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List extensive product information of Air Purifier (include Ion Air Purifier, Air Freshener, Air Cleaner), provided by Air Purifier manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
1) Five functions of aroma diffuser, mini-humidifier, air purifier, ionizer and night lamp in one, producing a hydro-oxygen spa and enhancing the effect of aromatherapy by breaking up water and essential oil into fine mist of millions of micro-particles. 2) Driven by ultrasonic waves at a frequency of 2MHz and keep the nature and active ingredient of essential oil. 3) Beautiful industrial design based on BAMBOO concept by famous French designing agency. 4) Three colors for option: a. Pearl ...

Air Purifier
New high-efficiency air purifier in elegant space-saving design. Specifications: 1) Rated voltage: DC 5V ; 2) Negative ion: 3,000,000 ions/cc ; 3) Rated power: 7W ; 4) Effective area: 15 - 25sqm ; 5) UV bulb: >20,000hrs ; 6) TIO2: three years of usage of period.
Company: Baren Home Appliance Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.    China

Smoke Remover
1) All ionic breeze technology ; 2) T in UV light with sterilize function ; 3) Smoke disappeared immediately and also remove odor ; 4) Airborne dust, bacteria and other pollutants ; 5) NT operation, absolutely safe ; 6) Neutralize odor, emit no chemicals

Rainbow Air Freshener
1) Natural air purifying by water-bath, scent diffusing, deodorizing; remove tobacco smoke, odors, dusts and other particulates; disinfecting; humidify. 2) 7 changeable colors. 3) Control Light and motor respectively. 4) Voltage and power: 220V~240V 50Hz 16W

Electrostatic Ionizing Air Purifier
1) 3-stage air performance, it is the best device to decontaminate pollutant air through nominal HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) and activated charcoal filter to eliminate offensive odors and Japanese "DEW" filter for mould resistance and anti-microbial action. 2) Built-in Carbonized Fiber Ionizer (CFI) to generating 2.1 million/cubic centimeter ions. 3) Air circulation: 48.6 cubic meters/hour. 4) Output voltage: 4,000 to 4,300 VDC. 5) Suitable room size: 9' x ...

Solar Car Air Purifier
It is a kind of lightweight and fashionable solar air purifier which may be put on the meter board inside the car to quickly purify the air, powerfully remove dust, eliminate odor, and specially dissipate smog. It can thoroughly kill bacteria and organic substance.
Product Group: Car Air Purifier
Company: Baren Home Appliance Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.    China

Medium Filter
1) Collect 1 to 5 micron particles. 2) Large airflow. 3) Low resistance. 4) Large dust holding capacity. 5) Long service life. 6) Repeated washing. 7) Stable construction. 8) Dimensions: 595 x 595 x 46mm. 9) Efficiency: 97 - 98%. 10) Media: F9 non-woven fabric. 11) Frame: aluminum alloy, galvanized plate. 12) Available standard types of pocket filters: a) F5 pocket filter ; b) F6 pocket filter ; c) F7 pocket filter. 13) Application: a) Main filters for commercial and industrial AHU ; b) ...

Air Cleaner
1) Activated carbon filter removes dust, germs, noxious gas and odors. 2) True HEPA (or micro-wrap) filter for particles and allergens. 3) Freshens the air by generating negative ion. 4) Operate in low noise. 5) Operate by remote control or front panel. 6) Automatically turns on and adjusts fan speed when air quality sensor detects polluted air or odors. 7) Indicator light turns on when the filter needs replacement. 8) Infrared sensor (MF-3000AS) detects motions and automatically turns on / off.
Company: Baren Home Appliance Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.    China

Ion Air Purifiers
1) Ion air purifier with UL, CE, RoHS. 2) Applies advanced technology, releases 3,000,000 ion/cc. 3) Use for computers, cars, rooms, refrigerators, pets and night lights. 4) Our products have a prominent ability to kill bacteria. 5) Includes: a) USB ion air purifier series ; b) USB / car ion air purifier Series ; c) Portable ion air purifier series ; d) Pet ion air purifier series ; e) Ion air purifier with night light series ; f) Refrigerator ion air purifier series
Product Group: Ion Air Purifier

Paper Air Freshener
1) Huge selection of fragrance. 2) Great for retail and promotion. 3) It can make your can full of fragrance. 4) This display box can put 50 pieces of paper air fresheners with different fragrance assorted.
Product Group: Air Freshener

Air Refresher
It can eliminate the smell, and refresh air. It's suitable for cars, and rooms. Fragrance includes rose, sweet-scented osmanthus, lemon, jasmine and international.

