty Trimmer
1) Light, handy and exquisite appearance ; 2) Fits with sharp razor blade ; 3) Quickly razes out eyebrow and fine hair on various parts of human body without harm to skin ; 4) Adequate and convenient for use
Company: Shanghai Zhenbo Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Electric Shaver, Razor
Electric Shaver: 1) 3 independent floating heads ; 2) 8 hours charge ; 3) Hand fitting design easy to hold. Razor: 1) Blades: triple ; 2) Blade material: carbon steel or stainless steel ; 3) Without lubrication ; 4) Fixed head.

Anion Electric Shaver
1) Three heads rotating independently ; 2) Easy to hold, ergonomic design ; 3) Power supply switch protection (automatic) ; 4) Rated voltage: 100 - 240V ; 5) Charge time: 4 hours, 8 hours ; 6) Pop-up trimmer for mustache and sideburns ; 7) LCD display

Ceramic Hair Trimmer Blade
1) Used for cutting metals, vegetable, paper and fabric ; 2) Also used for trimming hair and wool ; 3) Exceptional hardness ; 4) Sharp edge ; 5) Stainless ; 6) Durable

Shaver and Nose Trimmer Set
1) Three individual pressure-adjusting floating heads flex to facial contours. 2) Sharp stainless steel blades lift and cut whiskers with a micro groove cutting system. 3) Full width pop-up trimmer grooms beard,mustache and sideburns. 4) Personal groomers with interchangeable heads, ear/nose, hair trimmers and mustache/sideburn groomers. 5) Includes crush-proof travel case

Electric Shaver
1) Induction charging stand available ; 2) Pop out trimmer for sideburns and moustache ; 3) Double-head, ultra-thin flexible foils, with floating cutter ; 4) Standard accessories: cleaning bristle, PVC pouch, 1 foil ; 5) Charging voltage: AC 220V 50Hz

Lady Shaver
1) Rechargeable, water proof lady shaver, can be used on both dry and wet skin. 2) Complete with adaptor and indicator light. 3) Removable shaving head. 4) One touch on/off switch, easy to use and can be cleaned under the tap. 5) Supplied with cleaning brush and travel pouch. 6) 220-240V,50-60Hz,2W, VDE plug. 7) Full colour gift box with customised AIGGER brand and A-5, B/W manual.

Electric Shaver
1) multifunctional, rechargeable shaver with double shaving head and hair-trimmer. 2) when bottom-cap is removed, unit can be reversed for use as a nose-trimmer. Shown on image). 3) supplied with maintenance brush for easy cleaning. 4) 100-240v,50-60hz,1w

Washable Nose Trimmer
Washable nose trimmer with stainless steel and rotary blade. 1. Stainless steel precision precision blade. 2. Rotary blade very safe for nose and ear Trimming. 3. No painful tweezing. 4. Small size, convenient and easy carry for Travel. 5. One AA size battery needed (not included). 6. With one protection cap.
Product Group: Nose Trimmer

Ceramic Blade
1) Material: zirconium oxide ceramics ; 2) Application: ceramic blade of electric hair cutter ; 3) Wearable ; 4) A variety of specifications available

Beauty Products
Our beauty products include nose / ear hair trimmers, ladies' trimmers, nail care products, professional hair clippers, and clothes shavers.

Travel Rotary Shaver, Epilator
We can supply Rotary Shaver, braun epilators--ever soft and soft perfection series from china. Men Travel Rotary Shaver: Include protective head cover ; Require 2aa batteries ; All shavers are retail ready.

Lady Epilator
1) Rechargeable lady epilator ; 2) 8 hours quick charge ; 3) Hand-fitting design easy to hold ; 4) Efficient shaving for all body parts ; 5) With an adapter

Razors and Shavers
1) Blades: twin ; 2) Blade material: carbon steel or stainless steel ; 3) With lubrication ; 4) Movable head ; 5) Very sharp edge ; 6) Clean and comfortable

Electric Shaver
1) Floating rotary double blades 2) External plug 3) Intelligent touch style electric switch 4) Nickel and hydrogen 'green' battery 5) Recharge power: 220V AC, 50Hz 6) Recharge time: 12 hours at 2W

2-Head Electric Shaver
Sell electric shaver from china. 1) Dual round-blade type ; 2) 12-hour charging type ; 3) Charging voltage: AC220 V50Hz.

Ladies' Electric Shaver
1) Designed to remove the hair on legs and arms ; 2) Effective and excellent for hair removal at the roots ; 3) Epilator head with tweezers element ; 4) Transformer: a) Input: 230V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz ; b) Output: 12V/400mA

Electric Nose Hair Trimmer
Stereoscopic arched design prevent nasal cavity from getting hurt while in use. The open slits allow the device to clip the vibrissa from all directions. 1 x AA battery operate. Unit size: 133 x 27 x 28mm

Solar Shaver
The solar-energy rechargeable shaver is of high technology, as an environmentally friendly, energy-saving and safe product. Put the solar shaver in sunshine or lamplight. The power will be full after 8 - 12 hours. Hence, the shaver can be used for around 10 - 15 days. This shaver can also be charged by electrical power when there is no sunshine.

AC Hair Clippers
GS approved high performance stainless steel adjustable blade hair clippers. Includes professional combs, scissors, cleaning brush, and lubricating oil. Specifications: 1) GS approved ; 2) AC 230V / 50Hz or 110V / 60Hz ; 3) High performance stainless steel adjustable blade ; 4) Includes: professional combs, scissors, cleaning brush, and lubricating oil.
Product Group: Hair Clipper

Ultra-thin alloy shaving system ; Super speed alloy motor ; Double sides locking switch ; Turning style blade ; High performance recharging battery ; 8 hours' recharging ; Indicator of recharging.

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