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List extensive product information of Storage & Organization (include Storage Cases, Storage Shelves, Storage Boxes, Wine Racks), provided by Storage & Organization manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Storage Wardrobe
1) Material: plus thick oxford cloth. 2) Tube: round tubes. 3) Tube diameter: 16mm, and thickness: 0.6mm. 4) Size: 75 x 46 x 180cm

Wire Shelf
1) Size (L x W x H): 750 x 350 x 1,400mm. 2) 4 layers. 3) Surface treatment: chrome plated, plastic spraying. 4) Different sizes available.

Airtight Container
1) Airtight container keeps all kinds of foods fresh and clean for a long time. 2) Safe in dishwasher, freezer and microwave. 3) Various specifications available. 4) Material: PP. 5) Size: D101 x 144mm. 6) Capacity: 480ml

Heavy Storage Rack
1) Surface treatment: plastics spraying. 2) 2 layer. 3) Mix. bearing capacity: 2 - 3MT/layer. 4) Different sizes are available. 5) Heavy storage rack can be freely installed and are suitable for supermarkets and store houses

Pull Out Pantry
Pull Out Pantry: 1) 4 sizes available. 2) Load capacity: 200 pounds. 3) Material: steel, chrome. 4) Adjustable height

Pallet Rack
Pallet Rack is suitable for storing bulky, heavy goods. It can maximize for storing goods in limited space. Built-in clip secures beam to upright for added safety.

Underbed Storage Bag
Top zipper panel in 0.10mm clear PVC, all other panels in white PP nonwoven fabric mat, blue PVC binding, #3 nylon zip matching blue color along 3 sides of top clear panel and 2 zipper pullers, 2 white PP nonwoven loops in 2" x 6" stitched on 2 sides of front gusset panel

Storage Box
1) Material: non-woven, which is anti-fungus. 2) Size: a) Storage Box-1: 70 x 40 x 20cm. b) Storage Box-2: 40 x 40 x 25cm. c) Storage Box-3: 30 x 40 x 25cm. d) Storage Box-4: 28 x 30 x 15.5cm
Company: Fuzhou Lisheng Co., Ltd.    China

Wicker Storage Basket
We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of baskets, home storage baskets, wicker hampers, and laundry baskets. We have now developed a newly fully range of home storage baskets. Antique color willow storage tray with wooden handle and strip liner and with 3 small baskets inside to make a unique space saving home storage baskets.

Pocket Door Organizer
Pocket Door Organizer: 1) Fabric: PEVA fabric. 2) Thickness: 0.15mm. 3) Size: 48 x 142cm, with 3 metal hooks

Silver Plated Towel Dishes
Silver Plated Towel Dishes: 1) Material: brass. 2) The surface is plated with silver or gold according to customers' demands.

Wine Cases
1) Material: leather, PU, PVC or fabric. 2) Size: any width or length can be accepted as per customers' requirements. 3) Various colors available

Folding Wire Container
1) Bending handles is easy to open and close. 2) The bottom adopts the U-channel steel to strengthen the loading intensity. 3) The special foot base structure assures the stability of wire container when loading and heaping. 4) Spiral spring hinge connects the reticular pieces, which makes the wire container can be folded when they are idle. 5) The top is fixed by clamp that assures the intensity of the hinge. 6) Auxiliary strengthened structure assures the stability of wire container when ...

CD Storage Racks
1) Can add to, remove, rearrange and reformat your entertainment collection. 2) Based on high-tech design, the frame is constructed of sturdy metal with wood laminated shelves with a nice finished look. 3) Suitable for the home and office environment. 4) Can be turned around for easy management of CDs

Multi-Function Plastic Box
1. Dimensions: 540 x 375 x 265. 2. Color: any color. 3. Two functions. 4. The best tool for shopping, short shipping and stock

Glass Corner Shelf
Glass corner shelf: Size: 45 x 45 x 35cm. Material: glass with stainless steel pole. To make you kitchen clean and everything in order. Styles can be customized

Storage Closet
1) Storage Closet-1 a) Length: 38" b) Width: 24" c) Depth: 3" 2) Storage Closet-2 a) Length: 40" b) Width: 24" c) Depth: 3" 3) Storage Closet-3 a) Length: 54" b) Width: 24" c) Depth: 21" 4) Storage Closet-4 a) Length: 48" b) Width: 24" c) Depth: 21" 5) Storage Closet-5 a) Length: 55" b) Width: 16"

