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List extensive product information of Hair (include Hair Brush, Shampoo, Hair Straightener, Hair Curler, Wig, Hair Clipper, Hair Spray, Hair Ornament), provided by Hair products manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Zinc Pyrithione : also known as Zinc 2-pyridinethiol-1-oxide;1-Hydroxypyridine-2-thione-zinc or Zinc salt of 2-mercaptopyridine-N-oxide.Zinc Pyrithione is bactericide-fungicide and has been used as an effective anti-dandruff agent. Its unbeatable combination of high antimicrobial efficacy and safety has made it the biocide of choice for anti-dandruff shampoo manufacturers worldwide.Zinc Pyrithione products are highly active, broad spectrum antimicrobial agents that are registered around ...

Rechargeable Hair Clipper
1) 45mm width of blade ; 2) T10A/HRC62 blade material ; 3) DC2.4V 6,000rpm motor ; 4) 2 x 1.2V / 1,200mAh battery ; 5) Charging time: 5 hrs ; 6) 220V / 50Hz or 110V / 60Hz charger ; 7) Beautiful appearance, simple and easy to operate ; 8) Rechangeable battery design, keeps continuous working ; 9) Good quality, durable & big power DC motor ; 10) Two groups of famous brand environmental protection batteries with super capacity ; 11) Adjustment ring for movable blade, can control hair size ...
Product Group: Hair Clipper
Company: Shenzhen Meiliss Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Hair Curler
1) LCD temperature display with knob temperature regulating switch ; 2) Ceramic coating barrel ; 3) Soft touch control switch ; 4) Computer temperature regulate switch ; 5) On/off switch ; 6) 5-size barrel: 13, 16, 19, 25, 38
Product Group: Hair Curler
Company: Shenzhen Meiliss Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Barber Scissors
1) Produced by unique two-piece welding technology ; 2) Material: SUS440C stainless steel ; 3) Blade hardness: Rockwell 58 - 60HRC ; 4) Convex edge for razor sharpness ; 5) Hollow-ground and triple-honed blades ; 6) Adjustable clicker-plate screw assembly.

BTW-Hair Weft
BTW-hair weft: Style: BTW (bulk straight weft) ; Color: more than 30 kinds of colors available ; Length: 8 - 32" (before being curled) available ; Fiber: 100% human hair or remy human hair.
Company: Kaifeng Jincheng Hair Products Co, Ltd.    China

Hair Styling Wax
1) Crystal wax gives hair soft and weightless control ; 2) Styling wax for strong fixing to keep hair moist ; 3) Volume: 80ml
Company: Kaifeng Jincheng Hair Products Co, Ltd.    China

Conditioner and Treatment
This is a kind of hair conditioner that made from the tuber of multi-flower knotweed, which is especially good for hair.

Hair Combs
1) Material: PP, PS, ABS, K ; 2) Colors: solid, tortoise shell color, transparent, double injection colors, sprayed metallic colors

Children's Hair Ornament
1) Fabric: polyester ; 2) Lining: 65% polyester, 35% cotton ; 3) Colors: beige, pink, white and azury ; 4) Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm, 140cm

Jasmine Shampoo
Jasmine Shampoo effective pH balanced treatment shampoo to control dandruff, dry, flaking, itchy skin, psoriasis, and scalp conditions. Designed specially for normal hair this Jasmine shampoo is infused with Jojoba to gently condition and add gloss to the hair. Aloe and the herbal complex of arnica, horsetail, coltsfoot and nettles strengthen. Jasmine lifts and revitalizes dull hair. Shine, softness and vitality is restored and hair is left healthy and incredibly vibrant.
Product Group: Shampoo

Hair Drying Caps
Features: 1) Material: microfiber ; 2) Soft to the touch ; 3) Super water absorption ; 4) Will not harm sensitive surfaces ; 5) Easily picks up dust ; 6) Contains no chemicals. Specifications: 1) Construction: 23*65cm, 260gsm ; 2) Elastic loop and button ; 3) Composition: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide

