Hydroxylamine hydrochloride

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Detailed Hydroxylamine hydrochloride Description:

M.F.:NH2OH HCl M.W.:69.5

Physical and chemical property:White crystal, deliquescence, specific gravity(17℃)1.67. Melting point 152℃, dissolvable in water, acetic acid, glycerin, indissolvable in aether.

Usage:This product is mainly used as reducer and developer. During organic synthesis, it can be employed to make oxime and material for the compound of anticancer medicine(hydroxyurea), sulphonamide (sulfamethoxazole) and pesticide(Medorwy). It is also widely adopted to electroanalysis as depolarizer and the synthetic rubber industry as non-coloring short-term stopper.

Product index:HG/T 3736-2004

Content % ≥ 98.00 99.00
Moisture % ≤ 0.50 0.30

Appearance White Crystal
Pcking:Paper-drums, plastic woven sack(inner-lining film sack). 25KG or 50KG
Plastic woven sack(inner-lining film sack). 25KG.
Number of dangerous goods: 8 (6)
UN Number:2923
Packaging marks:Poisonous, corrosive products
Packaging category: II class packaging

Hydroxylamine hydrochloride
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Company: Shandong Xinghui Chemical Co., Ltd.
Address: Building Material City, Yangzhai Town, Zichuan District, ZIbo, Shandong
Region: Zibo , China
Contact Person: Liujing
Telephone: 013869340084

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