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List extensive product information of Weight Loss (include Slimming Belt, Slimming Capsule, Slimming Cream, Slim Tea), provided by Slimming Product manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Slimming Tea
Features: 1) Chinese herbal tea for losing weight and reducing blood fat. 2) It is an all natural solution to lose weight without diet. 3) This product is developed by our company and we hold the patent of its formula. 4) Can make most people beautiful and slim. 5) Removes unnecessary fat and regulates your appetite.
Product Group: Slim Tea
Company: Xiamen Sharing Medicines & Health Products Imp./Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Benefit Slimming Tea
The product is a health-keeping tea, which takes green tea, honeysuckle, cassia seed, lotus leaf, gynostemma pentaphylium, hawthorn and honey as main raw materials. Function test has proven that the product has a health-keeping function of weight reducing. Benefit Slimming Tea, containing plenty of vitamin, dietary fiber, mineral substance and microelements, advocates that the process of reducing weight is consistent with regulating body, so it is quick to reduce fattiness on waist, abdomen ...
Product Group: Slimming Tea
Company: Beijing Outsell Health Product Development Co., Ltd.    China

Crazy Fit Massage
Fat loss and slimming: aerobic massage can effectively throw off the unwanted fat on abdomen, waist and buttocks, reduce the phenomenon of gravid fleck and speckle to reach the effects of slimming and beautifying. Adjusting nervous system: It can increase the conductive system of nerve, decrease neurasthenic owing to unbalanced autonomic nerve, the proper massaging can adjust nervous system to balance autonomic nerve. Strengthening stomach and intestine vermiculation: It strengthens stomach ...
Product Group: Crazy Fit Massage

Spiral Slimming Belt
Features: 1) 5 speed levels ; 2) Automatic mode ; 3) Manual mode ; 4) Bi-directional ; 5) Auto time setting is 10mins. Specifications: 1) Powered by qualified AC adaptor valid range 100V - 240V ; 2) Extension belt: optional ; 4) Material: PU material ; 5) Unit dimensions: 120 x 13 x 5.5cm.
Product Group: Slimming Belt

Slimming Shorts
1) Material: 2mm neoprene ; 2) To wear off the fat, extra water and slim your body ; by exercise except heat retention ; 3) Protect legs from muscle injuring ;4) Flat stitching ; 5) Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Flying Jumper
Flying Jumper (Flying Locust): Improvements made to the adult model: 1. Based on the first generation adult model, two axles were added between the top of the jumper and the spring, allowing the footplate to rotate making operation smoother and more natural. The new design is more durable. The reduced resistance allows the users to jump higher and farther. 2. The fixed plastic footplate has been changed for moveable aluminum alloy footplate. This is humanism design not only reducing 400g ...

Golf Pedometer with Radio
1) Functions: a) Step count ; b) Distance count (km/mile) ; c) Calorie count ; d) Automatic scan FM radio. 2) Patent: ZL02359222.2 ; 3) ETS: G4M20310-2302-E-16 ; 4) Y-2041 uses metric system and Y-2041 uses imperial (English) system.
Product Group: Pedometer

Weight-Reducing Belt
The weight-reducing belt utilizes the far infrared ray that ultra magnetism and wave released within the products, permeating the lower adipose tissue of the human, covering 4 - 7 centimeters, with 5 groups of high-frequency vibration device, and acting on the skin directly with 8 kinds of different frequency to make the deep fat move directly. Ultra magnetism and wave resolves the fat with the brute force of 8:100, dividing the deep fat into the tiny particle and permeates outside the body. ...

Body Contouring Cream
Body contouring cream (with virgin coconut oil & essential oil) using the natural virgin coconut oil & essential oil to formulate this body contouring cream which helps reshape and alter body contour with cooling effect. It smells good with multi-herbal extract and virgin coconut oil. Function: keep the body fit and firm ; improve skin suppleness and elasticity ; reduce skin orange peel appearance ; moisture and soften the skin, maintain the fairness and smoothness of the skin.

Microcomputer Fat-Reducing Health Belt
1) Massage intensity and massage time are adjustable, with 5 powerful motors. 2) With five therapeutic magnets to release fatigue and recover physical force. 3) The length are adjusted to fit different sizes. 4) With AC adapter, suitable for use in home or office.

Fat Reducing Instrument
This product-KB600 beauty fat-reducing Instrument is based on Chinese medical theory to treat adiposity. Beauty fat-reducing Instrument had been used by more than 25,000 persons in China. The total effective rate is 93%. Characteristics: 1. Safe, no side effect or danger. 2. Small volume, easy for using. 3. 10 days' treatment, the abdomen could be becoming smaller. 4. One course's treatment, the weight could be lost obviously.