Hot Air Roto Hair Brush
1) The wonder hot-air rotating style and dryer and straightened. 2) Power: 230V, 50Hz, 100W, 2 detachable rotating brush heads. 3) Double direction rotating motion. 4) Non-tangle type brushes-heads. 5) Optimum hot-air flow for blow dryer, hair style, hair straightener, hair combing device with hair massager. All new technology, all in one hair-care.
Product Group: Hair Brush

1) Plastic hairbrush 2) Nylon filament bristles 3) Anti-static 4) Rubber handle 5) Available packaging: OPP bag, polybag, plastic hanger
Product Group: Hair Brush

Hair Straightener
1) application: all kinds of hair straightening 2) The temperature is ranged from 140 degrees to 200 degrees 3) It has automatic control system that is very professional. 4) Can supply OEM and ODM services Specifications: 2) Temperature control range: 140 - 200 degrees 3) Heater material: aluminum alloy 4) Surface treatment: oxidation treatment.
Product Group: Hair Straightener
Company: Shenzhen Meiliss Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Full Lace and Hand-tied Wig
1) Made of 100% remy/virgin hair (Indian or Chinese hair) ; 2) Afro-American hair texture/Caucasian hair texture ; 3) Invisible full Swiss lace match skin color/full skin cap like real skin ; 4) Lace around perimeter for high pony tail ; 5) Styled with enough recession for a natural look ; 6) Each hair individually implanted and hand-tied ; 7) Part any where

Hair Clipper
Just-A-Trim, mistake-proof hair trimmer is perfect for in-between haircut. Sleek, compact, and cordless hair clipper includes three trimming guides and an extendable handle, ideal for touch-up around the ears and neckline. The natural combing motion guarantees a smooth and blended trimming. It's also a fun and safe way to trim kid's hair.
Product Group: Hair Clipper

Hairdressing and Hair Care Product
1) Ingredients: Plant refining, protein and numerous nutrition. 2) Functions: a) Suitable for any hair ; b) Can filter into hair scale endothecium ; c) Absorbs nutritions fully ; d) Nourishes hair follicle effectively ; e) Prevents dry and damaged phenomenon ; f) Makes hair healthy, beautiful, lustrous and elastic ; 3) Directions: Offer hair product ,including shampoo series,hair care series, hair treatment series, hair perm series, hair styling series, hair essence series and family use series.

Ceramic Hair Straightener
1) 100% solid ceramic plates (31mm width) ; 2) Velvet leather cover for cool and soft touch ; 3) Heats up quickly to professional degrees of 200°C ; 4) Optional plates are available ; 5) 100% solid ceramic, gives added protection ; 6) Ceramic color: white, black, yellow ; 7) CE approval
Product Group: Hair Straightener

Shampoo, Conditioner, Bath Gel and Both Lotion
Liquid items: Products: shampoo / conditioner / conditioning shampoo / bath gel / body lotion / Moisturizer / mouth wash / talcum powder. Capacity: 7 - 70ml (mainly); 100 - 500ml. Packing: sachet; PVC/PP/PE bottle; tube

Hair Spray
As a bargain brand of colored hair spray in the market, Hair spray could instantly and thoroughly coat your hair with wonderful color you like (now six colors are available without using other tints, bleaches or peroxide. It is especially good for dry or styled hair. When it comes to wash out the color, common shampoo will do. Shake well, hold about 12 - 18 inches away from hair, and then spray onto it to create a shinny color film.
Company: Guangzhou Tianzicai Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Electric Magnet Vibration Cushion Brushes
1) This unique vibrating hair brush is battery powered and provides a gentle scalp massage while brushing the hair. 2) It's gentle vibrations deliver a soothing sensation to the scalp and hair follicles. The electric hair brush massages while vibrating and promotes improved blood flow and circulation to the scalp which helps the hair follicles receive vital nutrients. 3) Prevent hair falling and clear up dandruff

Plastic Hair Roller, Aluminum Hair Roller And Sponge Hair Roller
1) Species: sponge hair rollers, plastic hair rollers, aluminum hair rollers. 2) Instruction: used for ladies' hair curling. Smears the "fixture" or "aerosol foam" on the hair and choose the right specification of roller to curl your hair little by little according to the roundness you like after cleaning your hair. Remove the hair rollers after half and a hour, then the hair is shaped. 3) This kind of hair roller is easy to use, without asking help from others. ...

