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List extensive product information of Animal Husbandry, provided by Animal Husbandry manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Heavy Duty Ranch Panel and Gate
This series of gates have been used for applications with cattle and horses With many gates used in ranching, feedlot, and auction market application All panels are all coated with our unique gray powder paint system Then baked for a long lasting finish that stands up to the most severe climate and weather conditions Primary use is corrals and penning for medium pressure areas for cattle and horses
Company: Yanbei Animal Husbandry Machinery Group Co., Ltd.    China

Livestock Feeder
Livestock feeder with 18 feeding positions. Inside diameter: 2.1 to 0.025m. Feeding positions: 18. Feeder height: 1.5m. Economy feeder. Finish: Hot dipped galvanized. Outdoor powder coating

Bee Wax Foundation Sheets
Beewax foundation sheets for beehives. Or honey comb sheets for beekeeping purpose, Size 20x40 cm. Packing in cartons 2kgs or 5kgs. Cartons of 2kgs includes 25kgs. Pure bee wax. No chemicals. Samples available for analysis. Color: Good yellow as Europe sheets
Company: Yanbei Animal Husbandry Machinery Group Co., Ltd.    China

Tropical Fishes
This the Thai shark tropical fish. Their common are " Red Tail Black Shark" why called them " SHARK" cause if you noticed their fins and tail it's similar the sea shark and look terror. But truth they aren't wild but look nice color.

Chick and Duckling Cage
1) Rounded corner and slip lid. 2) Convenience for fixing (without screw). 3) Long lifespan. 4) Material: HDPE. 5) Outer dimensions: 750 x 560 x 270mm. 6) Net weight: 6,050g
Company: Yanbei Animal Husbandry Machinery Group Co., Ltd.    China

Elevated Farrowing Crate
Sow level limited rail is seamed with 1" and 3/4 hot galvanized steel tube, piglet rail is seamed with 1/2" hot galvanized steel tube. It is nodular cast iron floor net occupied by sow, while it is plastic floor net occupied by piglet. The lengthways girder is nodular cast iron too. Cast iron sow and piglet trough, double thermal containers are equipped. Big drinker and small drinkers are 2 respectively.

Amprolium HCl
Amprolium Hydrochloride is traditional coccidiostatic, and it's used in poultry feed to control coccidiosis. Amprolium Hydrochloride is very good against the hemorrhage-producing coccidia E. tenella and E. necatrix and it has some activity against E. maxima. Specifications: 97% -101% (USP 28). Synonym: Amprolium hydrochloride; Pyridinium, monohydrochloride. Molecular Formula: C14H19CIN4 . HCl. Molecular Weight: 315.24. Appearance: White or off-white powder. Purity by HPLC: 97% - 101%. ...

Farrowing System
Complete farrowing systems include: 1) Galvanized or powder coated farrowing crates. 2) Strong stainless or plastic sow feeders. 3) Floors of plastic and cast iron combination. 4) Fiberglass beams or galvanized steel beams. 5) Ready made strong PVC dividing panels (20mm or 35mm). 6) Galvanized corner posts and hardware. 7) Stainless steel water pipes and nipple waterers for sows. 8) Stainless steel water pipes and nipple waterers, and stainless steel water cups for piglets. Enclosing boards ...

Smoker For Beekeeper
Nothing calms a bunch of angry bees like a good bee smokers, so it's no surprise that these devices have changed little over the years. Smoke is used anytime a beekeeper needs to move bees, or get into the hives to collect honey. The smokes makes the bees drowsy and less likely to sting. Bee smokers consist of a small metal canister attached to a set of bellows. A fire is built in the metal chamber, and the bellows blows the smoke all around the hive.