Sauna Pro 3 Belt
1) With 3 belts included with the Sauna PRO 3. 2) You can target up to 3 areas at a time. 3) No more breathing in hot, sweaty air. 4) No more uncomfortable, heated wooden benches. 5) All of the targeted effect of a personal Sauna, but better. 6) This portable sauna is great for the abdomen, waist, back and hips. 7) Simply apply the belts around the chosen body parts, set your desired temperature, and let the belts do all of the work.

Abdominal Slimming Cream
Abdominal slimming cream: Abdominal slimming cream contains caffeine, tea alkali, seaweed refined from natural hawthorn, tea, seaweed and cocoa, which make effects on the fat under skin and accelerate the fat metabolizing, control and dissolve the generation of abdominal fat spilth. Main Ingredients: Guarna Caprylic/ Capric Triglceride DIME THICONE Cetearyl Alcohol.
Product Group: Slimming Cream
Company: Kunming Dali Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Gel Slimming Plaster
1) Using the world's high-tech patented biology technology of Intelligence gel as the carrier and having various natural elements. Cut down oil candy amylum quality sorption, help to eliminate grease. (2) Specially formulated to be absorbed quickly through the skin for an immediate invigoration. (3) Each patch effectively keeps you conscious and relieves fatigue during working, studying, or long drives. (4) Use it directly, contains no harmful chemicals. (5) Patch it on your belly near ...

Slimming Shaper
We supply all kinds of beautiful slim lift, shape N' slim, shape N lift with different models. Features: 1) Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL ; 2) All of your problem areas are targeted at once ; 3) Flattens tummy, slims thighs and lifts buttocks ; 4) Comfortable ; 5) Clothes fit better and look better ; 6) Cotton gusset keeps you dry and comfortable.

Slimming Capsules
The slimming capsules are made of traditional Chinese herbs, which will not cause stomach-ache or diarrhea, or influence your health. You can eat some vegetables, soy bean, fish and sea food optionally in your dinner, and chew the food slowly and carefully. That is a helpful way for your losing weight without hurting your body.
Company: Kunming Dali Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Air Belt Beauty Massager
1) Uses Adjust button to choose record, then press act to use or press the act directly to use. 2) Presses adjust button to adjust figure of stature, weight, age and sex, then press act to save record, and press one more time for start using. 3) Presses adjust button to adjust 1 to 8 vibrate level while using, also can press setting button to choose self-adjusting and hand control model. Then presses adjust button to choose 5 hand control function. 4) Self-adjusting mode: air + vibrate + ...

Body Fat Tester
1) Quick response time: in merely five seconds ; 2) Display resolution: 0.1% ; 3) Body fat measuring range: 5 to 50% ; 4) Power off automatically after every one minute of idling ; 5) With clock and alarm display ; 6) Memory: can store up to five personal data profiles ; 7) With pedometer function ; 8) With step counter ; 9) With kcal consume figure ; 10) With fat ratio display ; 11) With BMI details ; 12) With belt clip and neck strap.

Rhubarb Slimming Massage Cream
1. Full body massage slimming cream (rhubarb) ; 2. Instant efficacy fat reducing slimming cream ; 3. Slimming fat burning massage body building cream ; 4. Shaping firming body building cream ; 5. Toxin fat orange peel eliminating cream.
Product Group: Slimming Cream

Body Scale
Specifications: 1) 4-digit LCD ; 2) Height: 25mm ; 3) "LO" display at low voltage ; 4) Power: 2 lithium batteries ; 5) Overload display, auto zero tracking ; 6) Vibration switch, 6-second auto off ; 7) 4 high-precision sensors ; 8) Range: 2 - 150kg.
Product Group: Body Scale

Fumigate Navel Fat Broken Slimming Device
Through micro-computer generated eight different low-frequency cycle campaign procedures, simulated real kids, flap allows, massage, buttons, vibration, exercise, massage and other methods of percussion, in subcutaneous fat have high-speed micro vibration. Stimulate the fatty acid produced by the movement and strong impact that the expansion prompted tiny body fat away by the movement of water and waste resulting from a speed-up detoxification role. Selection casual use low fat deep sea in ...