Hair Cutting Cape
1) Material: PEVA, PVC, nylon, PU coated, T/C, polyester 2) Printed or not, all available 3) Size: a) 135 x 120cm b) 110 x 140cm c) 120 x 150cm d) 135 x 150cm e) 110 round f) Can supply various styles and sizes 4) Waterproof

Cordless Hair Straightener
1) Innovative cordless rechargeable technology 2) 100% solid ceramic plates technology creates shiny silky smooth finish 3) Two sides ceramic heating elements make fast heat up to 200°C 4) Neon background LCD digital display 5) Rechargeable batteries inside 6) Variable temperature settings for all hair types 7) Innovative modern and ergonomic design
Product Group: Hair Straightener

1) Provides hair nutrition and deeply moisturizes hair from the roots to tips ; 2) Quantity, specifications and packaging according to clients' requirements ; 3) Volume: 200mL; 400mL; 750mL; 1,000mL
Product Group: Shampoo
Company: Guangzhou Tianzicai Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Hair Curler
1) For smoothly curling with ultimate shiny finish ; 2) Long lasting hair style ; 3) Unique press action curler ; 4) 19mm barrel gives perfectly defined curls, dual heated ; 5) Spiral press for longer lasting curls ; 6) Spiral design guides hair for perfect curl formation ; 7) Fast heating up and high temperature performance ; 8) 3m salon cord with swivel for easy use ; 9) Temperature control: 160oC, 180oC
Product Group: Hair Curler

Color Hair Kits
1) Color your hair in seconds to match your outfit. 2) Washes out when you shampoo your hair. 3) Choose from bright and pastel colors. Accessories: Battery-operated colorful hair tool ; 2 brush heads (1 unit and 1 replacement) ; 12 color cartridges in 12 natural colors ; Packaged in 2 resalable trays with protective push-in lids ; Colors are temporary, washable and non-toxic ; Touch-up brush for root area

Hair Color Lights
Hair color lights for every occasion (discos, vocal concert) or sports events (football team, baseball team), will effect our favorite. There are a lot of funs. Complied with cosmetic regulations, the products are non-toxic, easy-on and easy-off.

Hair Clipper
1) Pivot AC hair clipper ; 2) Quieter and less vibrations operation ; 3) Precision hardened stainless steel blades ; 4) Adjustable blade control ; 5) Pivot motor provides twice the cutting power than conventional clipper ; 6) Whisper-quiet operation and low vibration design ; 7) Professional combs, scissors, clearing brush, lubrication oil ; 8) Non-slip hand grip ; 9) Family and Multi- cut.

Hair Curler
1) Adjustable temperature 120 - 200°C, 5 LED lights indicate different temperature ; 2) Fast heat up and instant heat recovery for immediate styling ; 3) Exclusive thermal response provided consistent temperature ; 4) 3 meter cord with 360 degree swivel ; 5) Automatic safety cut off
Product Group: Hair Curler

Hair Oil Capsule
1) Hair oil capsule is excellent in promoting the natural beauty of your hair ; 2) Massaging the hair gently with fingers in a circular motion, the oil will be absorbed into the hair gradually ; 3) Your hair will be smooth and moisturizing, with a sweet smell.

Hot Air Brush
1) The wonder hot-air rotating styler, dryer and straightener. 2) Power: 230V, 50Hz, 100W, 2 detachable rotating brush heads. 3) Double direction rotating motion. 4) Non-tangle type brushes-heads. 5) Optimum hot-air flow for blow dryer, hair styler, hair straightener, hair combing device with hair massager. 6) All new technology, all in one hair-care.

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