Sodium Acetate

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Detailed Sodium Acetate Description:

Name:: Sodium acetate
Molecular formula : CH3COONa•3H2O
Physical Properties: This product is a colorless or white crystals, exposure to moist air, easily deliquescence, easily weathering in dry air. The specific gravity is 1.45, melting point is 58 degrees, loss of crystal water when 123 degrees Celsius and become anhydrous sodium acetate. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol.
quality standard:
item specification
Content of Sodium AcetateC % ≥58%-60%
Alkali Freev1 (counted by Na2 CO3) % ≤ 0.03% max.
Sodium Chloride (counted by Cl)% ≤ 0.04% max.
Phosphates (counted by PO3-4) % ≤ 0.04% max.
Sulfates (counted by SO2-4) % ≤ 0.04% max.
Iron (counted by Fe3+) % ≤ 0.003% max.
Water-insoluble matter % ≤ 0.03% max.
Uses: mainly used in printing and dyeing industry, medicine, photography, electroplating, chemical reagents and organic synthesis, dedicated to the production of hot-water bottle, hot-bao, warm feet treasure, warm water bag, cartoon warm handbags, electric hot-water bottle.
Printing and dyeing industry: use it to balance the acidity in the dyeing and to adjust the PH value; for the achromatic in Aniline black resist
printing, for color liquid neutralizer of Neff properly dye,for deployment brittle treatment agent of Sulfur Black.
Pharmaceutical preparations: in the manufacturing of alkaline diuretics, progesterone, thyroxine, cystine, and a sodium iodine PVP .
Organic Synthesis: acetylation of subsidies agent, cinnamic acid, acetic acid benzyl ester and so on.
Pigment Industry: for direct Blue dyes, lake pigments acid Tibetan,
Shihlin blue manufacturing. Others, such as for raw material of leather tanning, photographic and X-ray film fixing agents and plating.
Packaging: woven bag lined with plastic film bag 25kg / bag or 50kg / bag

Sodium Acetate
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Sodium Acetate in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Zibo Haowei Chemical Co.,Ltd
Address: Shuangyang town,zichuan,zibo,shandong
Region: Zibo,Shandong, China
Contact Person: Emily
Telephone: 86 15898705446

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