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List extensive product information of Pest Control (include Insect Killer, Mosquito Killer, Mosquito Net, Mosquito Swatter, Mosquito Incense Coil, Mouse Trap), provided by Pest Control manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Black Mosquito Coil
Our Mosquito Coil is made with the high quality original drug of synthetic pyrethrin and well-chosen materials from all kinds of wood powder or charcoal powder.The active ingredientd-allethrinused in our coil is a world famous insecticide as one of the safest Mosquito Repellent.The coil is harmless to human bodies and livestock while knocking down and killing mosquito rapidly with possess fragrant smell.It can make air pure and fresh. Each coil bums for 8-12hours with superior quality. spec: ...
Product Group: Mosquito Coil
Company: Jinjiang Laojun Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Mosquito Killer Bat
1) Kill mosquito, winging insect and lighting. 2) 500mAH lead-acid battery. 3) Charging voltage: AC 220V/50Hz. 4) Work voltage: 2,200V. 5) Has electrical source protect switch, much more security

Flower Branch and Mousetrap
We can supply all kinds of extending products of low-carbon steel wire such as straighten-cut wire, U-type wire, paper-coated wire, hexagon mesh, braided wire, flower branch, and mousetrap from china.

Mosquito Net
1) Material: knitted 100% polyester 2) Netting with stripe shaped decoration 3) Rattan/plastic ring (65cm) suspension for top 4) Top: without decorations 5) Inside net with ties to tied the poles 6) Mesh: 16 holes/cm2 1) Dimensions (D x H x C): a) Children's bed: 40 x 230 x 600cm b) Single bed: 50 x 230 x 680cm c) Double bed: 65 x 250 x 1250cm
Company: Shuibao Mosquito Netting & Canopy Textiles Inc.    China

Mouse Traps
Those products are 4-5 kinds of mouse traps which are specially designed. They are largely used indoor and outside to kill or catch up different sizes of mice and other pests, which are conveniently used and effective.

Mosquito Swatter
1) Has three layers. 2) It is not harmful to humans or pets. 3) Environmentally friendly. 4) Just kills mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and all flying insects on contact. 5) Contains an activation button that can pressed conveniently while holding the racket. 6) It can be used indoors and outdoors. 7) Light weight, convenient and easy to carry. 8) Source: rechargeable 9 contains an led that turns on indicating that the racket is activated. 9) Product size: 49 x 20cm

Mosquito Coil
1) Type: black incense coil. 2) Usage: promptly killing flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and ants. 3) Safe for humans and livestock. 4) Burning time: 10 hours, 12 hours

Fiberglass Insect Screen
Made of plain woven PVC coated fiberglass yarn, our insect screens are characterized by their UV proof, ventilating, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, strong shape, long usage life and other properties. It is widely used for air exchange and insect proofing in buildings, fields, gardens, vegetable sheds and other structures.

Solar Pest Repeller
1) Repels pests by giving off audible sound. 2) Power: solar power (include rechargeable battery). 3) Automatic working mode, optimized intermittent sound

Black Mosquito Repellent Incense Coil
1) Type: black incense coil 2) Usage: promptly killing flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and ants 3) Safe for human and livestock

Cockroach Glue House
1) Product: mouse glue traps, cockroach glue house, worm glue traps, flies glue traps, mosquitoes glue paper. 2) They share properties in both environmental protection and hygienic without medicine and power waste. 3) Meanwhile, it is safe to employ and effective in sticking rats, cockroach and flies

Portable UV Insect, Fly and Mosquito Killer
1) Input voltage: 110V/230V AC. 2) Lamp type: 10W ultra-violet tube (item no. LP106). 3) Lure range: 100 square meters. 4) Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 28cm. 5) Weight: 1.3kg.

Black Mosquito Repellent Incense Coil
Black Mosquito Repellent Incense Coil Features: 1) Different effective components for Asia, Africa and South America. 2) Long lasting effect and with fragrance. 3) Safe for human and livestock. 4) No smoke mosquito repellent incense is also available

Solar Mosquito Killing Lamp
1) Solar powered and packed with rechargeable batteries. 2) Ultra-right LED: white and purple. 3) After you turn on the lamp, the iron net around the bulb has certain voltage to kill mosquitoes. 4) Powered by charger for indoor use. 5) Working time not less than24hours when fully charged. 6) Wonderful lighting tool for indoor, garden, yard and camping use and can prevent mosquito. 7) Solar panel: single / multi crystalline silicone. 8) Voltage / capacity: 2.4V / 800mA. 9) Lighting source: ...

Insect Killer
1) Material: aluminium alloy (outer shell), ABS fireproofing. 2) Size: 490 x 110 x 325 (mm). 3) Input power: 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz. 4) Voltage: 1500VDC - 2000VDC 2.6mA. 5) Lamp: 2 x 15W. 6) Decorative designs for homes, factories, restaurants and hospitals

Mosquito Net
1) Type: Mosquito Net Y/150; Y/180. 2) Specification: 195 x 148 x 148; 195 x 178 x 148. 3) Bracing: bracket type. 4) Door: four moved door. 5) Gauze: 32 holes, cream-colored. 6) Characteristic: two Coats JinLun ruffle. 7) Composition: 100% polyester
Company: Shuibao Mosquito Netting & Canopy Textiles Inc.    China

Mouse Traps
We can supply metal mouse trap with large, medium, and small sizes. We can also supply wooden mouse traps from china.

