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List extensive product information of Air Treatment & Conditioning (include Air Ventilator, Air Filter), provided by Air Treatment & Conditioning manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Air Handling Units

Ionizing Air Blower
Application: for rapid neutralizing the surface static charges and reducing the static harm. Features: 1) Neutralizes the surface static charges. 2) Adjusts positive/negative ion output. 3) Small, light and portable
Product Group: Air Blower

Air Source Treatment Unit
1) Operating fluid: air. 2) Port size: a) 01: G1/8" ; b) 02: G1/4" ; c) 03: G3/8" ; d) 04: G1/2" ; e) 06: G3/4" ; f) 10: G1". 3) Working pressure: 0.05-0.85MPa. 4) Ambient temperature: -10~60°C. 5) Recommended oil: ISO VG32. 6) Structure: overflow type. 7) Cup material: polycarbonate
Company: Qingdao Tianyi Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Air Ventilator
1. We can supply all kinds of Air Ventilator products including Turbo Ventilator, Roof Ventilator, Wind Ventilator. Designs & manufactures turbine air ventilator of various sizes and of varoius material of construction as per the working atmosphere and customer's requirement. Today in India blaze engineers is one of the leading names in manufacturing of turbine air ventilator.
Product Group: Air Ventilator

HVAC Diffuser
Air Distribution Products is a perfect compliment for any interior where every smallest detail can be executed with care. Mapro diffuser that match your quest for perfection, measure. Crafted in extruded aluminium section. Available in all range. Spot diffuser, Ceiling diffusers, Linear diffusers, Slot diffusers, Perforated diffusers, Laminar flow diffuser.

Industrial Fan Heater
1) Power: 9,000W, 400V. 2) Four setting: 55W high speed, 4,500W low speed, 9,000W low speed and 9,000W high speed. 3) Self-resetting thermostat. 4) Overheat protection. 5) Free standing or wall mounted. 6) Cool blow available. 7) With fan and handle. 8) Metal housing case. 9) Protection class IP44

Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
1) Low running cost, low pressure drop and steady dew point. 2) Easy to install and maintain. 3) Ideal for high environmental temperatures. 4) Microprocessor control. 5) Suitable for a range of air compressors. 6) Includes: a) Air to air heat exchanger ; b) Evaporator ; c) Refrigerant compressor ; d) Hot gas bypass valve ; e) Expansion valve ; f) Water separator ; g) Condenser ; h) Automatic drain ; i) Pressure control for compressor ; j) Condensing pressure regulator (water valve) ; k) ...
Company: Qingdao Tianyi Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Air Filter Combination (FRL Combination)
1) Rated flow: 90 - 4,000. 2) Joint pipe bore: 1/8"-1". 3) Filter precision: 25um. 4) Highest working pressure: 1.0MPa. 5) Ensured pressure resistance: 1.5MPa. 6) Operating temperature range: 5 - 60°C. 7) Range of adjustable pressure: 0.05 - 0.85MPa. 8) Recommended oil use: ISO VG32. 9) Container material: polycarbonate. 10) Protective cover: available. 11) Drain function: differential drain / automatic drain. 12) Valve type: with overflow
Product Group: Air Filter

Pleated HEPA Air Filter
1) Collect 0.5 micron and larger particles. 2) Low resistance to airflow. 3) High dust holding capacity. 4) Uniform distribution of airflow. 5) Application: very high efficiency final filtration in air conditioning systems, housing-ducts or diffusers. 6) Type: HS pleated HEPA filter with 99.99% efficiency at 0.3um. 7) Frame: galvanized steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate. 8) Media: pleated glass fiber paper. 9) Sealant: polyurethane. 10) Separator: ...
Product Group: Air Filter

Industrial Air Fans
Main products: low noise fans, mixed flow fans, diagonal flow fans, centrifugal fans, axial flow fans, high-temperature (explosion proof) fire-fighting smoke-exhausting fans, roof fans, variable blowing rate air-conditioning cabinet fans, fire-fighting products (grilles and shutters, fire-fighting valve) and civil air defense products. This product has the excellent high temperature resistance, high efficiency, low noise compact construction and convenient instation. Applications: 1) Used ...

Sticky Mat
Ally sticky mats made from high quality LDPE (low density polyethylene) film and specially formulated acrylic type adhesive, boast to achieve highest adhesion with lowest peel off strength as a user friendly sticky mat product; your customer do not need to struggle with the sticky mat every time they need to peel off the used sheet. No adhesive transfer. We do offer from medium to high adhesion according to customers requirements, and consecutive numbered taps provide easy to manage tool for ...

