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Screw Air Compressor
1) Used in all industrial applications. 2) Equipped with sound enclosure for quiet operation. 3) VEK 5.5. a) Power: 5.5HP/4kW ; b) Actual airflow: 0.56cbm/min ; c) Pressure: 0.75MPa. 4) VEK 10. a) Power: 10HP/7.5kW ; b) Actual airflow: 1.17cbm/min ; c) Pressure: 0.75MPa
Company: Zhejiang Shengyuan Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

Mini Air Compressor
Mini body air compressor for your easy handing and storage. Light-weight durable aluminum housing Low noise. A good help in your painting spraying and inflating jobs. Air Exhaust(max): 65L/min. Max.pressure(max): 2.5Bar. Weight: 4.7kg. Speed: 1430. r.p.m. Power: 150W
Company: Zhejiang Shengyuan Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

90-Degree-Cone Hose Couplers
For attached 90-degree-cone hose couplers. Placed on the top to connect with compressor, this series has dual-sealing function. Features: 1) My factory specialized in producing the 90-degree-cone hose couplers: the materials, finishing and other requirement of the products based on the customers' requirements. 2) More products of my factory: the hose clamps, hose assembly, hose couplers, coupling, hose core, hose ends, elbows, tees, reducers, caps, bands, springs and ball joint service ...

Dissolved Acetylene Cylinder
Dissolved acetylene cylinder, liquefied propane (propylene) cylinder, liquefied ammonia, liquefied chlorine cylinder, each kinds of stainless steel welding cylinder and all kinds of welting pressure vessels.

Air Atomizing Nozzles
1) Material: brass, stainless steel, 316/304/303 stainless steel. 2) Applications: wool praying and moistening, mould lubrication, spraying injection, air disinfecting. 3) Internal design that makes it possible for the liquid and air to mix internally to produce a fine or coarse drops atomized spray. 4) Basically, obtaining fine atomization is done by increasing the air pressure and/or lowering the liquid pressure, resulting in a high ratio of air flow rate to liquid flow rate. 5) Adjustable ...

Electric Air Compressor
Specifications: 1) Air compressor speed: 3,400rpm. 2) Max. pressure: 0.8MPa. 3) Air flow rate: 0.11m3/min. 4) Air tank capacity: 16L. 5) Power: 1.1kW. 6) N.W.: 24kg. 7) Dimensions (L x W x H): 400 x 355 x 475mm. 8) Voltage: 120V. 9) Frequency: 60Hz. 10) Power output: 1.1kW. 11) Current: 17.8A. 12) Power factor: Cosφ=0.92. 13) Speed: 3,400rpm. 14) Locked rator current: 110A

Air Separation Plant
Plant Specifications: 1) Large, medium and small sized air separation plants. 2) Oxygen and Nitrogen liquefiers. 3) Natural (petroleum) gas liquefaction and separation plants. 4) Cryogenic liquid bulk tanks, booster turbo expander, high-vacuum layered insulation cryogenic piping, cryogenic liquid pumps and vaporizer

Air Storage Receiver
The tank is mainly used to hold a certain amount of compressed air, prevent any accident caused by sudden air shut-off, stabilize the air supply pressure of air compressor and reduce the number of start-up of the air compressor.

Belt Driven Air Compressor
Motor: 3HP/2.2kW. Cylinder: 3 cylinders. 1,000rpm. Max. pressure: 115psi/8.0bar. Discharge capacity: 17.0CFM or 478L/min. Tank capacity: 13 gallons/50L. Weight: 77.0kg. Dimensions: 92 x 44 x 76.

Car A/C Compressor
Specifications: 1) Displacement: 108cc/r. 2) Number of cylinder: 5. 3) Diameter of cylinder: Ø35. 4) Stroke (mm): 22.6. 5) Max. instant speed (r/min): 7,000. 6) Max. continuous speed (r/min): 6,000. 7) Refrigerant: R12. 8) Lubricant oil: SUN5GS. 9) Voltage: DC12V / 24V. 10) Type of groove: AA

Polyester Fiber Filter Cartridge
Applicable to spray coating, sand blast, painting and wood industries. 1) Imported long fiber polyester filter material, with interleaving and equality fiber. 2) With good wear proof performance and good effect for pulse back blowing. 3) Good stiffness material to ensure to reuse the filter after cleaned with low pressure water and scour. 4) Corrosion free with galvanized cover and framework. 5) Specialized sealing obturator foramen type of flexible neoprene. 6) Temperature range: ...
Product Group: Filter Cartridge

