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1) Product size: 520 x 582 x 1,650mm. 2) Packing size: 585 x 650 x 1,735mm. 3) Gross weight/net weight: 66/59kg. 4) Refrigerant: R600A. 5) Total volume: 215L. 6) Consumption: 0.77kW.h/24h. 7) Colors: wine red/gem blue/shining blue

Portable Bug Zapper
1) Power: a) Built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous use from a single charge ; b) Directly from an AC adaptor (included) ; 2) Attracts and eliminates flying insects. 3) Special ultraviolet light. 4) Completely portable, place on a tabletop or use the built-in hanging hook to hang anywhere. 5) Clean, safe and economical, all year round protection.

Infrared Detergent Dispenser
1) Power: AC 110 - 230V, 50 / 60Hz 2) Automatic detergent inductor 3) Clean and easy use 4) No need to switch on/off 5) Unique design and easy cleaning and operation 6) Bottom absorber against slipping and viration 7) High density plastic, enviromentally friendly and healthy
Product Group: Detergent Dispenser

Multi-Functional Dryer
The drying medium of this product is high temperature central heating. The temperature of central heating can be adjusted by using power optional switch. Through accessories like drying case for clothes, drying bag for quilt and drying implement for shoes, you can drying clothes, quilt and shoes. Extending the extension tube of main unit into chest of clothes, you can drying the clothes inside. There is activated carbon net at the air inlet of dryer, which used to purify the central heating. ...
Company: Ningbo Yongdian Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.    China

Electric Hotplate
1) Fashionable: nice and fashionable design with indicator light. 2) Clean: no flame, fume, smoke and pollution, easy and convenient to clean, and keeps your pot or pan always clean. 3) Convenient: small, portable and movable, easy to operate, constant temperature available. 4) Safe: high reliability, cooking without fire and preventing dangers from fire, poison or explosion. 5) Body dimensions: 248 x 274 x 81mm
Product Group: Electric Hot Plate
Company: Ningbo Yongdian Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.    China

Steel Tube Folding Ladder
1) Plastic sprayed steel step. 2) Can be used as either steps or as a steel ladder. 3) Self locking with back support rail for extra safety. 4) Dimensions (open size): (H)89 x (W)47 x (D)58cm. 5) Layer: 2 steps. 6) Main material: steel. 7) Max. working load: 130kg
Product Group: Folding Ladder

Electronic Scale Module / Sensor
1) Infrared wireless remote control scale, with wireless receiving part. 2) Low battery test value. 3) Low battery indicator. 4) Transducer of resistance strain gage type. 5) Overload, minus indication of weight. 6) Switch unit. 7) Function keys: on / off, mode, tare / zero sensor. 8) Load cell feature: a) Adopts high precision strain gauge technology ; b) Offset loading error: <0.1% ; c) Non-linearity error: <0.1% ; d) TC sprain: <0.1% ; e) Repeatability error: <0.1%

Breakfast Maker
1) Power: 1,200W. 2) AM/FM radio, clock, toaster oven (7.0L), coffee maker (350mL). 3) Double safe design, High temperature control. 4) Automatically keep warm setting. 5) Heat selector. 6) Oven timer: 15 minutes. 7) On/off switch for coffee maker. 8) Non-stick coating frying pan. 9) Removable crumb tray and baking tray. 10) Listen to radio at the same time as cooking, frying, or making coffee
Product Group: Breakfast Maker

Electric Oven
1) Electric thermostat up to 250 degrees. 2) Upper and lower heaters, three heating ways. 3) 60 minute timer with automatic Switch off. 4) With a capacity of 14 litres
Product Group: Electric Oven
Company: Ningbo Yongdian Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.    China

Bathroom Heater
1) It adopts aesthetic design and gives fashionable charm The internal hidden circuit design and internal air change shows a perfect combination of technology and humanity. 2) The titanium face cover with inlaid stainless steel shows magnificent quality. 3) The internal air change can keep the air in the room fresh. 4) The internal lighting lamp furnishes it with lighting function. 5) It adopts new type metal box casing which is sealed, dampproof and resistant to high temperature. 6) The ...