Ducted Split Unit
VCN/VED series of commercial central air cooled/heat pump high static pressure ducted split unit, applicable to hotel, supermarket, office building and factory from china. Combines comfort of central air conditioning with flexibility of split unit. The new design considers the features of modern building, spreading cool/heat air to everywhere of the room equally, to form zero temperature difference. VCN/VED series occupying less room, integrating duct and indoor decoration, become the ...

Fan Filter Unit FFU
1) Wind speed: 0.2 - 0.5m/s. 2) Noise: less than 60dB. 3) Power: 220V, 50Hz. 4) Highly efficient filter (filtration efficiency is 99.99%). 5) Material: armor plate. 7) Adjustable speeds. 8) Excellent performance. 9) Using a highly-efficient centrifugal air blower. 10) Durable, low noise, low vibration. 11) Free maintenance. 12) 2-year quality guarantee. 13) Purification rank: class 100 in static state

Portable Ventilator /space heater
1) Dimensions (cm): 32 x 27 x 36, 38 x 31 x 36 and others. 2) Voltage (V): 220 / 110. 3) Frequency (Hz): 50 / 60. 4) Power (W): 230, 320. 5) Revolution (rpm): 2,800. 6) Wind flux (m/min): 25 / 43. 7) Wind pressure (Pa): 245 / 294. 8) Yawp (dBA): 60 / 68.

Filter & Regulator
Specifications: 1) Rated flow: 100 - 5,500. 2) Joint pipe bore: 1/8"-1". 3) Filter precision: 25 um. 4) Highest working pressure: 1.0MPa. 5) Ensured pressure resistance: 1.5MPa. 6) Operating temperature range: 5 - 60°C. 7) Range of adjustable pressure: 0.05 - 0.85MPa. 8) Container material: polycarbonate. 9) Protective cover: available. 10) Drain function: differential drain / automatic drain. 11) Valve type: with overflow
Company: Qingdao Tianyi Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Motorized Air Damper
Specifications: 1) Power supply: 220V AC +/- 15% 50 / 60Hz; 24V AC; 110VAC available. 2) Diameter: 125mm, 150mm, 160mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm. 3) End switches. 4) Warmed by special thermal material with sound resistant feature. 5) Painted in high temperature on green color

Multistack Air Coooled Heat Pump Chiller
Scroll cooling compressor, with the merits of high efficiency, reliable and low noise, has the special de-frost controlling technology, and stainless steel heat exchanger.

Variable Diffuser
Variable Diffuser is made of alumirum,it haa the induction ratioand the faster the wind speed attenuation characteristics of the air-conditioning and ventilation systems were used windy volume, large temperature difference in the number of feed drafts installed on the ceiling or roof, for three meters lower space can also be used for large-area high blast, high even up to 10 met ers.

Industrial Dehumidifier
1) Humidity display. 2) Special humidity selection. 3) Electrical temperature control and defrost control. 4) 4 dehumidifying settings. 5) CFZ6.8S with 3 phases, CFZ6.8 with 2 phases.

Air Filtration Material
Material: PP micro-fiber. Features: low resistance, high dust-holding capability, high filtration efficiency, resistance to acid and alkali; meeting American Ashaer standard Filtration efficiency: 45%, 65%, 85%, 95% Can be used to make into bag type and plated air filters, which are widely used for air cleaning in large shops, airports, schools and hospitals. New filter media made from electrostatic melt-blown, laminated with PET stiff substrate, so called "composite filter media" ...

Air Grilles
1) Low cost. 2) Able to produce the frames like: air grilles and metal grilles. 3) Any color, size and dimension available. 4) Applied software: Pro-E, Auto CAD, Solid work, CAXA. 5) Powder coated finish. 6) Welded inner and outer frame for strength. 7) Materials: steel, aluminum

PVC Twisting Exhaust Duct
PVC twisting exhaust duct flex vent-pipe for mobile air-condition, ripple-pipe for washer, one-time shaping heat-preservation pipe for air-condition, twist-style screw pipe for cleaner, dual/triple lead pipe, PU for skin drying, PVC spring tube, fittings for automobile.

High Efficiency Low-Noise Axial Ventilator
As a new generation axial ventilator, the axial ventilator is researched and developed after the analysis and balancing same product of abroad and have mould-grade trial researched. It is featured of high efficiency, low noise. It is widely used in general industrial and mining enterprises, warehouse, offices, domestic buildings for air-exchanging of ventilation and forced heat radiating for warm air. Another model is BT35-11, it is explosive-proof type axial ventilator, uses special ...