Air Compressor (with EPA)
Specifications: 1) Air Compressor (with EPA). 2) Air compressor speed: 950rpm. 3) Max. pressure: 0.8MPa. 4) Air flow rate: 0.32m3/min. 5) Air tank capacity: 36L. 6) N.W.: 114kg. 7) Dimensions (L x W x H): 1,155 x 455 x 605mm. 8) Type: single-cylinder, vertical, 4-stroke, direct injection, air-cooled diesel engine. 9) Continuous output: 5.0HP. 10) Max. output: 5.5HP. 11) Bore x stroke: 78mm x 62mm. 12) Displacement: 296cm3. 13) Fuel tank capacity: 3.5L. 14) Lube-oil capacity: 1.1L. 15) Start: ...

Air-Condition Compressor
Refrigerant 1) Max. rotational speed: 3,000r/min 2) Min. rotational speed: 5,00r/min 3) Max. condensing temperature: 70°C 4) Min. vaporizing temperature: -30°C 5) Max. exhaust temperature: 130°C Technical parameters: 1) Model: V open type 2) Number of air cylinder: 4 3) Diameter of air cylinder: 60mm 4) Piston displacement: 560cm3 5) Lubrication oil: SW68 (R134a), N46 (R22) 6) Oil pressure: more than 0. 2MPa 7) Oil mass: 2L

High Pressure Air Compressor
1) The products under this series are widely used in PET blowing and praised by the same trade "the star of blowing bottle". 2) This series has compact structure and beautiful design with low oil consumption of 0.2-0.25g/h. 3) The product quality is steady and reliable, and provides you all-weather 24 hours service. 4) The finally discharge temperature is not higher than the atmosphere temperature 20°C. 5) Automatic unload system to ensure the machine starts safety under unload ...
Company: Zhejiang Shengyuan Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

Liquid Air Separation Plant
We can supply liquid air separation plant range from 500NM3/h to 3500NM3/h of oxygen output with low pressure process and less power consumption. The outlet pressure of the liquid oxygen is 0.05Mpa and the purity is 99.6%. The pressure of the liquid nitrogen is 0.02Mpa, purity is less than 10PPM, the output pressure of liquid argon is 0.015Mpa and the purity is 99.999%.

12 V DC Air Compressor
This is a rugged air compressor. Air where and when you need it, hour after hour. Finest 1,800rpm, thermal protected permanent motor on the market. Heavy duty cast-iron twin cylinder, oil-lubed compressor run at only 470rpm. Positive gear belt drive system. All steel powder coated cabinet. Full one year warranty

Gasoline Engine Air Compressor
1) Gasoline Engine Air Compressor. 2) Engine: air-cooled gasoline engine. 3) Power: 5.5HP. 4) Max. pressure: 120PSI (0.8MPa). 5) Tank capacity: 44L/32L twin. 6) Displacement: 250L/min. 7) Dimensions (L x W x H): 120 x 54 x 78cm

Portable Air Compressor
1) DC 12V, 150PSI. 2) Power: 100W. 3) Diameter of cylinder: 19mm. 4) 9.6V / 12V / 19.2V 1,500mAh nickel battery, or Ni-MH battery. 5) Built-in pressure gauge. 6) Inflates ordinary car tire in 7 minutes (>30PSI). 7) Includes AC charger and 12V input power wire (just for 9.6V battery). 8) Red LED displays while charging, green LED displays after full. 9) With 3 nozzle adapters for inflating bikes, motorcycles, tires and balls

Super Thin Heating & Cooling Air Curtains
1) Infrared remote control. 2) Super slim body. 3) Automatic power off delay technology. 4) Effective and safe heating material. 5) 3P/380V. 6) Unit width:900mm;1,200mm;1,500mm

Circulation Air-Compressor
1) Outer crust equipped with advanced device, power-saving technology and heat automatically protected system. 2) Aluminum board punched fan leaf, with larger angle, larger wind output and lower noise

Heavy Duty Air Compressor
1) DC 12V, 150PSI, 15A. 2) 30mm cylinder. 3) Air flow: 30L/min. 4) 5m coil air hose with easy twist brass inflator. 5) 3m power cord with cigarette lighter plug. 6) 3 nozzles included. 7) Different colors available. 8) Chinese patent number: ZL200430023885.4. 9) US patent number: D507,278