Mosquito Net
This mosquito canopy can unfold and fold in seconds. The spring steel frame is durable and safe. The rectangular space provides more space, while the netting keeps bugs and mosquitoes away from babies and toddlers
Company: Shuibao Mosquito Netting & Canopy Textiles Inc.    China

Pest Killer
1) A shell made of specially treated aluminum alloy, light, oil-resistant, scratchproof and easy to clean. 2) Super slim design, large quantity for containers to save shipping cost. 3) Open style design, attracting pests effectively from more directions. 4) With hanging chain. Specifications: 1) 2 x 10W powerful luring tubes (T9). 2) Unit dimensions: 39 x 10.5 x 30cm. 3) With long life magnetic ballast

Mosquito Catcher
1) New design, catch mosquitoes by wind force, tranquility and high effective. 2) Clean and healthy, no burned smell. 3) Safe and reliable. 4) Power saving, economical. 5) Operating output: 30W. 6) Rated voltage: 230V. 7) Frequency: 50Hz

Fly Glue Trap
Supply 18.5" fly swatter, fly catcher, hand shape fly catcher, Fly Glue Trap from china. Fly Glue Trap Features: no baiting and setting, simply place and catch. 1) Controling insect with either poison baits harmful to people and bring pollution or conventional mechanical traps have failed or is inadvisable. 2) But fly glue traps are innocuous, dull, extremely effective for the control of fly Due to the coated glue with permanent viscosy. no pollution,no poison.

Rat Wood Trap
1) Place bait under hood on trigger. 2) Carefully pull back and pace trap bar over spring into hole at end of trigger. 3) Caution: lightest pressure will release spring

Insect Killer
With a shell made of aluminum alloy, this product uses insects' photo-taxis and UV rays of a particular frequency given off by tubes to attract pests, which are then electrocuted on the high-voltage grid inside. Features: 1) Shell made from specially-treated aluminum alloy. 2) Light, oil-resistant, scratch-proof and easy to clean. 3) Super slim design, large quantity for containers to save shipping cost. 4) Open style design, attracting pests effectively from more directions

Folding Fly Gatherers
This product is effective to perish and control outdoor flies, it can be used in hang or stand, so long as put the bait, the various flies will "haul oneself willing into and is captured". This product suits throughout the year, this unit disassembles easily, cleans up easily, carries conveniently. Moreover, without using electricity or poison, not only can it eliminate the chemical damage worrying, but also may it save manpower and physical resource, it is the new generation of ...

Sticky Type Mosquito Catching
(1) Trap mosquitoes with cold- cathode tube. (2) Catch mosquitoes on the sticky paper, and the mosquitoes will be pasted on the sticky paper. Safety: (1) With the electricity of 100V-240V, there is no danger of high voltage. (2) With the cold-cathode tube, it is harmless to the eyes of people.

Black Mosquito Coils (For Africa)
It aims at the particular characteristics of Africa conditions and climate. It is made from natural plant powder and pyrethrum, effective to kill kinds of bugs. In addition, it can prevent from West Nile Virus, Ague and Yellow Fever, which is popular in Africa.

Pest Repeller
Our pest repeller incorporates dual speakers that create a harsh ultrasonic siren, inaudible to humans, utilizes the electro-magnetic & ultrasonic sound technology to repel roaches, spiders, ants, rats, mice, fleas, ticks, silverfish, aphids, crickets, scorpions, and snakes in buildings where rodents and crawling insects are located specially in the insulation of walls, ceilings, feed areas, food storage areas, grain store-age facilities, bakery, warehouse, restaurant, kitchen, factory, ...

Rechargeable Fly Swatters
1) Three layers of metal net, with 2 layers of safe metal net. 2) Requires 2 x AA (1.5V) batteries. 3) Once touch the electric net, the insect will be killed. 4) The output power is relatively low constituting no hazard to human or pets. 5) The catcher emits no smell

Electric Vaporizer For Mosquito Control
The electric heating mosquito-repellent incense divides into the electric heating piece mosquito-repellent incense and the electric heating liquid mosquito repellent incense, its major component is the ptc ceramics constant temperature heating element, after puts through 220 volts alternating currents, the ptc heating element gives off heat, and causes the temperature to be constant (piece Mosquito-repellent incense 165'c about, liquid mosquito repellent incense 125'c about) , is ...

Insect Repellent In A Light Cream Base
Botanical bug-off insect repellent. 100% Natural Insect Repellent in a light cream base. Sensatia Botanicals Botanical Bug-Off is a delicious aromatic blend of pure essential oils in a light cream base that people love and bugs hate. How lucky we are to be the people! Bug-Off is chemical-free, DEET-free, & does not contain any alcohol or citronella oil. Sensatia Botanicals Botanical Bug-Off is a perfect blend of Lavender, Lemon Myrtle, Rosemary, Patchouli, and Peppermint essential oils ...

Insect screening
Insect screening, Our company offers Window Screening in different materials, widely used in hotels and buildings to prevent insects and bugs from entering. (General specifications:14mesh x 14 mesh, 16mesh x 14mesh, 16mesh x 16mesh, 18mesh x 16mesh, 18mesh x 18mesh, 18mesh x 14mesh General wire diameter: BWG31 or BWG 32.) Assortment available: Enameled Wire Netting Gal. Iron Wire Netting
Company: Hebei Guanda Mental Wire Mesh Product Co.,LTD    china

insect killing lamp
1 Trap and kill adults with great effect 2 Economic and social benefits 3 Protection of natural enemies, to maintain ecological balance 4 Reduce pollution, reduce pesticide residues 5 Control of large area low-cost inputs 6 Easy to use, easy to operate 7 Optimizing the ecological environment, social benefits significantly
Product Group: Insect Killer, Pest Killing
Company: Shenzhen Jiangjing Lighting Co.,Ltd.    China

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