Soy Milk Maker
) Unique and animated design, fashionable and attractive. 2) Initiated patent power-inlet structure, reliable and safe. 3) Initiated patent paste making technology, can make various kinds of liquid food. 4) Initiated STEW technology makes the milk more fragrant and delicious. 5) The helical grinding-knife with angle dentation device, which can grind the food materials thoroughly, can raise the density of soybean milk mostly. 6) Easy to clean and never scorch. 7) Multi-functional device, ...
Product Group: Milk Maker

1) Laminating width: 118 x 236 x 334mm. 2) Laminating thickness: max. 0.8mm. 3) Power: 220 - 240V AC. 4) Unit dimensions: 208 x 138 x 65mm, 350 x 155 x 82mm, 424 x 138 x 65mm. 5) Weight: 0.8kg, 1.5kg, 1.75kg. 6) Cover material: ABS (94V0). 7) Roller material: silicon rubber. 8) Heating material: mica plate. 9) Lamp: D5.0 LED

Silkscreen Tempered Glass
1) As tempered glass, it can withstand a high temperature about 250°C. 2) Dimensions: 392mm x 392mm x 6mm. 3) Edge: round edge, finished and grinded. 4) Surface: peripheral silkscreen black on one side, 4 Φ10mm holes, 4 chamfer angles with angular radius of 40mm. 5) Thickness: 4mm - 8mm. 6) The size and shape can be changed to meet customers' requirements. 7) Application: lamps and lanterns
Product Group: Tempered Glass

Food Waste Disposer
1) High speed permanent magnet motor, powerful start force, fast rolling, 2) Efficient, small and light. 3) Saves time, electricity and water. 4) Stainless steel for built-in parts, never rust, knock, crash and grind waste into granule pulp in 30 seconds. 5) Grinding chest: made of unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforced plastics stable, high tension and rigidity, innocuous, fireproof, erosion and aging resistant, flavorless, 10 to 15 years usage life. 6) Noise and vibration are greatly ...
Product Group: Food Waste Disposer

Wet Towel Dispensers
1) Weight: 9kg - 12kg. 2) Voltage: 220V, 50Hz. 3) Power consumption: 400W. 4) Production speed: 30pcs/m. 5) Water tank volume: 1.0L

Digital Multimeter
1) 3 1/2 digital multimeter. 2) 70 x 50mm large LCD display. 3) Back light and data hold. 4) Diode, triode performance and continuity test. 5) Shock-proof, protective holster. 6) AC frequency response: 40 - 400Hz. 7) DC voltage: 200mV/2V/20V/200V/1000V (0.5%+3). 8) AC voltage: 2V/20V/200V/750V (0.8%+5). 9) DC current: 20uA/ 200uA/ 20mA/ 200mA/ 2A/20A (0.8%+4). 10) AC current: 200mA/2A/20A (1.0%+5). 11) Resistance: 200Hz / 2kHz / 20kHz / 200kHz / 2MHz / 200MHz (0.8%+3). 12) Capacitance: ...
Product Group: Digital Multimeter

Electric Raclette Grill
1) Can grill meat, toasts, fry eggs, potatos and other items 2) Quick grilling with perfect results 3) Quickly and finely grilled 4) Melt cheese in 3-4min 5) Large capacity plate 6) Easy to use, easy to clean 7) Power: AC 220 - 240V, 50 - 60Hz, 800W
Product Group: Electric Grill

Popcorn Maker
1) Popcorn made by hot air circulation for less calories. 2) A healthy and tasty snack for the whole family. 3) Easy to make. 4) Preparation without oil. 5) On / off switch. 6) With butter melting container. 7) 230V 50Hz 1,200W
Product Group: Popcorn Maker

Raw Materials For Refrigeration
We can provide various raw materials including capillary tubes, steel tubes, aluminum tubes, welding rods, PCM sheets, VCM sheets, PE powder and polyol for refrigeration from china.

Towel Cooler and Warmer
1) Cool / hot switch function. 2) Single door. 3) LED display for temperature. 4) Two racks inside each cabinet for easy removal of all towels. 5) Side open door or pull down door. 6) Cooling: by thermoelectricity, temperature can be controlled 12°C . 18°C below ambient temperature. 7) Heating: by heating elements, 75°C by set-point thermostat. 8) Aluminum inner chamber. 9) Water collecting tray in the front underneath the door to collect condensation. 10) Outside dimensions (L x W x H): ...
Product Group: Towel Cooler

Electric Cordless Water Kettle
1) 360-degree rotation connector base. 2) High strength heat insulation material to avoid scald. 3) Transparent water level gauge. 4) Power indicator light. 5) Multi-protection device, automatic power off while water is boiling dry-burning safety device, over heating protection. 6) Keep warm and auto kinetic to work when the temperature is low. 7) Rated voltage: 220V. 8) Power input: 1,500W. 9) Capacity: 1L
Product Group: Electric Cordless Water Kettle

Sticky Roller
Features: 1) Remove surface particles from work benches, carpets, furniture, clothes and can remove dust effectively. 2) It consists of a roller and a handle similar to that using for white washing walls. 3) Tears off the dirty sheet on the roller when it can't sock dirt. Specifications: 1) Sizes: 4", 6", 8", 10", 12" (120 floors/roll). 2) Colors: white, transparent