Car Air Purifier
Features: 1. Three intelligent control technologies: remote control, timing for start-up, intelligent shut-down. 2. Powerful system of eight air purification. 3. Classical appearance and LCD display. 4. Double-fan and bidirectional air circle. 5. Two grades of airflow adjustable. 6. Silent operation and noise<45dB. 7. Filter expiration indication. 8. Portable and several colors available. 9. Credible effects: remove pet odors, smoke, sweat smell, fiber, floating mildew, virus, floating ...
Product Group: Car Air Purifier

Air Ventilator
1) It has elegant appearance design, making it fashionable and aesthetic. 2) The elegant arch pattern is attractive and elaborate. 3) The smart design of spring positioning and clip lock makes the installation and dismantling more convenient. 4) The stainless steel inlay makes it more elegant. 5) The internal mounted back-flow stop board can only open and close in one way only, so the sealing effect is better

Electric Air Fresheners
1) Can remove various unpleasant odors and keep air fresh and fragrant. 2) Scent: lemon, lily, lavender, jasmine, rose

Air Purifier
Can filtrate dust and adsorb the dust, hair, pollen, peculiar smell and funk, smoke and the particle in the air effectively, strongly decompose formaldehyde and other carcinogenic substance caused by fitment of building

Ionizing Air Blower
Specifications: 1) Ling voltage: 110VAC / 60Hz, 220VAC / 50Hz ; 2) Current draw: a) Max. 0.2A (fan high, light on) ; b) Min. 0.1A (fan low, light off) ; 3) Air volume output: fan speed flow ; a) Low 50 CFM: 2.5m/s ; b) High 90 CFM: 4.0m/s ; 4) Air flow characteristics: 30 x 30cm area coverage ; 5) Operating temperature: 0 - 50°C ; 6) Enclosure: stainless steel ; 7) Finish: powder coat. Made in china.
Product Group: Air Blower

Car Plug-In Ionizer
1) Generates millions of negative ions to revitalize the air and reduce bacteria by precipitating airborne particles. 2) Charcoal filter: absorbs smoke, traffic fumes and other offensive odors. 3) High performance fan quickly and quietly purifies the car's interiors. 4) Operates on 12 volt outlet of your car's cigarette lighter. 5) Articulated plug-in design is suitable for almost all dashboard configurations. 6) LED power indicator light illuminates to let you know your air is ...

Anion Air Purifier
1. USB connector: DC 5V ; 2. Product dimensions: 90 x 40 x 20mm ; 3. Outside colors available: pearl color, grey, coffee ; 4. Main functions: a. Designed for computer users ; b. Producing anion continuously, cleaning the air, relieving fatigue ; c. Eliminating mist, dust, bacteria and odor ; d. Eliminating static electricity, electromagnetic radiation free ; 5. Characteristics: a. Small size with USB power connector ; b. High concentration of anion and low concentration of ozone, without odor

Car Oxygen Bar
Made from china. Features: 1) Kills virus, prevents illness, filters dust and smoke ; 2) Improved working efficiency ; 3) Air cleaning

Air Purifier
1) Material: compound fertilizer, water, antiseptic, ethyl alcohol, and isopropanol. 2) Purpose: cleaning for air freshening. 3) Net content: 300ml - 380ml. 4) Fragrance: lavender, lemon, etc.

USB Air Purifier for Computer
1) Infrared ray: helpful to activate the nucleic acid, improve the micro-circulation and immunity. 2) Anion: more than 3 million ions are generated per second which makes you a fresh environment equal to 5,000 square meters forest. 3) Ultraviolet light: the length of the UV radiation is 320 - 350nm and the sterilization rate is more than 92%. 4) Activated carbon filter: can effectively break down kinds of poisonous fumes and odor like formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia. 5) HEPA filter: the ...

Air Fresheners
1) Simple wall-mounted or free standing unit. 2) 2-different size air fresheners available for different environment. 3) 24-hour odor control for a full 30 days using with one D-size battery. 4) Air flow vents and strong fan disperses the fragrance continuously for complete room coverage. 5) Removable and exchangeable motor set for the model of 362. 6) Various sizes of motor available to fit in the air-freshener

Water and Air Purifier
1) Uses water to purify harmful substance in the air. 2) Swift to eliminate smoke, no need to worry about the harmful smog especially the second-hand smoke. 3) Good ability to purify air and eliminate the dust, easy to remove allergic source, and reduce allergy and asthma. 4) Humidifies the air and effective to prevent from air conditioner disease. 5) Hyper ability of killing midge, bacteria and virus avoiding second infection. 6) Hyper ability of deodorizing, eliminating smoke, wine bad ...

