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Detailed Cool Cushion, Water Pillow Description:

Portable and multi-purpose water pillow, the cool cushion. The inflating of our company is filled on the multi-purpose cushion of water, Rest the head on the products and adopt nonpoisonous, stimulated, softly , the elasticity is strong, able to bear pressing 1000kg/m2 advanced PVC compound nylon by cloth it make. Fill water and make the pillow, cushion to use in summer, fully enjoy the nice and cool feeling that slips. The thing, cushion are used to inflate and make swimming and float in summer, enjoyment is much much, comfortable and incomparable . Can act as the pillow, cushion, cushion, hot-water bottle to use to inflate, fill the hot water in winter. It is angry to blow with the mouth directly; Direct fire hose water flooding. Small, light, easy to wash, Regulate soft and hard at will at last, shoulding play in the water on the seabeach particularly, outdoor recreation, travel use.

Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Cool Cushion, Water Pillow in china.

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