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List extensive product information of Lighters & Smoking Accessories, provided by Lighter & Smoking Accessory manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Cigar Cutter, Lighter
Cigar Cutter: 1) All stainless steel, sharp edge. 2) Matt or mirror finish. 3) Size: 9.2cm. Lighter: 1) Alloy-zinc. 2) Piezo lighter and wind-proof lighter. 3) Customized designs are welcomed

Silicone Ashtrays
1) This ashtray is made of silicone. 2) Different colors are available. 3) Fire-resistant. 4) Product size: 91 (dia.) x 34 (H)cm. 5) Logo can be printed on each side

Zippo Lighter
1) ES039: a) Mirror perfume atomizer lighter and brush ; b) Dimensions: 250 x 170mm. 2) ES051: a) Double side mirror and lip brush ; b) Dimensions: 165 x 108 x 22mm. 3) ES030, ES028, ES038, ES034, ES035: a) Double side mirror and perfume atomizer ; b) Dimensions: 165 x 105mm. 4) ES059 dimensions: 165 x 105mm
Company: Zhejiang S&T Smoking Co., Ltd.    China

Color Glass Ashtray
We sell color glass vases and ashtrays in many delicate designs, with high quality and competitive price from china.

Cigarette Filter
1) Diameter: 9.6mm. 2) Length: 36.8mm. 3) Weight: 1g. 4) Filter material: high-quality nontoxic plastic and inner core wood fiber. 5) Package material: high-quality nontoxic plastic sheets and aluminum foil. 6) UV sterilized

Tobacco Bag
1) Material: skin / leather. 2) Dimensions: 20 x 10cm. 3) Placed cigar cutter, tobacco, and tobacco pipes

Cigar Flask Set, Cigar Holder
Cigar Flask Set: 1) Cigar holder + flask, 18/8 steel, in a leather pocket. 2) Size: 21 x 175mm. Cigar Holder: 1) 18/8 steel 2) Size: 21 x 180/210mm 3) Length: 180mm or 210mm

1) Made of glass, rubber and steel. 2) Good quality. 3) Height: 100cm. 4) Fashionable and convenient.
Company: Zhejiang S&T Smoking Co., Ltd.    China

Zippo Oil Lighters
Sell Zippo Oil Lighters from china. 1) Windproof lighter. 2) Zinc body with LED bulb. 3) Electronic cigarette lighters

1) Materials: brass, zinc alloy,pewter, and aluminum. 2) Plating: gold, anti-gold, silver, anti-silver, nickel, anti-nickel, black nickel, brass, anti-brass, copper, anti-copper, and dyed black. 3) Processing: stamping, injection. 4) Various thickness available. 5) Various attachments available. 6) Color reference: pantone color chart

Clear Glass Smoking Pipes
Clear Glass Smoking Pipes: 1) Highness: 55cm. 2) Bottom dia.: 15cm. 3) Hose: 1.6m. 4) Material: metal

Tobacco Grinders
1) Dimensions: 51 x 51 x 49.5mm 2) We can supply many kinds of tobacco grinders

Cigarette Holder
Filter attachment lets you enjoy your smoking interest but avoid too much nicotine for your health. 3 sections, 160-280mm
Company: Zhejiang S&T Smoking Co., Ltd.    China

Cigar Box
1) Wooden cigar humidor. 2) With cigar hygrometer and humidifier. 3) High-end gloss finishing. 4) Purpose: keeps cigars fresh. 5) Dimensions: 312 x 226 x 32/61mm. 6) Material: MDF/pine

This item is made from copper material, about 82cm from top to bottom. Every complete shisha comes with glass, tray, ceramic bowl, PVC hose, clamp, and rubber packed in paper box.

Lighter Buckle
Features of G style lighter buckles: 1) Material: zinc alloy. 2) Size: 9.8 x 5.6cm. 3) Pendant size: dia.6.5cm

Safety Matches
1) Box size: 51 x 35 x 14mm. 2) Stick size: 43 x 2 x 2mm. 3) Average contents: 45(±2)/box

Tin Ashtray
1) Available material: pure tin. 2) Fashion design and various kinds. 3) Also available in customized specifications. 4) Good gift and wonderful museum piece. 5) Thailand amorous feelings

Sublimation Lighter
1) Stylish design sublimation lighter. 2) Material: stainless steel. 3) Great gift for friends. 4) Individual packed in metal box with a small bottle of gas. 5) Please note that if the delivery is by air, the bottled gas has to be taken out

Glass Ashtray
1) Made of glass, size: 19 x 19cm. 2) Sizes and artworks can be customized. 3) Hand made. 4) Every piece is unique in the world

Neoprene Cigarette Holder
Neoprene cigarette holder. Made of high quality neoprene. Buyers' logos can be printed on it

Safety Matches
1) Stick sizes: 2.0 x 2.0 x 45mm, 1.8 x 1.8 x 38mm, 2.0 x 2.0 x 50mm and 2.2 x 2.2 x 50mm. 2) Box paper: a) Outer box: 300g, inner box: 280g ; b) Outer box: 300g, inner box: 250g ; c) Or according to customers' design. 3) Regular box sizes: a) 51 x 36.5 x 13.5mm ; b) 48 x 32 x 14mm. 3) 53 x 39 x 12mm. 4) Stick size and head color can be made according to customers' requests

Cigar Humdiors / Cigar Cabinet
1) Material: rose wood. 2) Finish: matt finish. 3) Item size: 59.7 x 38.7 x 77.5cm. 4) Capacity: holds up to 300 cigars. 5) Include: a hygrometer and a humidifier

Cigarette Paper in Bobbin
1) White. 2) Weight: 25 - 28gsm. 3) Bobbin:a) Width: 26 - 29mm ; b) Length: 5,000 - 6,000m

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