51pc Kitchen Storage Set
1) Material: PP. 2) Saves space, rotates 360 degrees. 3) Designs: square, round, custom. 4) Safe for freezers, microwaves, dishwashers

Display Shelf
1) Dimensions: a) (W) 1,720 x (D) 370 x (H) 1,910mm. b) (W) 310 x (D) 310 x (H) 1,070. 2) Material: melamine faced MDF or melamine faced particleboard. 3) PVC edging

Longspan Shelving
1) Luxurious and elegant. 2) Optimizes warehouse space. 3) The layer can be steel plate or wood plate. 4) The height can be adjusted easily (pitch: 50mm). 5) Easy to assemble without any screw, thread or connector. 6) Medium duty rack (A): completely assemble interlock structure without any bolt. 7) Medium duty rack (B):. a) Structure: beam hitching on the frame. b) Lager loading capacity and longer beams. c) Load: 350kg - 800kg

Hanging Storage Baskets
1) Made of polyester mesh. 2) Interesting animal model. 3) Store sundries and toys. 4) Easy to see through the net. 5) Layer design for sorting. 6) Light and easy to pack

House Storage Cases
1) Exquisite designs and unique styles. 2) Available in multiplicate materials. 3) Various sizes available according to customers' requirements. 4) Standard packaging

Accessory Box
1) Material: composite PP and PE. 2) Molded in bright colors for color coding and easy reference. 3) Ideal for home, office, workplace and hospital use. 4) Can be packed, assorted or nested to save shipping costs. 5) Adaptable to temperatures from -30 ~ 70°C. 6) Acid-resistant, alkali-resistant. 7) Usually used together with racks to place small automotive, hardware and electronic parts. 8) Dimensions: 105 x 140 x 75mm, 140 x 220 x 125mm, 150 x 240 x 124mm, 200 x 450 x 177mm, 200 x340 x ...

Wire Board
We produce and sell wire products such as wire shelving, storage shelf, wire container, wire board, wire rack, wire organizer, wire holder, wire panel, wire hook and so on. Surface treatment: powder coating, chrome plated, zinc plated.

Drawer Basket
Specifications: 1) Dimensions: 450 x 240 x 480mm. 2) Cabinet width: 300mm. 3) Finish: powder coating. 4) Material: aluminum alloy

Thermal Lunch Caddy
1) 846ml thermal lunch caddy. 2) Product dimensions: dia. 5.82 x 3.07", dia. 14.8 x 7.8cm. 3) Unbreakable, lightweight and hygienic. 4) Keeps food warm for 4 - 6 hours

Food Container
1) Products: food container, food box, microwave box, microwave storage box. 2) We use good ABS material and nanometer and high-quality mold for the box. 3) The box is very firm and has good quality. 4) The box has easy and tight locking system and can tighten the cover. 5) The box can withstand temperatures between -30 to 125 degrees. 6) The mold has many shapes and sizes

Storage Rack and Shelving
DIY storage organizer Specifications: 1) Dimensions (L x W x H): 350 x 350 x 850mm ( Tri-angle rack). 350 x 350 x 850mm 750 x 350 x 1,500mm. 2) Materials: iron steel, PP. 3) Tube dia.: 19mm. 4) Tube thickness: 1.0mm. 5) Surface finish: chrome plated. Dorm storage shelf Specifications: 1) Dimensions (L x W x H): 600 x 350 x 1,800mm 1,200 x 350 x1,800mm. 2) Materials: iron steel, PP. 3) Tube dia.: 25 x 1.2mm thickness. 4) Surface finish: chrome plated

Storage Box
1) Material: a) Outside and inside: rotogravure printed OPP film coating, PE/PP woven cloth. a) Paper board in the middle. 2) Waterproof and recycling materials
Company: Fuzhou Lisheng Co., Ltd.    China

Storage boxes
Name: Storage Box Category: Storage Boxes/Bags Item No.: RS-1608 Specification: 44x28x44cm product description:Material:Nonwoven
Company: Rising Sun Commodities Co.,Ltd.    China

Storage boxes
Name: Storage Box Category: Storage Boxes/Bags Item No.: RS-1606 Specification: 44x28x44cm product description:Material:Nonwoven
Company: Rising Sun Commodities Co.,Ltd.    China

stocklot 10-shelf hanging shoe organizer
stocklot 10-Shelf Hanging Shoe Organizer with recycled PET fabric deep,roomy shelves store and organize your shoes Material:65%PET/35%Cotton and Bamboo Size:W55in x D11in x H54in
Company: silkroadstock export & inport    China

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