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Detailed Advertising and Baby stroller umbrella Description:

Rainysunny are in 4 products series:

1. Advertising umbrella
RainySunny established 4 silk screen printing lines to ensure printing quality, it is not only help to save money, but much confidence to improve efficiency. We are in good experience cooperating with many high requirement customers. Our customers and cooperators of advertising umbrellas are using widely in
Worldwide and domestic retail shops, chain shops, super-market, shopping mall.
World famous or local and domestic famous brands, resellers, wholesalers.
For Promotion, retail gifts, commonweal, traveling, sports meeting etc. coperators.

2. Clamp umbrella
RainySunny's products are in big range due to customer's requirement, including OEM designed umbrellas, ODM products and original items. All of the items are in professionally manufacturing due to RainySunny's long and good experience in sewing, metal, assembly, RainySunny is also established the closed relationship with its suppliers which lead to short sample time, leading time and delivery time, also help to reduce the cost of related items.
RainySunny has a very big supplying group of fabric, umbrella components, plastic injuction, moulding and package, what is support the factory in much professional not only in its self technology, but also in related projects, such as new product development, fashion package design, large fabric sourcing, and help to establish necessary mould. To be much professional in advertising umbrella, the factory also established production lines of silk screen printing, much easy to control and operate.

3. Out door umbrella
Relax, high quality life, that is golf life, golf umbrella should be designed to suitable for golf life, to skip wind, to pretect skin away from sun light, should be not only good looking, but high quality. We design special for golf life, golf umbrellas.
Accessorize the patio, deck, pool side, or garden with a beautiful and practical garden umbrella or patio umbrella or market umbrella. Even on the sunniest day, people can enjoy outdoor living spaces and stay cooler in the shade of the umbrella. In addition, patio umbrellas are probably the best way to remain outside without absorbing the harmful UV rays of the sun, which cause skin cancers and sunburns.
Many people has experience who get into the car when in Summer days or people living in torrid zone, will feel terrible hot and mugginess. They have to start car air conditioning for several minutes then can go into the car. Now here is one solution can be helpful to lighten this terrible feelings. RainySunny car umbrella is a new designed product to protect the car from the direct sun light.

4. Trash can
The convenient trash can and waste basket is made of fabric with steel wire, it is economic and easy to use. RainySunny's trash can and waste basket are made into different shapes, such cartoon, animal, geometry shape etc. Also easy to make into different colors, colorful combinations, will be not only practicability, but also suitable for room decorate.

Advertising and Baby stroller umbrella
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Advertising and Baby stroller umbrella in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Shangyu RainySunny Co Ltd
Address: SanJiang Village, Xietang Town
Region: Shangyu, Zhejiang, China
Contact Person: Davis Day
Telephone: +86 575 80281855