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Detailed L-Phenylalanine Description:

Specifications: 1) Main content %: more than 98.5 ; 2) Weight loss of desiccation %: less than 0.2 ; 3) Burning-up remains%: less than 0.1 ; 4) pH: 5.4-6.0 ; 5) Specific optical rotation: (a) D20-33.2 ~ -35.2, (a) D25-32.7 ~ -34.7 ; 6) Plumbum %: less than 10ppm ; 7) Heavy metal (Pb) %: less than 0.002. Usage: It is one of the eight aminophenol that humans need. It can be used for any food and beverage and it is the main material to enhance the taste for aspartame. Besides it can be used as an additive for the anti-cancer tablets, Vitamin B6, food, feedstuff and etc. It is a crucial nurture and also an filler for tablets. It can be stored in the heat, air and light.

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