Waterproof Overcurrent Protection
Specification: 1) Rating current: min. 5A, max. 20A. 2) Working voltage: min. 12V, max. 250V. 3) Double usage of DC and AC. 4) Application scope: protection for computer outlet, compounding outlet, power convertor, meter and motor, miniature generator, waterptoof. 5) Current: 15A

Double Deflection Sidewall with Fixed Core
1) Easy adjustment of stream splitter dampers and opposed blade dampers. 2) Fitted with a series of horizontal blades in front of a series of vertical blades. 3) Both sets of blades are adjustable to enable the air to be directed vertically or horizontally. 4) Standard finish: white powder coating. 5) Constructed from aluminum, finished in white enamel. 6) Grilles are air terminals installed in a wall or vertical bulkhead for supply air to be discharged into a room. 7) Ideal for residential ...

High Pressure Air Source Treatment Units
Air source treatment units includes filters, regulators, filter regulators, and lubricators, or their combined dyad or triplet. It is in standard modular design and can freely separate and combine. The product is in reasonable design and easy to adjust. It can meet all requirements of pneumatic system. Specifications: 1) Joint diameter: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8". 2) Operation pressure: 0 - 250PSI. 3) Metal couple.

Disinfectant air-condition
1. its sterilization efficiency can reach to 99.9%; settling microbe: ≤15/(utensil•30 min); 100≥clean grade≥300,000. 2. its main trait changed the measure of removed dust. The traditional method is using the primary, middle and high-grade filters to remove dust. We apply advanced medium spray to remove dust, this can automaticly clean the dust on the filter, completely solve the second contamination of clean room. 3. we can alterate the central air-condition and traditional clean ...
Product Group: Disinfectant Air-Condition
Company: NICOLER Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd    China

Sterilization and clean equipment of central air-condition
1. it can automatically remove dust and the filter can be clean automatically. The efficiency of removing dust can be stabilized for long time. This is very helpful to provide clean air, also can save lots of fees to clean the ventilated pipeline. 2. Oxygen anion can reach to 80,000-500,000/ cm3. this can accelerate metabolism, remove tiredness, improve immunity abilily and so on. 3. Both new wind and circle wind are clean and sterilizating synchronously, this can radically sterilizate ...
Product Group: Central Air Condition
Company: NICOLER Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd    China

Sterilization and removing odour equipment for stockbreeding can automatically removing the dust in the air, and more importantly,it can be cleaned automatically. 2. virsuses and bacteria can be effective to remove, so as to reduce the diseases’ spread. 3. some odour gases (such as: ammion, sulfureted hydrogen and some other sick gases) can also be removed. At the same time, Oxygen anions and oxygen are also added and released to the space, this is very helpful for the development of cattle. 4. This equipment can accommodate the temperature ...
Company: NICOLER Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd    China

Copeland compressor
We offer Copeland, Danfoss, Maneurop, Daikin, Sanyo compressors, such as ZB15KQ-PFJ, ZB19KQ-PFJ, ZB21KQ-PFJ, ZB26KQ-PFJ, ZB29KQ-TFD, ZB38KQ-TFD, ZB45KQ-TFD, ZB58KQ-TFD, ZB66KQ-TFD, ZB76KQ-TFD, ZB88KQ-TFD, ZB92KQ-TFD, ZB11MC-TWD..... ZB15KQE-TFD, ZB19KQE-TFD, ZB21KQE-TFD, ZB29KQE-TFD, ZB38KQE-TFD, ZB45KQE-TFD, ZB58KQE-TFD, ZB66KQE-TFD, ZB76KQE-TFD, ZB88KQE-TFD, ZB92KQE-TFD, ZB11MCE-TWD....
Company: Shanghai Polar Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd.    China

Daikin compressor
We offer Daikin, Copeland, Sanyo, Danfoss, Maneurop compressors, such as JT90, JT95, JT125, JT160, JT170, JT300, JT335......
Company: Shanghai Polar Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd.    China

Performer compressor
We offer Performer compressor, Danfoss, Emerson, Daikin, Sanyo compressors, SM, SZ series, such as SM084, SM090, SM100, SM110, SM120, SM148, SM160, SM185…… SZ084, SZ090, SZ100, SZ110, SZ120, SZ148, SZ160, SZ185……
Company: Shanghai Polar Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd.    China

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