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List extensive product information of Kitchenware, provided by Kitchenware manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Silicone Bakeware
Shape: many different shapes are available, such as round, rectangular, square, shell, star, muffle pans an so on. Strength: 1. Safe to dish wash, non-stick, non-poisonous. 2. Environmental protection. 3. Can be folded easy for space saving. 4. Has a good resistance for high temperature and low temperature at the same time. 5. Silicone seems distribute heat evenly, but compared with the metal pans or regular aluminum pans, cakes baked in the silicone bakeware require less time.

Steam Wok
1) Made with quality stainless steel, elegant and durable. 2) Three-ply compacting wielding base from Italian technology ensures the quick and even heat transmission. 3) G-model sealing design avoids nutrition losing and keeping food fresh. 4) Effective reduce oil stain, making food free from burning. 5) No-leaking design, free to slant if necessary. 6) Tailor-made handle, adiabatic and comfortable. 7) Surface made with IH electromagnetic induction material, suitable for gas stove, electric ...

Aluminum Pressure Cooker
1) Aluminum alloy A3003 body and cover. 2) Polished surface and shining looking. 3) The silicon sealing ring, without poison or odor, sealing well, easy to open and close the lid. 4) Quick and even heat transmission
Company: Nanlong Group Co., Ltd.    China

Opener Material: PP. 1 set of corkscrew and opener, with saw tooth on opener. More designs available

Wine Rack
Framework: three layers with three plates. Material: wooden, leather, and metal. You may enjoy your life fully after work or in daily life, or share the life with your family or your sweetheart.

Cookware Set
1) Top quality 18/10 stainless steel. 2) Three-ply compacting wielding base ensures even and quick heat transmission. 3) Transparent glass cover keeps your monitoring the cooking procedure. 4) Special designed handle. 5) Multi-functions for cooking, such as stewing, boiling, frying

Aluminum Soup Pot
1) Diameter: 28cm. 2) Height: 12.5cm. 3) Body: 2.5mm. 4) Qty: 12 sets. 5) Volume: 54 x 58 x 27cm. 6) Non-stick aluminum wok. 7) Famous brand non-stick coating, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant. 8) Convenient to use and clean. 9) Exquisite handle design

Cooler Bag & Grill
1) Fashionable BBQ grill with cooler bag. 2) Easy to clean. 3) It is conveniently portable. 4) Different styles available

Tempered Glass Cutting Board
1) Material: high quality figured tempered glass; the hardness is 5 or 6 times than the normal glass chopping board. 2) Style: printed or posted beautiful pictures, we could produce according your design or requirement. 3) Uses: used for cutting fruits, bread and vegetables. 4) Various sizes available at client's requirements. 5) Environmental daily-use products, Stain resistant, Heat resistant, distortion-. resist, fireproof, microwavable. Could stand 350°C, the temperature change ...

Kitchen Accessories
1) Quality stainless steel ensures high durability and makes it looks elegant. 2) All parts made with stainless steel, durable and good for health. 3) Classical human-oriented engineering design with fashionable style.

Splatter Guard with Tempered Glass
Splatter guard: 1) Color: pan. 2) Cover: silver. 3) Handle: black. 4) Outer diameter: 30cm. 5) Material thickness: 0.6mm. 6) Weight: approx. 420g. 7) Coating: xylene 8505. Splatter guard with tempered glass: Color: pan. 1) Cover: black. 2) Handle: black. 3) Outer diameter: 30cm. 4) Material: tempered glass, carbon steel and bakelite

Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Wax coating for rust resistance, or other coatings(enamel, vegetable oil) Healthy Dutch oven is made with Camp Chef Advantage Cast Iron. The lid is easily reversed for use as a skillet. Excellent for eggs. pancakes or sausage. The classic Dutch oven base is perfect for potatoes or cobbler. Whatever you cook will come out with that one-of-a-kind cast iron oven flavor. Includes lift tool. starter booklet with seasoning tips. sample bread recipe. desert recipe. and main dish recipe. Weighs 25 ...

Apron Material: 100% cotton sheeting. With imprint garment banding. With three bags on the front. With embroidery on the bags

Sauce Pan
1) Multi-dimensional design ensures even and quick heat transmission. 2) Energy saving and heat preservation save time and energy. 3) Durable non-stick coating easy to use and clean. 4) Real rusted-proof surface keeps it new after a long time. 5) Effectively reduce the oil stain. 6) Apparent glass cover makes you keep tab on the process of cooking. 7) Metal shovel applicable
Company: Nanlong Group Co., Ltd.    China

Ceramic Igniter
Our electrode and flame sensors are made from high quality electrode wire with steatite and alumina insulators. We also use high voltage connection cables with PTFE or silicone rubber insulation. Specifications: 1) Material: 95% alumina with the screw thread ceramic insulator. 2) Stainless steel

Kitchen Knives
1) Main products: a) Kitchen knives ; b) Knife blocks ; c) Table ware. 2) Blade material: stainless steel 420J2. 3) High quality ensured by 20 years of experience

Kitchen Scissors
1) Size: 8". 2) Material: stainless steel. 3) Processes: forging, heat treatment. 4) Sharp blade and comfortable to use. 5) Durable and long using life. 6) With opening capsule