Com 360 Incubator For Poultry
1. (depend variable)setting and (depend variable) hatching capacity. 2. 0.05 sensetive Pid controlled digital themperature. 3. Digital and aoutomatic Humidity control. 4. Humidty system with disc. 5. Adjustable full aoutomatic turning system by actuator. 6. Lighting inside. 7. All mechanizm covered by crom. 8. Ventilation by fan. 9. Second thermostat (Mechanic). 10. High temperature security system. a.Auto cooler: cubber pipe to inside water when it needs. b. Auto cooler : out of air with ...

We produce various sizes egg incubators from big size for farm and small size for laboratory from china. 1) Setting eggs: 280. 2) Hatching eggs: 64. 3) Maximal power (kW): 0.9. 4) Electrical condition: 220V/50Hz. 5) Packing size: 940 x 850 x 1,550mm

Animal Feeding Nipple Bottle
The Animal Feeding Bottle is designed for long life cycle. Mirror finish (micro finish 8 or better) will not allow calcium deposits to adhere to the surface and significantly decrease the growth of bacteria. Smooth finish allows for easier cleaning and installation of the nipple. The AFB is manufactured using FDA approved materials and has an operating temperature range of-80 F to + 180 F.

Poultry Cages
Poultry transportation cage: 67-2#. Feature: without slip lid, insert installation. Dimensions: 750 x 550 x 290mm. Weight: 4650g

Automatic Poultry Drinker
Automatic Drinker for Poultry. Diameter 340mm. Made of high quality plastic, it is a very reliable and durable drinker suitable for every kind of poultry. Disigned to hang and to connect to low pressure water suplly. Suitable for industrial use or family use.

Animal Fence
The animal fence are made with steel Q235A. SIze as requirements. We export a large qty worldwide. As we have pofessional technians on the animal fence.

Animals Licking Salt
Animal Licking salt, for All Horses, Cows, buffaloes etc. available in the shape of Lumps, blocks, Hand crafted stones with ropes and in many other colors.

Rope Hay Racks
1) Materials: PE or PP. 2) Sizes: a) 8 rings x 7 knots x 36" / 42" length ; b) 9 rings x 7 knots x 36" / 42" length ; c) 12 rings x 12 knots x 42" length ; d) 18 rings x 12 knots x 42" length

A-Type Chicken Cage
A type multi-tier chicken cages are available for: Layers. Rearing and grower. Parenting broiler. Cock. Broiler. with silo, auto feeding system, drinking system, auto manure removing system, auto egg collecting system.

Flexible Net
Flexible poliethilene Net with a special treatment anti-UV rays for long lasting, resisting to snow an also sun rays. Used for covering aviaries for every kind of poultry and game birds like pheasants, ducks, quails, etc. Suplied as standard measures of 8,5 MT large or multiples with the length you require. The most common mesh size 30x30mm square with 1,1 mm thin. Also other mesh sizes and dimension.

Beekeeping Tools & Supplies
Manufacturers & exporters offer best quality low priced bee keeping equipments and supplies such as hive products, hive tools, bee keeping tools, protectitive clothing and queen rearing supplies worldwide.

Poultry Incubating Equipments
We can supply series advanced poultry incubating equipments, such as large capacity advanced box type and tunnel type poultry incubators and hacthers, egg lighters(egg scanners), etc.

Pig Feeder and Drinker
1. Automatic feeding pan for nursery piglets and growers: Material of pan: stainless steel. Material of feed tank: engineering plastic. Capacity of feed tank: 50kg / 100kg. Capable to feed 8 to 20 pigs. Components include: Hot-hip galvanized steel frame. Feed tank with cover. Feed inlet pipe. Stainless steel pan. Nipple drinkers. Water inlet pipe with controller. 2. Feeder for sow: Material: stainless steel / engineering plastic / gray cast iron. Anti-corrosive. Edge is wrapped or treated ...

Live Animal Traps
1) Safely captures troublesome pests (such as chipmunks, squirels and raccoons) without injury. 2) Powder coated for longer life. 3) Gravity action door with spring loaded latch. 4) Double meshed around bait area to prevent tripping from outside trap. 5) Shielded handle for safe moving of trap. 6) Easy to bait, set and release. 7) Preassembled and ready to use. 8) We have 8 specifications of live traps, 4 are standard style and 4 are collapsible. The latter can be folded flat or set back up ...