Fast Ice Maker
1) Fast ice maker. 2) Environmental-friendly refrigerant R134a/R600. 3) Automatically turns off when water tank is empty or ice tank is full. 4) 3 ice cube sizes. 5) External water refill. 6) Manually water pours in. 7) The shell can be made out of stainless steel or plastic material
Product Group: Ice Maker

Carbon Monoxide & Flammable Gas Leakage Detector
1) Detects carbon monoxide & flammable gas leakage. 2) Highly selective semiconductor sensor providing highly reliable accuracy. 3) LED indicates: a) Power indicator: green Led ; b) Flammable gas alert: yellow Led ; c) Carbon monoxide alert: red Led ; d) Fault on sensor: both yellow & red Led ; 4) Reset function. 5) Alarm sound level: ≥80db. 6) Power supply: 12V AC. 7) Unit size: 115 x 70 x 40mm

Smelleze® Reusable Basement Deodorizer Pouch: X Large | NoOdor.com
Remove musty basement smell without harmful fragrances with Smelleze Reusable Basement Deodorizer Pouch. Damp basement odor doesn't stand a chance! Smelleze™ is reusable & lasts a year. Safe for people, pets & planet. This green deodorizer really works & is a excellent basement remedy for mold & mildew smell!
Company: IMTEK | NoOdor.com    USA

Paragon Theater Pop 12oz Popcorn Machine ------$300usd
Paragon Theater Pop 12oz Popcorn Machine ------$300usd Styled just like the poppers you see at the local movie house, the Theater Pop line has a bright red cabinet and classic graphics that fit almost any décor. Each full featured machine pops delicious, theater quality popcorn in 3 to 5 minutes, is easy to use and easy to maintain. Theater Pop machines are all officially approved for COMMERCIAL use as: (ETL tested to) UL 197 / CSA 22.2 NO. 109 / NSF4 / CE
Company: Albany Equipment Ltd    United Kingdom

One Shot Ice Cream Machine New In Original Packaging $200usd
One Shot Ice Cream Machine New In Original Packaging $200usd This is a very neat little unit. It is a one shot ice cream machine for soft serve ice cream. It uses ice cream "pods" that are inserted into the machine then it compresses it to dispense ice cream. It powers on fine and is in brand new condition with original packaging. Power cord is included.
Company: Albany Equipment Ltd    United Kingdom

Oais 18\\\"x26\\\"x25\\\" CRESCOR H339188 MOBILE FOOD WARMER ---$170usd
Oais 18"x26"x25" CRESCOR H339188 MOBILE FOOD WARMER ---$170usd INSIDE MEASUREMENTS: 18" x 26" x 25" MODEL: H339188 SERIAL NO: JIJK1359 VOLTS: 120 WATTS: 900 PHASE: 1 HZ: 50 / 60 OVERALL MEASUREMENTS: 23" x 30" x 32" WEIGHT: 130 LBS
Company: Albany Equipment Ltd    United Kingdom

Colorful PVC Electrical Tapes
Product Name:Colorful PVC Electrical Tapes Item NO.:LD-1013 Length:5m-50m,or according to clients' specific requirements Width:1.2cm-4.8cm or According to client's specific requirements Thickness:0.10-0.18mic Colors: Colorful or according to client's specific requirements Material:PVC film ,and acrylic emulsion glue Core Printing : available,plastic core Logo :According to client's specific requirements any logo is welcome Packing Details:10 ...
Company: Leadgrand International Trade Co.,Ltd    China

DM800 Satellite Receiver Manufacturer china
satellite receiver Features: 【Code】:DVB-SHD02  【Type】:dvb-s 【Introduction】: 300MHz MIPS processor Linux operating system A smart card reader MPEG2/H.264 hardware decoder Pluggable tuner modules LED panel with instructions 64MFlash 256MRam Built-in 2.5-inch hard drive or Esata 10/100M Ethernet port Two USB2.0 interface V24/RS232 interface Single-EPG (Electronic Program Guide): sortable by data or alphabetically Automatic ...
Company: Guangzhou Xinlongda Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd    CHINA

LCD/LED 55inch Floor standing digital signage with wifi/3G
1. Power supply: AC110V-240V 2. Memory card: support CF/SD cards and with USB port Multiple file formats supported for advertising player: mp3, mp4, jpg, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 and AVI format. 3.can play back automatically when power on,timing power on/off function. ...
Company: Shenzhen Yochda Technology Co.,Ltd.    China

Pecan and Nut Cracker
The nutcracker with a unique retro-style design Cracks nuts of all kinds with little effort Nut holder is adjustable to accommodate different nut sizes Device made from steel (matt chrome look), base made from wood Size:20X5X26.5cm Weight:712g China supplier: Email : fangzhengcn@hotmail.com Skype ID : chanceller819 http://chinagift.en.ecplaza.net
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

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