Kitchen Shears
1) Strong and durable stainless steel blade. 2) Easy to chop anytime and anywhere. 3) Ergonomic comfort grip handle. 4) Quickly chops and processes everything in one bowl. 5) Easy to chop, dice and mix

Food Steamer
1) Exterior water refill. 2) Automatic stop with alarm. 3) Steam within 30 seconds. 4) Removable grids. 5) Easy to store, easy to serve, and straight to table. 6) Can prepare a complete meal. 7) For healthy, tasty and nutritious food cooking. 8) Power: 220 240V AC, 50 60Hz, 400W

Single-Face Spring Scales
1) Capacity: 2kg, 4kg, 8kg, 10kg. 2) Increment value: 5g, 10g, 20g. 3) Dimensions: 28.5 x 23.5 x 30cm. 4) Weight: 2kg. 5) Color: gray, blue, green

Pressure Cooker
1) The pressure cooker is designed and equipped with multi-devices for safety. 2) Material: S/S 18/8. 3) Higher intensity and rigidity withstand wear and scrape, it's hard to deform. 4) Reliable pressure control devices ensure your safety, it's convenient to use. 5) As a healthy and pollution-free cooker for modern family, it's resistant to corrosion. 6) Good thermal conductively and even heart transmission, it's beneficial to save energy. 7) Sandwich bottom, unique ...
Company: Nanlong Group Co., Ltd.    China

Ice Bucket
1) Lumbar-shaped ice bucket with lid. 2) Material: 304, handle: zinc alloy. 3) Thickness: 0.6mm. 4) Capacity: 2L. 5) Net weight: 518g. 6) Product size: 152 x H190 x 110mm

Microwave Bacon Tray
Microwave bacon tray: For bacon cooked to perfection in your microwave. The design of "bacon wave" keeps the bacon out of the grease, but leaves in the flavor of frying pan; while substantially reducing the fat and cholesterol Makes bacon healthier. Less fat and cholesterol. Cooks bacon evenly. Separates bacon from unwanted grease

Kitchen Scale
1) Equipped with a high precision strain gauge sensor system. 2) Safe material (PP safe for foods). 3) Auto off and manual off. 4) Tare function. 5) Low power and overload indicator. 6) Power: 1 x 3V CR2032 lithium battery. 7) Division: 1kg x 1g, 2kg x 1g, 3kg x 1g

Kitchen Utensil
1) 3 - 4pcs per set made in ceramic. 2) Set includes oil bottle, vinegar bottle, pepper container, and salt container

Whistling Kettle With Filter
1) Material: 18/8 stainless steel. 2) 0.5mm thickness. 3) Without magnetism material. 4) Capacity available: 0.7L, 1.1L, 2.0L, 2.5L, 3.5L, 4.0L. 5) Bakelite handle. 6) Steel filter. 7) Outside: mirror polishing. 8) Strainer material: stainless steel

Food Thermometer
1) Wide range of applications. 2) Digital LCD display. 3) Max/Min temperature auto record and display. 4) Data hola for easy reading and memory. 5) Auto power-off to save battery power. 6) Measuring range: -50 ~ 150oC. 7) Sample rate: Every 2 or 5 seconds. 8) Dimensions: 150 x 40 x 35mm

Electronic Kitchen Scale
Specifications: 1) Capacity: 2kg/3kg/5kg. 2) Divisions: 1g/1g/2g. 3) Equipped with strain gauge sensor. 4) Tare function. 5) With detachable glass pan for easy cleaning. 6) Color: White/gray/silver

30L Stainless Steel Step Dustbin
Pedal dustbin with Stainless steel external shell and plastic inner handled bucket. Optional satin and mirror finish to suit different needs. Suitable for household and office.
Product Group: Waste Bin
Company: Spinning Wheel Industrial Limited    china

30L Powder Coated Steel Pedal Dustbin
Pedal dustbin with Stainless steel lid and bottom plate, powder coated external shell and plastic inner handled bucket. Optional colors to suit different needs. Suitable for household and office.
Product Group: Trash Bin
Company: Spinning Wheel Industrial Limited    china

Foil Rolls
Aluminum Foils Rolls: 1: For Roasting: Baked goods can be heated more uniform, keep the goods more delicious, to keep the oven clean. 2: For Freezing: Prevent ice to cover the frozen food surface, extend the time for the goods storage, and keep the food fresh. 3: For Grilling: Easy to use, health, the surface of the food is heated evenly, avoid the portion of the goods into scorched. 4: For Storage: Easy to storage, keep fresh, prevent odor, bacteria and pollution. 5: For Wrapping: Easy ...
Company: Zhejiang Jinhua Majestic Aluminum Packing Co.,Ltd    China

Cake Pan
Aluminum Foil Containers: 1: Environmental health materials: Uses aluminum foil material which can be recycled to solve white pollution problems such as the difficult melted disposable plastic, so let us enjoy the low carbon life. 2: Uses convenient and health: Applicate to various cooking methods and can be hold various types of food, There is needn’t to change any container from the refrigerator to oven. 3: Save Cost: Aluminum foil container with light weight, it’s not only easy to ...
Company: Zhejiang Jinhua Majestic Aluminum Packing Co.,Ltd    China

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