Standard Cylinder
1) Working medium: double actions. 2) Motion pattern: filtered air. 3) Max. operating pressure: 1.0MPa. 4) Min. operating pressure: 0.1MPa. 5) Ambient temperature: -5~70°C. 6) Operating speed: 50-500mm/s. 7) Oil: lubricated and not lubricated. 8) Joint pipe bore: 1/8"-1/2". 9) Cushion: adjustable cushion at both ends

Air Separation Plant
1) Oxygen output: 1,900cbm/h. 2) Nitrogen output: 3,700cbm/h. 3) Oxygen purity: ≥99.6%. 4) Nitrogen purity: ≤10.0PPmO2. 5) Working pressure: ~0.5MPa. 6) Startup period: ~36h. 7) Oxygen pressure out of column: ~0.025MPa. 8) Nitrogen pressure out of column: 0.01MPa. 9) Operation period: ≥12 months. 10) Specific power consumption: 0.5kWh/cbmO2

Our company is the first to research and develop the compressor-braked turbo-expander and so far, more than 300 sets of turbo-expander have been successfully fabricated with their performance in the leading position in China and their efficiencies up to more than 88%. These turbo-expanders have been applied to air separation plant with a capacity ranging from 300Nm³/h to 30,000Nm³/h, to hydrocarbon recovering plants with a capacity ranging from 30,000m³/d to 1,200,000m³/d and to ...

Low Pressure Air Compressor
Air receiver (L): 300. Power: 5.5kW/7.5HP. Rotating speed (rpm): 950. Cylinder diameter (mm): 90. 3pcs per set. Stroke (mm):76. Weight (kg):285. Dimensions (mm): 1,650 x 630 x 108

Oil Lubricated Air Compressor
1) Motor: 3.0HP, 2.2kW 2) Max. pressure: 125PSI, 8.8 bar 3) Air delivery: 12.5cfm, 354L/min 4) Tank capacity: 13gal, 50L 5) Weight: 45.5kg 6) Dimensions: 675 x 330 x 660mm

Low Heating Regenerative Absorption Compressed Air Dryer
SLAD series compressed air dryers are low heating, regenerating and adsorptive separation drying equipment; utilizing molecular force on surfaces of porous media to adsorb water in the air, to obtain low dew point dry and clean compressed air. Main technical specifications: Air handling qty: 1.2-200Nm3/min. Inlet air temperature: ≤45°C. Inlet air oil content: ≤0.1ppm. Working pressure: 0.6-1.0MPa. Outlet air dew point: -40°C (dew point: -60°C and -70°C available). Regeneration air ...

High pressure industrial blower
Features: l FENRZ Blower's Blade and Cover: made of die-cast aluminum ADC12. l FENRZ Blower's Bearing: continuously works 130000 hours without any lubricating and maintenance. l Die-cast aluminum alloy housing. l Both 50Hz and 60Hz available. l Dual-usage: Compressor and Vacuum (suction and blow). l Electronic motor with IP55 protection and Insulation class H. l No oily odors. l Low noise and libration. l ...
Company: Suzhou Fenglishi Industry Co., Ltd.    China

ring blower
Greentech International (Zhangqiu) Co., Ltd is the professional side channel blower supplier. The impellers in the G_series machines are mounted directly on the motor shaft for noncontact compression entirely without friction.Maximum operational reliability,even at high differential ensured by the arrangement of the bearings outside the compression chamber. The gas it taken in through the inlet .As it enters the side channel ,the rotating impeller .imparts velocity to ...
Company: Greentech International (Zhangqiu) Co., Ltd.    China

regenerative blower
Greentech International (Zhangqiu) Co., Ltd is the professional side channel blower supplier. The impellers in the G_series machines are mounted directly on the motor shaft for noncontact compression entirely without friction.Maximum operational reliability,even at high differential ensured by the arrangement of the bearings outside the compression chamber. The gas it taken in through the inlet .As it enters the side channel ,the rotating impeller .imparts velocity to ...
Company: Greentech International (Zhangqiu) Co., Ltd.    China

Energy Saving Oxygenerator
Technology Introduction The ASP generates oxygen and nitrogen by cryogenics and is comprised of high-efficiency centrifugal compressor, molecular sieve purification, turbo expander for refrigeration and energy-saving rectification equipments. The control for the device is completed by DCS, and the particular patented technology owned by DEAR Air Separation Industrial Co. is adopted in the technological process which follows the most advanced and general international conventions and carries ...
Company: Henan Kenuo Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.    Henan

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