Slimming Belt
The unique infrared function can effectively and quickly remove the unnecessary fat. It is completely controlled by microcomputer, auto process the different slimming procedures and gives an operation timetable in accordance with your gender, age, height and weight. The supplementary belt is specially designed for legs use. It will reshape your legs with perfect curve. The double belts can effectively remove the beer belly, bring the acopic result and contribute to holistic health.
Product Group: Slimming Belt

Slim Tea
Slim Tea is made from selected Fujian Oolong tea, lotus leaf, cassia tora seeds, rose and many other kinds of medicinal materials in reference of some ancient Chinese secret methods. The modern scientific method and advanced technology, which will retain the effective ingredients of these plants and abolish the undesirable odor, is applied in carefully producing the pure-natural healthy product. The tests of animal and human approve that taking "Lushanjiu " Slim Tea can reduce the ...
Product Group: Slim Tea
Company: Kunming Dali Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Jade Slimming Belt
1. The main effect is to remove the unnecessary fat of body, if with suitable eating method, it will reach better effect. 4. Spiral massage strengthens digestion power and gets rid of the internal noxious substance, promotes blood circulation makes skin glossier and makes muscles resume elasticity. It has six jade massage heads. The jade produces a light wave which has the heating therapy function.
Product Group: Slimming Belt

Leg Slimming Massager
This peculiar threr-in-one masssger for legs and foot ends. The unique machines can massage calf feet and the bottom of the feet at the same time. It can make your leg thinner and beautify your body. The figure is designed according to the shape of human legs and feet, in combination with the trend of modern fashion. It adopted the maneuver of kneading and vibratory combining the soft and strong. There are 18 kinds of actions and maneuvers for your choice. It can bring the health, easiness ...

Pedometer and Calorie
Pedometer and Calorie ; Feature: 1) Count the step with big LCD display ; 2) Calorie, distance display (in KM/Miles ) ; 3) Red, blue, green, purple, black or specified color ; 4) Convenient belt clip ; 5) With cover to avoid the figure losing.

100% THERMOGENIC Weight Loss Herbs
100% natural ingredients, with two powerful thermogenic herbs - garcinia cambogia and piper nigrum in unique formula. Garcinia cambogia is a popular over-the-counter ingredients in many weight loss formulations. Many many brands of diet pills have garcinia cambogia as major ingredients. It is a unique source of hydroxycitric acid (hca). Hca has been studied extensively and found to suppress fatty acid synthesis and food intake, in addition to sparing the use of carbohydrate in the body while ...

Slim Exerciser
Sell slim exerciser from china. 1) Records number of cycles and calories ; 2) LED light indicator and LCD display ; 3) Electronic hula-hoop replica.

Bashar Nut Slimming Capsule
1) Extracted from plants, thus it is without any toxicity, could be used safely. 2) It works as long as you take it and it's very easy to take, just 1 capsule/time/day. 3) The capsule is processed by GMP producer, complying with sanitation standards, could be taken without worry. 4) We can produce it according to customers' requests or OEM procedure. 5) No diarrhoea, no rebounding, reduces redundant fat but not water. 6) Soft capsule, fast to absorb.

Weight Loss
Designed by leading weight-loss scientists, the ShapeWorks program personalizes your daily intake of protein according to your body's individual needs. As a result you feel full, satisfied and energized as you lose your unwanted kilos, and keep them off. Get healthy weight-management support with our nutritional shake and select enhancers that support weight loss and Cellular Nutrition.
Company: Produit Naturel    Canada

Weight Loss Capsule (Loss weight 5lbs a week)
1 Day Diet: Best Weight Loss Capsule (Loss weight 5lbs a week) come from the herbal weight loss formula. Weight loss capsules help you to lose weight smoothly. The weight loss products have no effect. Want to wear the clothes you bought 3 years ago? The best herbal weight loss product-1 Day Diet will give you the chance! Produced by a SFDA approved factory with modern and professional facilities, 1 Day Diet is specially designed to suppress appetite, accelerate metabolism, drive away ...
Product Group: Weight Loss Capsule
Company: Dali Co., Ltd    china

Botanical Slimming (Meizitang) Capsule
Botanical Slimming (Meizitang) Capsule--your own brand weight loss products, the Top Slimming products Private Labeling, OEM & ODM, Free Package design Best weight loss capsules come from the herbal weight loss formula. Weight loss capsules help you to lose weight smoothly. The weight loss products have no effect. This products adopts many kinds of natural plants that possess the function of slimming and keeping nice figure. Functions: 1. Restrain the activity of lipase in ...
Product Group: Weight Loss Capsule
Company: Dali Co., Ltd    china

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