Photocatalyst Air Cleaning Machine
This machine is used to purify air, dispel peculiar smell, poisonous and organic gas. It can kill the bacilli living in the air, so it's efficient to avoid diseases of breathing organs, especially for the old and the little kids. Applications: It is used in houses, bedrooms, hospitals, residences of the elder people, kindergartens, reading rooms, offices, entertainment places, cellars, factories with organic gas, working rooms with solvent printers or inkjet printers and some other ...

Deodorizer For Shoes Or Wardrobe
1) Can be used for shoes or wardrobe. 2) Releases ozone to kill viruses, bacteria and eliminates awful or special odors in shoes or wardrobes. 3) Battery operated

Air Purifier
(1) It kills bacteria, pathogen and formaldehyde, fresh air by UV light. (2) Ionizer removes bad smell and purifies air, activating the oxygen molecule in air, easier for body absorption. (3) Humilis perfume makes nice smell inside of car. (4) Voltage: 12V. (5) Electric current: 1.15A

Air dynamic-disinfectant dolly
1. This equipment can effectively prevent the spread of epidemic illnesses. Besides, it adopts the latest developing technologies, including: automaticlally removing dust, dual dynamic sterilization, increasing Oxygen anion, constant temperature and humidity. 2. sterilization efficiency can reach to 99.9%; settling microbe: ≤15/(utensil•30 min); 10, 000≥clean grade ≥300,000. 3. auto-removing dust and odor, increasing Oxygen anion and controlling second microorganism contamination. ...
Company: NICOLER Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd    China

Aroma diffuser, Essential oil diffuser
Offers Aroma diffuser, Essential oil diffuser, Humidifier, Mist maker lamp for sell Function: 1. Aromtherapy experience 2. Anion-therapy 3. Color-therapy 4. Air-purifier 5. Mini-humidifier 6. Night-light Specifications: Aroma diffuser Color: Ivory/Silver-gray Lamp color:blue,green,pink,white,changeable color Atomizing ability: 80ml/hour Applicable space: 30 square meters Rated voltage: 24 VDC Rated power: 15 W Power Adapter: 100V~240V AC 50/60 Hz Timing: A: 0.5H, B: 1H ...
Product Group: Aroma Diffuser
Company: Shangze International Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Aroma diffuser
1.Adding perfume and essencial oils,perfect aroma diffuser; 2.Keep air fresh,sterilization function; 3.Easy to operate,safe and reliable; 4.Low power consumption; 5.Nice apperance.
Product Group: Aroma Diffuser
Company: Shenzhen Guanglei Electronics Co.,Ltd    china

Air Purifier
XJ-3800-I Ionic Air Purifier utilizes a super-sized plasma dust collector and HEPA filter in addition to its capability to produce a rich amount of negative ions and activated oxygen. By using 7 layer filters, the unit can powerfully remove dust, odors and smokes lingering in the air, and effectively improve the air condition in the surrounding. It can filter particulates as small as 0.1 micron at an effective rate of 99.97%. The unit incorporates smoke and dust sensor that can ...
Company: Crusaders Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.    India

Home Moisture And Odor Removal Dehumidifier
Product Description: 1,activated carbon dehumidifier 2,odor removal,air purification,refresher 3,dampness treatment 4,customized About Moisture And Odor Removal Dehumidifier: Activated carbon dehumidifier box is made from high quality coconut shell, nutshell, granular or columnar, packed with material of compound non woven or flannel, kind of water carton box, especially act as wardrobe dehumidifier! With a strong moisture adsorption and odour removal capacity, make ...
Company: Shanghai Yixuan Desiccant Co.,Ltd    China

Wall-mounted Ozone generator
NOTE: 1. Applcation area: air purifier 2. Cooling way: air fan 3. power source: 220v/50hz, 110v/60hz 4. Shell material: Platic APPLICATION AREAS: This generator is widely used for hosipitals, medicine shops, packing room, food workshops, super- markets, hotels, offices, meeting rooms and so on.. This product can be hung on the wall, so it can save much space. It is enjoying great popularity around the world for its wonderful design, ...

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