Bee Keeping, Poultry And Dairy Equipments
Manufacturers & exporters offers complete range of quality bee keeping & poultry equipments such as bee hives, tools, uncapping knife, moisure tester, humidity tester, smokers, excluders, pumpomel, filteration plants, processing plants, packing plants, safetyware, egg incubators, de-beakers, and dairy equipments for milk testing and processing such as cream seperators, fat testers, glassware, high power centifuge machines and other related products.

Drinking/ Water Nipple
1) Adjustable water flow. 2) Polish. 3) Never gets stuck, the nipple is activated by the snout of pigs. 4) 3/4" ext screw. 5) Special cap made of stainless steel mesh/rubber/plastic. 6) High quality spring

Incubator, Setter, Hatcher, Hatchery Equipments
Include: Incubators and Hatchers for Chicken, Duck, Goose, Ostrich,and Partridge of 100 to 102060 capacity; Auxiliaries and Accessories of Lighting Protector, Ozone Sterilizer, Egg Vacuum Lifter for setting and transfer, Automatic Egg-Tray Washer, Batch Candler, Hand-set Candler, Hydraulic Giant for washing hatchery equipments, Duck-Egg Cleaner, AC Regulator,etc.; Modern Management Tools of Computer Group Control System; Provide free and professional Plan of Hatchery Layout, Ventilation ...

Portable Linear / Convex Animal Ultrasound Scanner
Portable linear / convex animal ultrasound scanner. This is designed for the diagnosis of liver, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, thyroid, breast, uterus, bladder, ovary, etc. it is a portable versatile ultrasound scanner with convex and linear array scanning. Upgrads features: Portable, light-weight ; High performance to price ratio ; Cineloop ; Probe frequency conversion option ; Computer image communication ; Various calculating function

RFID 134.2Khz animal syringe, animal RFID Injector
134.2Khz Animal syringe, animal RFID Injector. Smc-G13421 read-only 128bits1. standard operating frequency: 134.2KHz2. meet the standard of ISO117853. worldwide exclusive sequence number4. size: DIAMETER>Φ2.1mm, HEIGHT>12 mm5.. operating temperature:0ºC>50 ºC6. storage temperature: -40ºC>80 ºC7. data can be stored for more than 15 years material contains no lead and toxic
Product Group: RFID Animal Syringe
Company: taiwan smartchip limited company    guangdong

Sell 125khz RFID Smart pigeon ring
Pigeon Ring frequency : 125KHZ R/O SMC-F12CS Memory :64BITS Operating frequency:125KHz Unique ID Code inside Dimension:inner diameter<=10mm,hight<=12mm Operating temperature:0~50 Storage temperature:-40~80 Validity :more than 5 years Material:ABS
Company: taiwan smartchip limited company    guangdong

Sell 134.2Khz animal RFID foot ring
Animal foot ring: This product use in livestock to indentificate the animal. so that it can manage your pets more convienent .
Company: taiwan smartchip limited company    guangdong

Sell RFID 134.2Khz Animal ear ring tag
134.2khz Animal Ear Ring: The material of this production contains no lead and toxic. ROHS standard is adopted to the whole manufacturing process. Plastic cover is made of which would not stimulate skin. The tag has two kinds- male tag and female tag. The two parts of a tag are sticked together by ultrasonic wave. By this way they would never fall off. The encoding format of this production completely meet the standard of ISO11784/ISO11785. the unchangeable UID would be encoded in the ...
Company: taiwan smartchip limited company    guangdong

Sell RFID 134.2Khz Animal ear tag Inlay
RFID Ear tag Inlay The Inlay can be make into different size which is according to customer requirments.It has 125Khz and 134.2Khz,Please contact me if you are interested in them.
Company: taiwan smartchip limited company    guangdong

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