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Detailed Energy Saving Oxygenerator Description:

Technology Introduction
The ASP generates oxygen and nitrogen by cryogenics and is comprised of high-efficiency centrifugal compressor, molecular sieve purification, turbo expander for refrigeration and energy-saving rectification equipments. The control for the device is completed by DCS, and the particular patented technology owned by DEAR Air Separation Industrial Co. is adopted in the technological process which follows the most advanced and general international conventions and carries out the design mode to stable running premise.
Technical feature
1. Simple technological process, simple and stable operation;
2. Stable oxygen purity, little interference factors, long continuous running cycle;
3. Lower power consumption, fewer investments;
4. Oxygen fractionated from fractionating tower with pressure >50 KPa, no extra use of oxygen compressor;
5. High automaticity, easy start and stop;
6. Low running pressure, high safety;
7. Low cost of running and maintenance;
Application Area
Metallurgy, Chemical, Oxygen enriched combustion (industrial boiler, glass furnace, and electrolytic aluminum), Chemical gas producing (synthesis ammonia, methyl alcohol, ethylene, and ethanediol), medical area and sewage disposal (oxygen enriched aeration), paper pulp bleaching, fire-proofing device etc.
We can offer energy-saving oxygenerator plan solely according to clients' requirements.

Energy Saving Oxygenerator
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Company: Henan Kenuo Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
Address: Dingliguoji Universal North Huanghe Road Jinming District Kaifeng City Henan Province
Region: kaifeng, Henan
Contact Person: KENUO
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